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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pope Praises Welby Over Gay Marriage Stance

Pope Praises Welby Over Gay Marriage Stance
Pope Francis praised the Archbishop of Canterbury for his way of behaving on gay marriage portentous David Cameron 's campaign might grow less the "foundations of nation".

The Archbshiop of Canterbury Justin Welby, passed away, is welcomed to the Vatican by Pope Francis this afternoon. Photo: AP

By Tom Kington and John Bingham

5:36PM BST 14 Jun 2013

In the principal session linking the new leaders of Roman Catholic and Anglican churches, the Pope praised the Peak Rev Justin Welby for promoting "Christian principles".

The two leaders, who were enthroned within days of each other in Tramp, also laugh at of a new count of more willingly co-operation linking the two churches once upon a time centuries of "problem".

Archbishop Welby, who time from the evangelical limb of the House of worship of England is closely persuaded by Catholic teaching, laugh at of affection "at home" in the Vatican.

The Pope laugh at of "hunger for" unity linking the two churches, which run been inhospitably separated seeing that Tudor epoch.

And he free an organic stem to the House of worship of England disdainful his forebear Pope Benedict's upshot to set up the Ordinariate, the special stem of the Catholic House of worship for disaffected Anglicans.

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He publicly thanked the House of worship of England for its efforts to "understand" THE Contract and alleged he hoped it would mean Anglican liturgy, with elements of the Succeed of Common Honor, would be especially a lot recognized and used by Catholics surrounding the world.

Behindhand a session in which the two men discussed their collective interests in combating deprivation, the Pope laugh at out in opposition to the way he alleged the poor were habitually "empty to the laws of an discount that seems at epoch to means association as water consumers".

The session comes as Archbishop Welby grapples with opposing views within the House of worship of England disdainful how to response to the Government's same-sex marriage sign.

Obstruction week the Archbishop laugh at roughly in the To your house of Lords in opposition to the sign. But lonely 24 hours in the manner of the House of worship of England announced that, in light of awkward majorities in both houses of legislature, bishops in the Lords would no longer have a go to charge gay marriage in ideology.

Related by the prime minister of the Catholic House of worship in England and Wales, the Archbishop of Westminster the Peak Rev Vincent Nichols, the Pope sad areas of blunt co-operation linking the two churches.

In a reveal to Archbishop Welby's tongue in the Lords on gay marriage he said: "Expressly decisive amid these is our perceive to the reveal to God and the exposure of Christian principles in a world that seems at epoch to permit voguish difficulty some of the foundations of nation, such as look upon for the inviolability of human life or the worth of the land of your birth of the occupation built on marriage, a way that you yourself run had incident to recollect very soon."

Archbishop Welby alleged afterwards: "Our experience in the UK with Archbishop Vincent and in our rumor today with the Pope is that we are totally at one on issues and in the same way as we are at one in our condemniation of homophobic behaviour."

He added: "My tongue was forthright as can be, the Pope was sort sufficient to say alleged he has read it."

In their session the two leaders also discussed the outcome from Pope Benedict's surprise periodical in 2009 of his campaign to set up the Ordinariate.

THE Contract was seen at the time as sum litter to the House of worship of England and the then Archbishop Rowan Williams, credentials back decades of work to bring the two churches especially solidly together.

Pope Francis, who was Archbishop of Buenos Aires at the time, is alleged to run told his Anglican go with in Argentina that THE Contract was "unnecessary".

But in his notes to Archbishop Welby he alleged Pope Benedict had been responding to a undertake and publicly thanked the House of worship of England for its efforts to "understand" the upshot.

"I am lasting this energy continue the spiritual, liturgical and bucolic traditions that form the Anglican patrimony to be haughty recognized and greeting in the Catholic world," he alleged.

Archbishop Welby alleged afterwards that he was "appreciative" for the Pope's notes and alleged he was struck by the Pope's "extraordniary self-sacrifice, on fire with the sprit of Christ."

Exhausting a bishop's ring unqualified to his forebear Archbishop Michael Ramsey by Pope Paul VI in 1966, Archbishop Welby associate Archbishop Nichols to pray at the site of the vault of St Peter less than the Vatican. They also closed to pray at the vault of Pope John Paul II.

The two archbishops lunched with the Pope at the Vatican mansion he has chosen to living in more willingly of the Papal apartments, intake wonderfully sliced SWORDFISH, pasta with PRAWNS AND TUNA STEAK, followed by semi-freddo and immaculate fruit for hand down past Coffee.

Archbishop Nichols called the have a meal "enormous".