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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Twenty Two Pathways Of The Qabbalah Spiritual Transformation Pt 2

Twenty Two Pathways Of The Qabbalah Spiritual Transformation Pt 2
"This is part two of a four part series on the Twenty-two Pathways of the Qabbalah - part of the Qabbalah for July presentation. "

25th Roadway (Yesod to Tiphareth - Samek - Sagittarius): On this Roadway, the huntsman experiences the opening glimmerings of the rewarding inspirational consciousness, the unutterable coincidence of energy, weathered adequately in the howling enclose. Dryly, this Roadway in addition produces the dreadful qualifications everyday as the "Perverse Night of the Genus." Symbolically, the urchin engages this path as if she were traversing the constant rough country of the dispose of, having left behind schedule the fancies and delights of the fill world to exploration the truth in the stout but new-found world of self-discipline. She walks this plain hunt down without light, blinded by the murkiness and the plain alight.

The low key to this path is to temptation upon the inner light of one's wish, that in determined prayer and meditation, the huntsman command find the path that leads her to the blessed oasis and appropriate release. It is by wish gone astray, and by the command, that the urchin command tip over the murkiness and find its way. Unequivocal so, the reference is clear, crave and the powerful emotions of flay and harshness are habitually hovering encompassing the huntsman. The examination of this hunt down is actually the twinkle calculate of appropriate rebuilding, but it is not the hardest; for example that is to be found in the 18th Catwalk. Although, this path shares with the 26th and the 24th Paths, the threefold examination of life's opening vulgar reference. Climbing this Roadway, the huntsman command find a world of bare murkiness and aridity, someplace her urchin command want to the light of boss consciousness, unbroken presently by the power of wish and command. Downstairs, the huntsman shall qualifications the throw down torrent of life, light and love from the Higher and Illuminated Mortal, seeking to make and tackle write down with its incarnated understudy. The Archangels of this Roadway are Gabriel (Yesod) and Raphael (Tiphareth). The Tarot trump is Solemnity - Atu XIV.

24th Roadway (Netzach to Tiphareth - Nun - Scorpio): The qualifications of this Roadway is one of absolute physical rebuilding, supposed as an implacable and obligated move, which is symbolized by also death and rejuvenation. The escalate of the 24th Roadway initiates a form of death or powerful transition of the dapper self as the falseness ego, which bitterly guards the self from experiencing true spiritual revelations. This "death" of the dapper self can in addition run other changes as well, and a adjacent death or actual death qualifications. In total, this path is characterized by the rebuilding of the tiny ego, someplace the huntsman experiences a insurrectionist transition that is triggered by a everyday destroy of the self and its masses props, bolster mechanisms and unrepresentative morality. When causes this rebuilding is the shock that death or move is immanent (a arise of spiritual truth), which can't be avoided or modernized. Between the "death" of the tiny ego is in addition weathered the rejuvenation and pastime of the self assisted in an intervention of one's Higher Mortal, which helps the huntsman to take on a vertical and non-dual transcendental convergence. In this type of central death and rejuvenation, the seeker's slight appearances may respect unchanged, yet his inner energy is ultimately altered.

Repeatedly, for instance such an inner move becomes adequately stabilized, shell changes be alive as well, for example the light of the Higher Mortal is officially recognized to sparkle forth in the dapper self and the enclose, producing a twinkle and an expanded exquisite. A move in appropriate willpower and aspiration inevitability in addition be alive. Somewhere previously this utility, the huntsman was very far afield distressed with appropriate ambitions and basic self obedience, afterwards, he has become a servant of his haughty spiritual income. No longer can he inconsiderately exploration physical happiness and appropriate advocate without opening sustaining his spiritual avocation. This is since of the fact that within this Roadway, the desires of the masses do in no doubt dominate the desires of the few or the one - spiritual service thereby becomes leading. So, the huntsman is irreparably altered, but in the income he loses the naivety that officially recognized such primitive pursuits as heartless happiness and cover advocate. The Archangels of this Roadway are Haniel (Netzach) and Raphael (Tiphareth). The Tarot trump is Transient - Atu XIII.

Note: All three paths leading on the rise to Tiphareth bad-tempered a mask that is called by the Qabbalists, Paroketh (PRKTh - a cloak), which is everyday as the mask of dreamlike. Underside this mask are the unrepresentative manifestations of physical realism and their a lot of consuming concerns, and done this mask is the meadow of the true realism, the place someplace the super-symbolic structures of the archetypal world halt. Among these two unaffected by perspectives of realism is a border, which is referred to as the Petite Crack - journey it is the problem of the gifted. This border is a gap, wall or a damn that prohibits road and rail network to torrent relating the domains of the dapper and boss self. It inevitability be bridged in order for a true torrent of spirit to be limitless, flooding the self and causing it to be adequately integrated within spirit, mind and enclose. This border can in addition be called the omega-point relating the disposition subject by the mind and the boss self of the spirit. On the 26th Roadway, the concentration can prefer a rebuilding of the mind trendy spirit. On the 25th Roadway, the command, society, and urge contemporaneous with the dapper self inevitability be set state previously the intrinsic worth of kindliness, wish, and want can become specifically realized. And on the 24th Roadway, ego death has to be undergone previously one can be reborn trendy a boss talk of consciousness.

23rd Roadway (Hod to Geburah - Mim - Rinse): Textbook in this hunt down forces the huntsman to use her mental powers to kill the surplus to requirements and change on what is specifically substantial and vital in regards to spiritual progression. The key to this path is to become as one-pointed as reasonable, and to scrap all outlandish beliefs and falseness propositions. This income is a arise of powerful mental refinement, which is a necessary publish to achieving an well-read lash with the Godhead. This is since the sephirah of Geburah is the remorseful place for all beliefs and self definitions, and submit is a very low sympathy for the fly-by-night and the irrelevant. This Roadway inverts all of the seeker's morality and beliefs, thereby remorseful them, and seats a full-size urge on all of the components of her energy. Existing is in addition a presentiment of freeze, timelessness, and in addition an uncommunicative of the world that was previous to everyday and in a meeting for granted. It is the path of price tag, someplace the huntsman offers up herself for the redemption of her whole energy. This is the heart Top secret of the Departure God, which symbolizes the self-inflicted martyrdom of the unrepresentative self. The start of this mystery dispels all illusions and deceptions, making room hardly for the inner truth, for example it gone astray can alleviate the huntsman who has dwelt in murkiness until this peninsula. The key universe impart is not to chime to invention, but to formidably exploration the shock of self-truth, and riskily take on its examination. The Archangels of this Roadway are Michael (Hod) and Khamael (Geburah). The Tarot trump is the Hanged Man - Atu XII.

22nd Roadway (Tiphareth to Geburah - Lamed - Libra): This Roadway is as usual everyday as the Roadway of bill and the adaptation of unintended. This is a path someplace the huntsman undergoes doesn't matter what is necessary to bring about evaluate, and this becomes his normal and essential sports ground. Although, the arise of evaluate that is suggested by the reconciling of the riotous forces of Geburah and the humanitarian get the impression of Tiphareth is one of inner capacity and self-discipline. Existing is a need for a limitation to the basic facts that are a necessary part of this calculate of spiritual fuel, and the income of blessing and limitation is well represented by this path. Yet submit is healing wisdom impart, and in addition spiritual focus to alleviate and help the huntsman. Prepared this examination, the huntsman experiences compassion and benignity.

The huntsman in addition understands the need for balancing the self relating extremes, a income that is absent in the past path. Prepared the examination of this hunt down, the huntsman inevitability learn to master his improved basic instincts and temper his ache to indulge and idle away himself. Achieving this aspiration takes contentedly action, so the huntsman adopts the techniques of hover and the ethics of a spiritual sports ground to ultimately master the dapper self. Such as the dapper self is adequately integrated trendy the boss self, along with the huntsman is specifically firm for the improved worrying processes of spiritual light. The Archangels of this Roadway are Raphael (Tiphareth) and Khamael (Geburah). The Tarot trump is Justice (Absorption) - Atu VIII.

21st Roadway (Netzach to Chesed - Kaph - Jupiter): The 21st Roadway characterizes the expectations of becoming adequately actualized and hence, for always stepping outdoor of the boundaries of the capriciousness of good and bad luck (the eternal mountain bike of the ascend of relaxed and death). The forces of the sympathetic godhead of infinite ampleness and goodness give out upon the bold huntsman the good taste and fill release that removes, for all time, the path of loss and want. The power of the Spirit is so gaping that it ultimately elevates the huntsman from out of the talk of unswerving need and wish, and bestows upon her the excursion of a rumor has it that charmed being there.

Unmoving, this good taste and ampleness inevitability be earned in a impeccable and just right friend or vehicle relating the huntsman and the brawny light of the Godhead, any be reluctant or distrust command wedge that payment friend. It is presently in impeccable wish that the huntsman is blameless to snuggle the good taste of the Spirit, and along with, presently considerately and plentifully for all. The sephirah trendy which the influences of Chesed torrent via the 21st Roadway is Netzach, indicating the creative imagination and boss emotions within the disposition. Accordingly, the stuff of this path are responsible for the ethics and aspirations that snare the imagination of lenience. Key of these, in the Western Top secret Tradition, is the nightmare for the Hound for the Dutiful Grail - that skinned and loaded healing of impeccable good taste. This follow to cut a long story short affects the base and the emotions (romance), becoming that single-most want for what is missing, which impels men and women to take on the spiritual follow. Equally within this path is the universe that the Hound of the Grail command for always alter and change the huntsman, and even bar persons who are contemptible of its shock. The Archangels of this Roadway are Haniel (Netzach) and Tzadkiel (Chesed). The Tarot trump is the Wheel of Occasion - Atu X.

20th Roadway (Tiphareth to Chesed - Yod - Virgo): The 20th Roadway symbolizes the low concealed light of wisdom and the spiritual knowledge of the Spirit embezzle found in the self, which is the expressive base of huntsman. So, this path represents the income of set alight whereby the secret knowledge of one's boss self is adequately revealed and made conscious and knowable. Yet such a highbrow rendering of the self requires a life of renunciation from the fill world as a form of sober monasticism, and by a strong, unbroken, central thought on the making of one's spiritual self. That spiritual whisperer of the self, which is formidably and violently hunted by the huntsman, is found presently strong within the core of his energy, and all that exists farther than to this whisperer is but a neglected substance of that which is within.

So, it is grimly substantial for the huntsman to overall the pointlessness of any shell burrow for truth, and the weight of surrendering himself to that incoming shock. The Higher Mortal cannot be approached without spiritual love, and so the huntsman inevitability opening get up and overall that blessed talk. The twinkle reserve is that the huntsman inevitability repudiate all other achievements as unrepresentative, and thereby uncomprehending himself of all opportunity and deliberate beliefs - one inevitability be ultimately open and without leaning. All the myths about the true self inevitability by this time be purged and only, and in addition any ambitions or opportunity that one would therefore place upon it. The base is purified by a rejection of all self-satisfaction and falseness twinkle, and by the surrendering of all the cares and concerns of the fill world. The huntsman has located himself ultimately at the benevolence of the Spirit, and therein the Higher Mortal emerges in the civilized prospect of the base. The marriage of base with spirit connects the huntsman with the spiritual whisperer that is rewarding and essential. The Archangels of this Roadway are Raphael (Tiphareth) and Tzadkiel (Chesed). The Tarot trump is the Recluse - Atu IX.

19th Roadway (Geburah to Chesed - Teth - Leo): The 19th Roadway is just starting out supreme brace or relating opus for the Higher Mortal. As noted done, Chesed is the sephirah contemporaneous with the compassion and spiritual love of the Higher Mortal and what it seeks to become in the ordinary field. Geburah is the sephirah contemporaneous with proceedings, the unintended of the Higher Mortal, or the work that it is duty-bound to do. The come apart relating these two modes of energy, which is the come apart of attempting to persuade a spiritual nightmare in the fill world, is the essential examination of this Roadway. Seriously, the dent of this Roadway is to bite the bullet everything that has happened into the seeker's absolute life mountain bike. The huntsman inevitability bite the bullet her unintended as it exists without any evasions or excuses. Espousal is the key to this path, and the huntsman inevitability bite the bullet not presently her true making, but in addition her affluence, which is the coincidence of the definition and the action of the Higher Mortal. The essential of balancing harshness and benevolence within the core of one's self so as not to be subject by either one represents a godliness of absolute self mastery. The other pathways less than this one brag helped to reveal the making of the seeker's inner Spirit, and now she inevitability subtract that inner godhead and persuade her appropriate affluence. It's since of the fact that this examination, as titled and stunning as it may perfect, is presently the publish to the unequaled examination, which is the journey of the Arrogant Crack. The Archangels of this Roadway are Khamael (Geburah) and Tzadkiel (Chesed). The Tarot trump is Enthusiasm - Atu XI.

Frater Barrabbas