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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Aphrodite Goddess Talisman Amulet Witch Wicca By Eclecticenchantments

Aphrodite Goddess Talisman Amulet Witch Wicca By Eclecticenchantments
4,00 USD

This is a beatiful handmade decoupage talisman made of baked pearl blue clay. From the gorgeous art of Sharon George (Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards), Im able to share with you her amazing art exclusively!

This piece is titled: Aphrodite ~ The Goddess of Love Venus is how the Romans knew her. She is the daughter of Uranus and the Ocean Foam is her mother. She is also known as "foam born" and "she who rises from the waves". When she shakes the seawater from her hair, the drops turn to pearls at her feet.

Lovely, indeed is Aphrodite, great goddess of love and lust. She married the crippled smithy Hephaestus, but found him boring and entertained many lovers, with whom she had many children.

The Romans considered her the goddess of charm and beauty and believed that a large stone resting near a tall tree was a place wherein she could be called for help in affairs of the heart. They offered her wild strawberries, herbs, pine cones, and cypress branches.

She is also thought to be a descendant of a prehistoric water bird goddess, and a goddess of spiritual as well as passionate love. The white dove symbolizes platonic love and the honeysuckle vines are symbolic of happy marriages

Measures roughly 2 1/4 " in diameter. Weight roughly 1/2 ounce. Great for many uses such as an altar tile, good luck token, meditation charm or decoration.

Here are just a few ideas: Use them in spells for Protection, Healing, Health, Love, Money, Success, Inspiration, etc. Place them over doorways, in homes, offices, cars, WHEREVER you need them, or WHOEVER needs them. Attach a magnet to the back and Put them on your fridge, washer, dryer, filing cabinet, locker, etc. Give them as added gifts for Sabbats, Birthday's, Handfastings, etc. Display them on your coffee table or nightstand. Use them as tea light bases, power stone coasters. Add them to your gardens, gates, and fences, out door altars, mailboxes. Indoor or Outdoor use! The possibilities are endless!

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