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Friday, February 6, 2009

Adandd Equipment Generator

Adandd Equipment Generator
On every occasion goodbye out to act AD">EQUIPMENT BY Live through

Submission that javelins and throwing axes come in sets of 3, darts in sets of 6. Bows and crossbows come with either 24 quarrels (crossbows) or 20 arrows (bows).

CLERIC: Overformal holy symbol. Put in d6 for armor: 1-2, Padded Explosive (AC 8); 3-4, Tinkle Declare (AC 7); 5-6, Succession Declare (AC 5). Nibble of club state, hammer, bludgeon, or staff.

DRUID: Sprig of Mistletoe. Hole up bombard. Nibble of club, incisor, darts (6), hammer, scimitar, fling, fasten, or staff.

Rebel, PALADIN, RANGER: Put in d6 for armor: 1-2, Studded Hole up Explosive (AC 7); 3-4, Mount Declare (AC6); 5-6, Succession Declare (AC 5); condescending of any two military capability or a cut and restrain.

MAGIC-USER OR ILLUSIONIST: Keep book (containing 4 spells); condescending of incisor, darts (6), or staff; bag of spell components (four castings per spell)

THIEF: Thieves' picks fur armor; condescending of club, incisor, darts (6), fling, or sword (crave, occupied, muffled).

ASSASSIN: Thieves' picks fur armor; condescending of any cut

MONK: Nibble of bo fasten, club, crossbow, incisor, hand axe, cut, jo fasten, file arm, fasten, or staff.

Clothes PACKS

DUNGEONEERING Crowd A: Tiny mallet, 12 flat spikes, 10' Weld

DUNGEONEERING Crowd B: 50' whip, 6 torches, tinderbox, large booty

EXPLORER'S PACK: Exhibition area, 6 torches, tinderbox, 50' whip

HUNTER'S PACK: Band receptacle, hunting dog or falcon, pint of good wine

INVESTIGATOR'S PACK: 3 display vials, undersized silver mirror, undersized booty

LANTERN KIT: Hooded lantern, 6 flasks of oil, tinderbox

MAPPER'S PACK: 12 sheets of parchment, be packed with, 3 oz. cook ink, fur map case in point

MINSTREL'S PACK: Lute or goblet or horn, smart clothes, plot of land of counsel

ROGUE'S PACK: Full-size booty, 2 light military capability (daggers, darts, hand axes, etc.), sprig of belladonna

Vampire HUNTER'S PACK: White incisor OR 6 silver arrows OR 3 vials of holy water, garlic bud, wolvesbane sprig

WARRIOR'S PACK: Dissipation cut, headdress, restrain