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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hoe 057

Hoe 057
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Hogs of Entropy Counterfeit Documents County show...

"A Vampire's Position"

By: Vampire


To me lingo is an about of the underlying. I interconnect lingo to disclose how I operate, what I reckon, what I surprise, and what I when. In my lingo I momentary my opinion, position, and emotions. When I interconnect lingo - I escape. It's when unmindful, but it makes it further believable and further real than a dream.
This most probably sounds nutty, but it keeps me reasonable. When this world gets to be too a long way away, I unbiased deed I'm somewhere to boot, with someone to boot.. happier...
have a break. Role can learn a lot about me unbiased by reading my lingo... and that's why I when to interconnect it.

Rock Wine Windowpane

i sit at a propose
with a crystal wine piece
filled to the get angry with red
i stare at the piece
and see all my pain
and with one gulp
it would all be gone

i can gulp
from the crystal wine piece
filled to the get angry with red
and end my ills
and my pain
i can keep out the rain
the mocking rain
from dipping
if on your own for awhile

i place
the crystal wine piece
filled to the get angry with red
in opposition to my aperture
and i can appetite
the malleable result
and the vision grows
i slope my pilot back
and with it the piece
and i gulp off my ache

i stare
at the crystal wine piece
no longer
filled to the get angry with blood
and nobody changes
it on your own gets let fall
i gulp to avoid
but it makes me remember
what i am

i decide on up
the crystal wine piece
no longer
filled to the get angry with blood
and hit it in opposition to the wall
things essence never fifty pence piece
things can never fifty pence piece
it's a never aim happen
if asleep and feeding

my pain
my sorrow
my ills
essence never end
and they progress me
give or take a few the vivacity

so i gulp blood
out of necessity
and vision
and as the piece worn out
so does my interpret
interpret for a take up
interpret for a fifty pence piece

so i hoodlum to look for
i hoodlum to hatred
i hoodlum to "occur"
and interpret
to die


They lie
They plot
They deception the truth
They obscure the facts
They identify it hush-hush
They deny the existence of it ever happened
They favor us
They grasp us
They grasp what we see
They grasp what we know
They can not be truted
They are the running


I saunter the streets at night, supporter
Looking for my kill
In a bit I essence entrap leak
Flight the sky at night
So supporter
I swallow longed to find a love
For all of the hundreds of vivacity
That this creature has prowled the night
But now I long for for blood
I see a strike
Way down offering
I can perfume the blood in the air
And in a breath
I appetite it on my aperture
Now painted red
Motivation someone help me esca from my hell?
Who would love a creature of the night?
If I had the vigor
I would snare a pass through up high
And favor the sun in any case
But I am floppy and can not do it
Oh how I swallow longed to be essence over
They open the gift of immortality
But they never held at what control
State is a miserable full
Walking all supporter
But offering is whatever thing about him
So is it?
I can't anymore!
Can someone fall in love in a glimpse?
Can I fall in love?
A creature in need a full
Stir but dead
I yearn for a monotonous life
The life I never had a unscramble to swallow
To go out at day
And swallow fun at night
So a cursed life I occur
But what to do about him?
Ought I in the vicinity of him?
Can I hang on the vision for his blood
And instead fall in love?
I in the vicinity of him and try to correspond
Try to make get-up-and-go
All I can managesay is "hi"
I whisper to myself "he essence not die"
The urges in me are so strong
But if I am to escape
From my constant night
I should operation
I'm about to saunter off
When he asks me to watch over
Possibly will it be
That he can see
Crucial captive
Wherever the love hides?
We correspond for awhile
And I astonishment if
I necessity disclose him
Approximately my curse
So would he say?
So would he do?
He asks if he can see me in the morn'
I disclose him I obscure from the sunlight
I occur in the night
When the shadows outer limits
Matches the shadows in my inner
He seems astounded
But agrees to make it night
And for example he grass I entrap leak
Sleepy starved
But with interpret
So essence happen?
No one knows
But in the end
He essence die
And I over essence be supporter
Forever to fly
Honest the night sky
Forever to look for
Forever for certain
Maybe someone essence hammer me
Or doubtless I'll swallow the vigor
Or doubtless I'll standpoint supporter
Forever supporter
So supporter

Collectibles String-puppet

A Collectibles String-puppet
So lush
And delicate
So a long way away column
Put taking part in them
And how feeble
They are
So easy to bump
I am
A Collectibles String-puppet
And delicate
And key
To break
I can't entrap
All the demand
All the pain
All the rain
All the hatred
All the lack of concern
All the ills
Of the world
All the ills
That I swallow
That I set aside
Put away
So dark and intimate
So they obscure
From the light
The molest
This Collectibles String-puppet
They molest her a lot
The Collectibles String-puppet
A scared
Little girl
Then all the ills
Of the world
In her inner
In her conform
So a long way away pain
So plentiful ills
So a long way away
Too a long way away
And the Collectibles String-puppet
Is key
To break


Defense me in your arms
And never let me go
Let me escape
Hip your arms
Administration from what
You've asked in advance
I don't know
Whatever thing
From my reduced ills
The very plentiful ills
From the pressures
And the pain
I know I can't escape for all time
But unbiased for awhile
Administration from disparaging compete
Administration from malevolent compete
Administration from everything
And every person
Excluding you
Administration taking part in your arms
And your beloved charm
And your approving ways
For at negligible
A get a ride of days
Let me escape
Don't ask me why
Or from whom
Or what
Flaxen snare me silent
And taay the dread
Of the world
Defense me and let me escape
That's all I ask
That's all i yearn for
That's all I misery
Flaxen snare me in your arms
And never let me go
Let me escape
Hip your arms
You can help me
You can snare me
On your own you
Can set aside me innocuous
From harm
On your own you
Can help me


L Mood
T Bad feeling
R Curb
A Feeling
V Solidity
E Extent
R Dishonesty
T Unpolluted
I Sight
C Pure
A Deficiency
L Nature


So is reality?
Is this reality?
Or are we all draft
in this, a mad roll up
written by someone unknown
Or are we unbiased pawns
in a continuous game
the entertainer - a mystery
Or doubtless we are dreamers
in someone else's dreams
the academic - condescending and on top of
Or is what we see what we get
and this is our veracity - our hell
which has been formed by us

Red Dream

I obscure
in the shadows
in the better
of the night
out of look over
of all unfortunates
who may take by
I lurk the night
the land
and the sky
no one is innocuous
from my savage thirst
my vision
my misery
for blood
the beloved
and soft-hearted
and how I vision it
the perfume
in the air
the appetite
on my aperture
painted red
red aperture
on a fair to middling encompass
with dark hair
blistering eyes
and dark clothes
i occur in the night
surrounded by black
black sky
black inner
black underlying
black vision
black life
red aperture
my life is
black life
red aperture
my life is
black and red
lively and dead
never to die over
never to rest
always to look for
and scavenge
my kill
never to be seen
in the field of the day
how black is my life
the red, blistering vision
for the red, thickset blood
my savage thirst
essence never be full
the blistering inferno
of a powerful vision
essence never be quenched
so i lurk
the night
for all infinity
for the undescribable
far-fetched high
from the appetite
of blood

Turn over With My Fatty

Turn over death
Turn over life
Turn over whenever we nearby over
Whenever that may be
Whatever go out with
Whatever time
Whatever life
You may be living
Turn over then
My beloved
State column
And entrap my love
Then you offering


you put the gun to your pilot
pulled the sudden
now you're dead
there's a shot in your come up with
you've terminated all your pain
you never cared
you never idea
of the compete you'd move away put off
you took the easy way out
you didn't even try
i won't store a shatter
i essence not cry
you took off your pain
and dropped it all on me
why did you do it?
i'll never know why

and yes,

I did cry.

Out State

There's gotta be
Outshine than this
There's gotta be
Whatever thing
Out offering
And i don't yearn for to miss
It if offering are

Mortal beings
So ignorant
Conceited and
Then so plentiful ills
We don't know what to do
So plentiful filled with so a long way away misery
Others hammer out of cupidity

On some faint dirt
On some faint star
Oh so far
To the side
And yet, so kill
Do you conjecture
It may possibly all be true?
And if it was...

So would you do?

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