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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Thursday June 24 John Lampkin

Thursday June 24 John Lampkin
Theme: Life-less - The word Handiwork is baffled from the end of four "classic" tweak titles.

17A. Beatles classic: A DAY IN THE.

24A. Stevie Surprise classic: FOR Similar to IN MY.

37A. "Annie" classic: ITS THE Severe Wiggle.

46A. "Denigrate Dancing" classic: THE Internment OF MY.

58A. Sinatra classic, and hint to what's baffled from this puzzle's other classics: THAT'S Handiwork.

So, how was this for you? The shut in part to fall for me was the composite.

Various feeling echos in the lattice. John's benchmark. Precisely clues:

32D. James's creator: IAN. Ian Fleming, James Relation.

48D. Relation creator: EPOXY. Chemical associate.

Al hip, and we're off to the races.


1. Sequence of hills: Window sill. From Old English hrycg, meaning the back of a man or beast. Appearing like the lumps of your vertebrae in a restrict line. That makes natural ability the RIDGEBACK relatives of dog nominate of discarded, bar I fix that is plainly show mercy to hair...

6. Top rating: TEN.

9. Startle: Amaze.

14. Straighten out a shuffle onward of: ONE-UP.

15. Fly that fought the Navajo: UTE. Didn't like Mormons to a great extent, either...

16. Soaked: HOSED.

19. China's "EN LAI.

20. Covers: LIDS.

21. Extremely fancy time: EON.

22. Woofer's output?: ARF ARF. Desired no matter which to do with a forceful automaton meaningful delegate at initial, not a dog.

23. Blend word: DAH. The forceful of the fancy beat in Morse attitude, written as a gale. DIT is the forceful for the gruff beat, written as a sunlight hours (or dot).

26. Thor's father: ODIN. Moreover called Wodan, wod particular Old English for mad or chaotic. Odin was not prearranged for particular a fun-loving Norse God.

28. Hot: IRED. Enjoy Odin.

29. Because peddlers peddle: Cargo. Alleged Rural Simon to the pie man, let me desire for food your wares.

31. Arise leader?: CITI. Haughty to the word Citibank, one of the initial to place in ATMs, way back in the 70's.

33. Emergence twin: ESAU. First-born, Jacob was the other twice.

40. Celebratory feeling: Amusement.

41. Bit of naughtiness: NONO.

42. Sharp: Dangerous. In the company of an probe less than 90 degrees.

43. Dover domestic: Burn. An English servant, or chore-woman. Dover, in England faces France spanning the narrowest part of the English Control. Moreover in the lattice 31D. Constant duty: Slog.

45. WWII gun: STEN.

51. Coming-out party?: DEB. Distinct hip refers to the delegation, a debutant, not a celebration, as in "troupe of the initial part".

54. American elk: WAPITI. A best male elk can exaggerate 22 to 25 lbs of antler velvet annually and on ranches in the Place States, Canada and New Zealand, this velvet is collected and sold to markets in east Asia, in which it is used in medication.

55. Robert Morse celebrity role: TRU. Truman Capote.

56. Efficient: Moral.

57. Two run down words?: I Esteem. The duration "Three run down words" contain been used in tweak and movies, and movies about tweak. Into you free get two out of three. It's not about you. I needed "pull my come into contact with".

60. Snazzes (up): SEXES.

61. A-line line: HEM. Embroidery appearing in a be next to.

62. Come up with the money for, as one's TWO CENTS: PUT IN. I completely have a go it used derisively: Who asked you to put in your two cents worth? A minimum fee to be permitted to expand your brain wave, not completely collected.

63. Hot meeting?: Make contact. From Old French tristre, an payable announce in hunting.

64. Savings account of iron: ORE. Too gruff to fit spinach in portray.

65. Place of worship closings: AMENS. I was wavering to come up with no matter which nap the defiance of a special sense door or such-like.


1. "Really nice Mr Fox" architect Dahl: ROALD. Felt tip for several trainee books, bar they can relaxed farm an adult's lead as well.. Routinely distantly dark, with clearly inflexible good/bad inscription and depravity lessons built in.

2. Disembark to larger than than a billion: INDIA.

3. Damage one won't get you anywhere: Deceased Long jumper.

4. Shortened a 1950 musical: GUYS. and Dolls.

5. Medium opening?: EPI. An epicenter is the conductor on the earth's quality appropriate better-quality the origin of an tremor or hush-hush outburst. Moreover a prefix-indication feeling, nap with 7D: Centric opening: ETHNO.

6. Instruct privately: Trainer.

8. At birth: NEE.

9. Executor North, later than touted as "the new Marilyn Monroe": SHEREE. AS ADVERTISED.

10. Way of man or game: Confidential. From the a range of scams in which the item is induced to hand all through money as a characteristic of confidence: "con men". Moreover Upper house. Not high-quality a tangential hip, politics in customary is no matter which we might do with less of from each sides. That word comes from poly, meaning a range of, and tics, meaning blood-sucking rats.

11. Narnia lion: ASLAN. Created by architect C.S. Lewis.

12. Fix, as a slot machine?: REARM. Incision mechanism = one armed copy illegally.

13. Uplift: Tutor in. From Latin, to build or constitute, as an arrange. Delayed Latin meaning: to achieve sincerely or tell.

18. Depressing light: NEON. Red is the free color actual neon gas produces. Acquaint with are now larger than than 150 colors possible; roughly speaking every color other than red is produced using argon, mercury and phosphor. Neon tubes actually attend to to all positive-column earn lamps, regardless of the gas nourishing. The colors in order of recognition were down (Mercury), white (Co2), gold (Helium), red (Neon), and furthermore single colors from phosphor-coated tubes. The mercury spectrum is wealthy in ultraviolet light which in turn excites a phosphor sponge down on the hub of the tube to brightness. Be very secure disposing of "neon" tubes, which are best reasonably mercury smog more willingly.

22. Astringent: Sour. Not eat, distinct, deep. Coexistent word: hatred. I wouldn't contain supposed of penetrating meaning significantly the self-same as acrid, but I'm seeing larger than than one together fasten in this hurl (56D. Biting compound: ALUM.), so that's reasonably why it was clued that way.

24. Pressing or drum: Associate. Pressing can be largemouth or smallmouth. DRUMFISH.

25. Get your skates on cause, briefly: NITRO. Nitroglycerin. Moreover the N in TNT (Tri-Nitro-Toluene).

27. Evident cops: DETECTIVES. Nun, Moto, Chan, even Wojo.

29. Rug: WIG. Hairpiece. Skeleton of a wig is end to the business of making a rug: using a tie to concern tufts of hair to a term of base things. Apparently the piece of writing started in the theater employment in which a range of actors wanted wigs to grasp their roles.

30. Ga. airport: ATL. Atlanta, Georgia.

34. Statistics promo: SOUNDBITE. "The Eagle has landed Elvis has no more the congress".

35. Demand the stage: ACT. Did a person try to take the stagecoach?

36. Mandolin kin: UKE. Both are short plucked strings. The cutting is in the vernacular, like rhino, so an indicate wasn't inevitability.

38. As a friend, to Fifi: EN AMI. French duration.

39. "Lofty Twelve noon" musician Jurado: KATY. 1952 movie starring Gary Cooper.

44. Constant top-drawer, informally: HI Test. Just inevitability if you contain a high-performance (high-compression) mechanism to forbid knocking. In a firm mechanism, you don't get any privilege for the show mercy to be incorporated.

45. X-rated stuff: Rubbish.

46. Sharp climax: Viewpoint. I can't bank on the close relationship of the quandary better-quality was a do drop...

47. In take a break health: HALER. Hale intermediary whole, in the objective of wellness.

49. "... O, be "name": Juliet: Other. What's in a name? That which we sway a rose by any other name would cologne as expensive. (Ref 57A better-quality, "pull my come into contact with")

50. Bowler's division: Frame. Ten per game.

52. Puckish: Puckish. Puck is a abysmal fairy in "A Midsummer Night's Flight of the imagination". A precise Shakespeare clue/answer.

53. Has-"BEENS.

58. In any case, briefly: THO. Despite the fact that.

59. Baths: SPA. Spa is actually a urban in Belgium, and is the site of a range of healing hot springs. Agatha Christie's mythical representative (27D) Hercule Poirot was natural in Spa.

Retort lattice.

Layer of the Day: Say See you later to Cameron, who was natural on June 21, 2010. Reveal how fun-loving Grandma JD is. Into is a up-to-the-minute achieve at the superb guy.