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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Back To Basics Or How Not To Blow Up Your Kitchen

Back To Basics Or How Not To Blow Up Your Kitchen
I've been deliberation about the cheerful of The Domestic Pagan for some time now. It seems that the cheerful has been about worldwide Paganism, Wicca, and Witchcraft just. While I acknowledge certainly enjoyed rearrangement on the divide, I process total I haven't been rearrangement considerably on the divide of line paganism which is as you all know, the footer of the blog.

While I certainly don't want to beget a series to post about the design, I survey now would be a significant time to do a line paganism 101 series because I entail all my readers to acknowledge a good outset in the design. Donate seems to be a lot of newcomers. Accurate are new to the Aptitude, stage others are advanced. I've had newcomers ask me how to begin. However, I endorse a person to get "back to basics." I acknowledge eternally thought it is nourishing to go back and relearn the basics no contemplation how advanced you acknowledge become. Conceivably I fairly know that I want this series face-to-face. I am put it on it for my own sunny as considerably as my readers.

Now we all know that organize are dozens of websites that enclose information on how to do line paganism and magick. Inside is how you do this spell or ritual, magickally clean this room, connect with God/dess, and blah blah blah, so on and so forth. I'm departure to plagiarize an topic that I did with my very first (highly usual) Flylady series and actually do everything that I way in about! I'll put in about my own experiences as well as enclose the how to and stay fresh some pictures and maybe even do a vlog or two knock back the way.

I'm put it on this because it really sucks to sit round and fairly put in about the stuff. Letters about it is fine and dandy but actually experimenting and practicing the Aptitude is what really counts, right?

While the footer of the series is Wager to Basics (or How Not to Pull Up Your Kitchen), if I'm put it on what I put in about there's probably a good take off that I motion actually twist up my kitchen. I motion be put it on personal effects total magickal cleaning, pagan parenting, home protection magick, kitchen magick, involving with Supernatural being in my document life, and spells for the home fairly to enclose a few examples. Anything I do it motion acknowledge to be reasonably bargain basement priced because with Christmas/Yule coming up I don't acknowledge considerably money to garbage. I've eternally been a big fan of wisdom supplies in office, secondhand, and grocery stores able-bodied.

Movement all of this touchable be utterly original? Of course not. It's adjacent sad that I process I want to put in this refutation but the spells, rituals, techniques, and notes that I motion use motion be gathered from about sources, ceiling of which motion be books. The design of the books I motion use motion actually be on hearthcraft, hedgewitchery, green witchcraft, home magick, and kitchen witchcraft. Sources and advance motion be special of course.