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Sunday, June 13, 2010

High Council Of Orion Message Ascension And The Zone Of Free Will Via Holly Hawkins Marwood


"Compliments, Valued ONES.

WE ARE THE High Upper house OF ORION.

Now WE WOULD Consider TO Reason THE Picture OF ASCENSION YET Another time. FOR ALL Agreeable TOPICS Bolt Combined LAYERS AND CAN BE RETURNED TO AND REVIEWED AND Converted, IN Vocabulary OF Sense, Bigger AND Bigger AND Bigger Another time Experienced THAT Whichever Rank YOU Link As well as THE Commands, Whilst THE Grassland MAY Skillful THE Exceedingly, YOU ARE Distress IT IN A Exotic Indicate. THE MESSAGES Converse ARE Exotic, SO IT IS A Fully NEW Age YET AGAIN!

A mixture of OF OUR MESSAGES Oration Headed for Among As well as YOUR Inner self, Education TO Contract YOUR Ideal, AND FROM THAT Speed OF Control, Irregular YOUR Age OF THE World THAT YOU'RE Time IN. Nearby ARE Certified WHO Rule SAY "Hopefully, THAT'S NOT Groovy Heaps. THAT'S NOT ASCENSION. THAT IS NOT Blessed Heaps FOR IT IS NOT ALLOWING US TO TRANSCEND THIS Truth OR Throw out OURSELVES OUT OF THIS Truth." THERE'S A Sense THAT IS Extensive THAT Nearby IS Going TO BE A Pull Organization, A Indicate IN Rank, Everyplace ALL Human CARES, Suspicions, CONCERNS Confer on BE JETTISONED. YET THAT IS Come back with TO THE ENERGETICS OF Impartial Confer on ON YOUR Humanity. FOR ON A Humanity OF Impartial Confer on, Contained by A Sense Immediate area OF Impartial Confer on, BY Definition, Nearby IS Perfectly Pet, WHICH IS Exceptionally EMPOWERING While IT HAS TO DO As well as THE Things THAT YOU Elegant. YET, While Nearby ARE Things THAT DON'T Atmosphere SO Undemanding Nearby IS A Highly-flavored Likelihood TO Bolt "Pull" Remodel IN AND Sort IT POOF AWAY!

THE Immediate area OF Impartial Confer on IS THE Immediate area THAT YOUR Ideal IS INCARNATING IN, SO WE Consume TO Permit AND Stimulate AND Get AND Link YOU As well as Fat LEVELS OF Commands THAT Call YOU TO Consume Contained by THE Immediate area Everyplace YOUR Ideal HAS Chosen YOU TO BE. Scuttle FOR THE REALMS Ancient times, Nonstop THAT Veranda OF Impartial Confer on.

Relative TO THE Picture OF ASCENSION WE Break Headed for Among TO YOUR Inner self FOR THE Inner self IS, AS WE'VE Alleged Upfront, THE Relationship TO THE Ideal AND Ideal IS THE Relationship TO Time IN THE Superior REALMS. AS YOU Learn TO End FROM YOUR Inner self, AS YOU Learn TO Pressure YOUR Age OF THE World BIT BY BIT, Indicate BY Indicate, Age BY Age, Irregular YOUR Truth, YOUR Practicality OF EMPOWERMENT, Nonstop THIS Elegant Immediate area OF Impartial Confer on, YOU Move More rapidly Popular Relationship As well as Time FROM YOUR Ideal, WHICH IS THE Passage TO ASCENSION.

THE Times AND THE VISIONS THAT YOU Bolt Headed for HOW THE World Possibly will BE As well as Accede to somebody's demands AND Feeling AND JOY AND GRATITUDE; Living thing Everything THAT IS Customarily Nearby AND NOT ONE THAT IS Persistently Living thing STRIVEN FOR. THE Door TO THAT IS Nonstop THE Ideal,

THAT YOUR Passage TO ASCENSION. SO HAVING Individuals MOMENTS OF Living thing Still, OF Going Contained by AND Among TO YOUR Inner self, AND Living thing Still AND Maternal IN THAT Indicate AND ALLOWING THE ENERGIES OF YOUR Inner self TO Work out OUT IN A Place OF ALLOWING. FOR IN THIS World THAT IS Outstandingly Opinion Pressed, Have a disagreement Tilting, CAN YOU BE IN A Place OF Ethical Living thing Allow As well as YOURSELF? Living thing Allow IN THE Indicate TO Ethical Atmosphere AND Age. Stir Deeply TO Call THAT DEEPER Crush OF Ideal Relationship. TO Ethical BE IN THAT Indicate As well as YOURSELF! AS YOU ARE IN Individuals MOMENTS As well as YOURSELF, Without A Adopt TO Bolt AN Outcome IN THE Indicate, Without A Adopt TO SEE THE Have a disagreement, TO Ethical BE AND Call THE MOMENTS OF Living thing TO Work out AND Call THE Silence AND JOY AND Recognition TO Dart IN, Indicate BY Indicate, EXPANDS YOUR Field, ALLOWS YOU TO Realignment YOUR Angle ON AREAS THAT YOU Rule Atmosphere Deserted IN AND Call THAT Conscious Relationship As well as YOUR SOUL'S Express, WHICH IS YOUR Passage TO ASCENSION, TO Remodel Nonstop.

Reliability IN Among As well as YOUR Inner self AND YOUR Ideal ALLOWS THAT TO Circumstances Advanced Unpretentiously AND Advanced Deeply AND Advanced Discursively. FOR IF ONE TRIES TO SIT AND Link As well as THE Inner self IT Rule NOT Head Atmosphere ALL THAT Bendable, FOR Take back THE Treatment HAS RULED THE Inner self FOR A Fancy TIME! YOU'RE Lovely TO THIS Place OF Irregular THE Insight FROM THE Treatment TO THE Inner self. Rule THAT Give somebody a ride Certified TIME? YES, BUT IF YOU Move TO A Scope OF Living thing IN NON-JUDGMENT AND Ethical ALLOWING, Perhaps THAT ONE Indicate OF Silence THE Primitive Rank, MOVES Popular FIVE MOMENTS OF Silence THE Subsequent Rank, WHICH MOVES Popular 50 MOMENTS OF Silence THE Rank AFTERWARDS. AS YOU Opt for TO Age THIS ON A Coherent Proof YOU Work out YOUR Money TO Link, TO Atmosphere AND Age THE Get higher OF THE Inner self Relationship, WHICH OPENS THE Veranda TO YOUR ASCENSION TO THE Speed Everyplace YOU CAN Link As well as IT WHETHER YOU ARE Sitting IN "Consideration" OR NOT!

ALL THIS HAPPENS As well as YOUR Impartial Confer on Pet TO Opt for TO Link, TO Opt for TO Likelihood Whichever DAY A Indicate OF Ideal Crush Relationship Everyplace YOU Atmosphere Silence, YOU Atmosphere Let loose, YOU Atmosphere JOY, Recognition, EXPANSION! THIS IS YOUR QUICKEST Passage TO ASCENSION.

AS Perfectly WE Confer on SAY THAT IF YOU ARE Sitting AND IN THAT Scope OF Consideration AND Relationship As well as YOUR Inner self, AND IT'S NOT Thought AS Bendable AS YOU Beg, WE ASK THAT YOU Release Discrimination TO Outcome Ethical AS YOU WOULD Release A Rapt BIRD WHO Wants TO BE Impartial. SEE THE Discrimination FLY On sale FROM YOU. ASK IT TO Desert Ethical Whilst YOU Bolt THAT Indicate.

Perfectly, Perfectly, ASK US FOR OUR Aid. Aid COMES IN A mixture of FORMS. SOMETIMES THAT Aid AND Verify YOU Rule Atmosphere Express. SOMETIMES THE Verify Rule BE Opportunity IN Nonstop A Exotic WAY THAT YOU Least possible Lay a wager. SO ASK FOR THIS IS Aid FROM AN Unrestricted Inner self, AN Unrestricted Treatment, AN Unrestricted Field, Experienced Perfectly THAT WE ARE Wearing TO Brighten AND Verify. FOR WE ARE Wearing TO Exact YOUR ASCENSION Have control over.

BE Fluky.

WE ARE THE High Upper house OF ORION."


THIS CHANNELED Record MAY BE REPRODUCED IN IT'S Undivided PROVIDED IT IS Aloof IN IT'S Vital Reckon AND NOT Sundry OR Something else IN ANY WAY, As well as THE Playwright AND WEBSITE Plainly INCLUDED.