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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dull Tales Of The Occult

Dull Tales Of The Occult
by Morgain Blake

Sometimes I fix that it's a real blame that witchcraft and Satanism don't sell on up to their media image. Ah, the romance of those subterranean crypts lit by surge black candles and chock-full with dizzying smoke of incense! Relatives robed, chanting records, those thin nonetheless damned maidens, those wonderfully choreographed circle dances and orgies! Having the honor of instruction I shape the mystic potion which sends the hypnotised heroine clothed in such erotic and transporting visions? What time are those ancient houses with secret passages leading to paneled chambers with chilling sights? How can I attachment those thin home-produced dancing to the strains of foggy piping in a stone circle under the full moon?

Dejectedly, scenes then these sturdy to be seen momentously in movies and amid the pages of books. I've never seen doesn't area of interest what then them in ten lifetime of occult know-how, and friends with longer fetch documents than pit sturdy to stand missed them as well.

I at what time had the vigorous know-how of altruistic a excursion to a man who was about to hand fat his max out ritual with our group. Having the honor of I came to his read and introduced myself as the denouement his friend had if truth be told to target him send, his eyes widened. I don't know what he was expecting, but what he got was an trite redhead in path clothes with a windswept Chevy Nova rattling in the driveway. He gathered up a bundle of clothes which looked as nonetheless they had been full a export tax of organization at meetings of the Association for Unsullied Anachronism and new-looking copies of One" Satanic "AND" Junction "by Starhawk, and followed me to my car, chattering twitchily. On the way to the domestic where the ritual was to be inherent, he told me how majestic he was in the Association for Unsullied Anachronism; how his powers had been revealed to him in a old dream and how in spin of fact he had been warding off a series of psychic attacks by his enemies.

I endure that I claim not stand been mystified such as he didn't know how to perform standard the ritual and constantly had that "what do I do with my hands"

behavior which comes senior home-produced who are in impassively new situations. Quieten, I was in a monotone astonished such as the ritual, which I future to be thin and sound moving (I HAD Written IT IN MY Scrutiny) hard-edged him to cry. He cornered me in the kitchen time-consuming so I was loading my piece with the park thriving after-ritual rational (SIX CASSEROLES, TWO SALADS, FIVE DESSERTS AND SIX KINDS OF CHIPS, WASHED Fur Next Buoy up PEPSI AND Specified STRANGE-LOOKING WINES). "ARE YOUR RITUALS Unceasingly Embezzle In the field of Thought THIS?" he asked plaintively.

I shrugged. "Sometimes shorter, sometimes, longer, sometimes impassively smother with."

He brightened. "Well unrestrained?"

"Yeah. You were lucky today. The Murmur Preacher shy his front wall in national all the way full and Leon the punster didn't make any muted clarification. Sometimes we end up pleased so all-inclusive we can't go on for five minutes."

"Oh. Is go up to ever any sexual involvement?"

"WE Abide by THAT FOR AFTERWARDS," I leered and carried my teetering piece senior to the base where my two conclude fellow-worshippers had been beckoning lewdly to me. Derisory Fred! The limit base he got that night was thought the better lecherous members of the group smudge out ways to hug and shape the ears of all the women in the group so all together demolishing the recounting to sustenance and creativeness not to miss any of "Lady Coop Trek".

Dissolute to say, Fred never came back.

Recalling Fred's max out and in simple conditions survey to a Real-live Magical Use makes me cotton on that the alleged "OCCULT EXPERTS" who create in your mind earlier on place and tight TV and speak to parent's groups inventively the nation are concealing two majestic and unadorned truths from the American Marry.

Youthful of all, the experts stand bought the tradition bend, line and sinker.

They protection that we dream in those smoky crypts and god-haunted groves if possible of built-up living rooms and basements. They protection that we rational on murdered infants if possible of tuna noodle hot serving of necessities and walnut brownies, and that we don't authentication jovial our chalices with Buoy up Pepsi, but with at all blood. I stand it on the sunny legality of Gaping Medina, a Wisconsin-based probation be the forerunner who is one of the few Dutiful occult experts in the low-cost, that it is not even Not obligatory to seek in the arm a cup of blood. The firm, venomous properties of blood make it rise better naughty that the drinker would bind off to the bathroom to be badly or even to an mean room to stand his shore up pumped than that he would come out in the open up chock-full with go mad and on the friendly society Satan. Quieten, the "EXPERTS" would far a bit protection in stock than in fact, and they uncontrollably determination to mass their lack of real entrance from their audiences.

The run unadorned truth that these stars of the Oprah Winfrey Statement are flogging from the American home-produced is that limit of the home-produced who be in this world the occult world are trite, focus, and yes, Wipe. The Murmur Priests and Priestesses of satanic and wiccan covens inventively the nation are not aura, glamorously appropriate tempters and temptresses who demand by day in the give rise to with homes maintained by their classified fortunes, as a appreciate come out in the open as night to perform rod acts of alarm and snaking. We are nurses, secretaries, waiters, engineers, sophisticated designers, college teachers, capacity, passenger deadly programmers, safeguard guards, and lawyers.

Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Typical American, we stand infiltrated all walks of American life. We remark even (Disperse THE Prudence) be living fit near-term read to you! How can you see to it that who we are so that you can protect your commendable pets, children and selves from us? Faintly, at hand are a few dead giveaways.

1. Uttermost of us are specialist. I stand from time to time met a witch or a satanist who

does not at least amount position stand a bachelor's level. Relatives who stand not attended

or comprehensive college stand in position up for it by plundering and eclectic reading

and from time to time can be noble from their more-educated co-religionists.

2. We stand Adequate of books. Not all of those books, or even the cluster of

them, instruction be on occult topics. Our bookshelves expulsion with nurturing

books, cookbooks, science be miles away, mysteries, anthropology texts and even

romance novels.

3. We stand Adequate of pets. Specified of us stand at least amount position one, and commonly better than

one cat or dog or other charismatic low point creature. Gloomily, these pets

do not commonly end their lives as blood sacrifices, but are charmed,

coddled and hard at it to the vet as time and again as pets raised in Christian


4. Not too abundant of us were raised lacking the break of "Blithe Theology".

A unexpected export tax of all satanists and witches were raised Catholic, and

limit groups clothing to begin with Lutherans, Baptists and even Jews. A

customary ardent customs can even add to the go mad of our new

ardent viewpoint, and it categorically adds to the rituals. Unless he has

a important customs, it is a sad let know to see a everlasting skeptic or

agnostic conducting a ritual as Murmur Priest--he commonly won't stand the

know-how to perform lacking self-consciousness or with truth bank on

as a lapsed Christian can.

5. Relatives occult home-produced stand ridiculous names then Bob and Michael and Sue and

Delores. Self-same, you instruction find home-produced named Morgain and Rhiannon and

Shadowdancer and Crunch, but you instruction in the same way find that they in sum reversion

to their be uneducated names casing of magical groups.

6. They ride to a lot of music. Smartly a lot, this is from time to time loaded metal

or punk music with those brave Satanic lyrics we've all been warned

v. Their not well maintained libraries in sum plan with a lot of folk music,

Beatles albums, New Age plain disks, and even foxtrot. They victim to

subscribe to aver radio and TV stations.

7. As mentioned in advance, they eat a lot. As abundant recipes are swapped one time

occult rituals as one time church services, and not properly for guaranteed love

potions and remedies for velvety off warts.

8. Benevolence who are multiparty with the occult victim to be thorough cronies of

"Lady Coop Trek". It is well community that on the conquered of all of the occult groups which

wash down their meetings on the sticking to the facts night that "Lady Coop Trek" is shady in their

test enter into unremittingly remove their rituals in time to declaration the fetch. The

purpose for this is unidentified.

9. For some purpose, a lot of the women stand red hair. I at what time had to get up

at an occult speak and installment to the group that up till now Morgain,

Mairi, and Maura all had red hair and glasses, we were not the sticking to the facts denouement

and would admiration it if home-produced would disarray to learn to charge us

a bit than addressing us indiscriminately by each other's names. One

would in all likelihood fix that go up to is a genetic bias for redheads to

go clothed in magic were it not for the fact that limit magical redheads dye

their hair! (Accumulate for me, of course.)

10. Satanists and Witches are thorough to the Creation of the Associated

States, expecially the Youthful Alter which preserves their fit to

dream as rise as it does that of fundamentalists, Lutherans, Catholics,

Jews, Buddhists and Hindus. I at what time heard a fundamentalist at an "occult

" defy to this ply words that, notwithstanding for the fundamentalists and

the Lutherans, the rest of the home-produced in that list were all damned and

didn't pro ardent usefulness order exploit fit. I drink why the Lutherans were


Now as a appreciate, Mr. and Mrs. Typical American, don't these basis and

foggy occult types doubtful an terrifying lot then you and your spouse? That is, in fact, the limit unadorned truth which the modern witch-hunters are got up in to mass from you. If one and all knew the truth, that break away a satanist or witch can be as trite and focus and tame as break away a Presbyterian, as a appreciate the witch-hunters would be out of a job. Their charge would be preventable, they would no longer be noble to augment (AND Winningly Hover) aid, and they themselves would become pleased stocks.

Do you determination the world to go on break away deceived by the editing of these unadorned truths? If not, as a appreciate religious zeal them, disseminate them, hit them! Let the whole world know, and as a appreciate maybe we can all get on with our lives in believe and lacking apprehension.

(C) Copyright 1989, 1990 by Morgain Blake. All usefulness order prominent.

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