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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What Is A Lodge Charter Or Warrant

What Is A Lodge Charter Or Warrant Cover The document given to brethren who are members of a "lodge under dispensation"-that is, permitted to meet as a lodge by a Grand Masterwhen such a group becomes an actual lodge. Charters, or Warrants of Constitution, are given only by Grand Lodge, and usually after a lodge under dispensation has demonstrated its fitness to receive that document. The Charter sets forth the facts, names the first Master and Wardens, author. izes the group to be and to act as a regular lodge under the Grand Lodge granting the Charter. Subsequently to the granting of the Charter, and before going to work, the new lodge must be regularly constituted, dedicated and consecrated in a beautiful ceremony performed by Grand Lodge officers concerned in the formation of the new lodge.

Charters are now a necessity for any regular and recognized lodge. In an earlier day what are known as "time immemorial lodges" worked without charters; "The Lodge at Fredericksburgh" which initiated, passed and raised George Washington had no charter until several years after these ceremonies.

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