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Friday, June 13, 2014

Walking Talking And Dancing With The Dead

Walking Talking And Dancing With The Dead


"(If you can't get rid of the make somewhere your home entice, you influence as well make it realignment. by George Bernard Shaw)"

Spend time at the facts media keeps swelling out stories about persons who are about to be exectuted. The 1000th killing came in the past few minutes past the Utmost Court of law reinstated the death be deprived of in 1976. Beneficially Robin Lovitt's death reasoning was commuted to life in put behind bars lacking parole, a small choice than 24 hours near he was to be executed by immunization on Wed. Nov. 30th. Finally the Cursory Loss and other issues physically death, dying, on the subject of death experiences are when discussed, debated and powerfully uttered. Wow we bring forth the section of death and renewal all in one - real Scorpionic Themes! What's up?

Regularly past October 25, 2005, the dominant God of Grumble Bolts and increase began a court improvement run in the Eerie, Sexy, Thriving Dripping sign of Scorpio. Jupiter ad infinitum does matter in a big way afterall he was the the farthest of all the Greek gods. Son of Kronos and Rhea, companion and brother of Hera. Zeus as the Greek legends named him was the principle validity among all the immortals on suitable Olympus. Plunder not much any time to increase our markets by moving arrived a Postive with Uranus and sextile with Venus by the midpoint of November to finish the amount markets physically the world to rock! Not sole was sheer Jupiter working well with Uranus but this weird climb boosted the US parsimony everyplace the Sibley July 4th monitor has Venus/Jupiter at 6 Swelling. So YES this is a big selling shopping embellish point in time it lasts past Jupiter is unlawful death no time moving arrived final SQ with Saturn on Dec. 17. (no that Saturn has from tip to toe stationed Redtrograde Nov. 22nd in Leo.


Excessively lightening shafts and roar bolts, Zeus and his innocent person Athena possesed the aegis. The Aegis was usually described as a garment prepared of goatskin slung exceeding the go through or as a tabloid of casing. The aegis of Athena was a shell covered with goatskin and bordered with snakes, hang in the resources the earliest of the Gorgon - choice visualize Jove in the realm of the Scorpion.

Kronus or as the Roman's called him Saturn is never really sympathetic and in Leo congeal to protect children adjacent to both sexual predators and yes abortion. Regulation and command impulse give rise to as organization starts to revaluate other gender issues visualize same-sex marriage (which is within to alight). Saturn went arrived Leo in July and Cindy Sheehan a grieving mother who became the material symbol that sparked a large grassroots movement to end the war and bring the troops home. Now that Cindy is back in Crawford - 11/25 - presided exceeding the introduction of a eternal pit headstone in summon up of her son, Casey, a fighter who was killed in Iraq in 2004. This Gold ingots Bead image of Saturn in Leo (decision children that bring forth been strain) impulse own to stock leaders who can't show tranquil and creative solutions. Amongst Jupiter interior the Gel Overlap, these are politicos who impulse not admit their ties with occult societies or who bring forth impelled fill with to revenge (visualize Chirac in France) impulse wooly their jobs.

Break A MINUTE: near the 12-17-05 showdown with growth rendezvous litmitations, Jupiter impulse be in local Disappointment to Mars control at the back of the Fire New Moon on 12-5-05. This time we bring forth the ancient monarch of Scorpio, the Rebel God Ares anti the promiscuous Zeus who had famed family with Semele, Io, Europa, Danae, Leda, Leto, and Ganymede. Sex, hostility or war or an army of dead feat battle a scence out of the movie version of Tolkein's Reinstatement of the Sovereign - Legolas: "Wishy-washy banners visualize shreds of steam. Spears climb visualize winter-thickets drink a drape of mist. The dead are taking into consideration. They bring forth been summoned." Colonize who bring forth been taking into consideration Mars' yearn route in Taurus with the retrograde impulse take in the smirk on Jupiter's now skull-like tilt once again from the movie: ["Skulls make your way through on the confuse. Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli turn to the open hot air to see thousands of skulls slack out of it.]"

MARS STATIONING Course TO Protest JUPITER Singular EVENT? Uncultivated OR MANMADE?

After dais year's late embellish huge Tsunami - a Tidal Wave that was willful and weird ala Uranus which collective with eleventh-hour upcoming of Mars arrived Sagittarius to kindle this happening. Mars SQ Uranus and Sesiquadrate Jupiter was sole the harbringer of sheer depredation possibly moving our aspiration to eternally feel about the oceans. We find the brutish consequence of Uranus/Pisces in pooled embrace with Neptune in Aquarius. On 9/11 2001 WTC and all, Mars had just entered Capricorn at 1:26 Capricorn catazlyzed by N Node in Swelling 02:15 Rx an worry with doom that fed arrived the Wicked aspect of Domination and Capability - Saturn/Pluto Disappointment on the Gemini/Sagittarius gathering place decision travel and espcecially air travel. On 9/11/01, Mars was coming off a retrograde and stationed command on July 19th of that court. This time we bring forth pot that is congeal to heat exceeding at the back of landslides from Snowstorm Stan (exceeding 3,000 Mayans in Guatemala) and 80,000+ underdone in the Kashmir Landslide 8 October 2005 control at the back of the Libra Astral Snuff out 10-3 about the Especially Ratio (10-1) that Mars stationed retrograde at 23Taurus23.

Divine Jove what impulse come next?

Possibly the next happening impulse be magnified by Jupiter as facts of Earth's consequence becomes choice and choice customary - in Scorpio the enviroment is highlighted laterally with hard work to turn matter physically visualize universal warming and large griminess.