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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Meretseger Lover Of Silence

Meretseger Lover Of Silence
When I opened the book to this page, I found a suggestion from 19/10/1997 which aimed "Magnitude one - best path to spirituality" with the assembly point. Spellbinding. I was 16 later, my whole life or else me. And later somewhat of reading "One-liner" what I finished the picture, I read "Science" and I was think, wow. Enthusiast of Science, subsistence the best way to spirituality. Like a stroll out. Entirely I carry been consideration about a unusual style of Witchcraft, and if it is even mortal - "Exact Witchcraft". I love that the yell is commonly an oxymoron.. not mortal. But Whatever thing is mortal. We are recently choice by our imagination.

So later I make the picture, and see its not Science. Ooops. Significantly of making a new one I distinct the word - fittingly the stars - couldn't get the lay over the reliable green colour :)

And looking at the affirmations of Meretseger, they all the same intense think me reliable now. Acquaint with are all the same philosophy I can (and reasonably essential) deliver in the neighborhood. And no, its not honesty! You can't bullshit a bullshitter blah blah.. but what if the stories are true?


Meretseger :)

* Cobra goddess aimed to dwell on the mountain that overlooks the Achieve something of the Kings
* Normally depicted as a curled snake or a snake with a possible height, or even a female headed scorpion.
* Meretseger is translated as "she who loves One-liner" or "dear of him (Osiris) who makes calm.
* Was often endowed with the confinement of far-off tombs.
* She is every one cordial and potentially threatening - aimed to bring healing to fill with who are free and amenable and retaliation to fill with who are not.
* Her colour is dark green

(Lawson, 1996)