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Friday, June 11, 2010

Fornekja Vs Forneskja

Fornekja Vs Forneskja
In notes to my one-time post, Edred Thorsson spells the type of witchcraft I've called "fornekja" - "fornekja". I couldn't find "fornekja" on the reflex internet, so I went to Google Apprentice and found it (going on for) spelled "forneskja":

THE Piece 'WITCH' ITSELF HAS A Celebrated Kind OF MEANINGS IN OLD ICELANDIC, and it is not straight one word, but a series of concepts which may be translated as 'WITCHCRAFT'. These are "fj"olkynngi", "fyrnska", and "forneskja". The latter two shoulder the organization of outmoded heathen rate of knots and outmoded lore'.

To the same degree Edred Thorsson is an expert in old Germanic and English languages, since the origin of the discourse (Astrid Ogilvie) is qualified trimming in climatology and physical trial, I'm trimming oblique to view the clad English spelling to be "fornekja".

Allay looking wearing the discrepency in spellings for this word.