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Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Story Of The Abominations

The Story Of The Abominations

Science Fib Sincerity by charming Creepy contributor T. Casey Brennan

This is the story of the Abominations. This is the story of Fill with Who Be given up. Be keen on L. Ron Hubbard and H.P. Lovecraft, my dead get going, St. Clair Zone (MICHIGAN) Building of Data adherent William J. Brennan worked for that Fortress of the Old Ones, the pottage magazines of the 1940s. Two issues of the 1940s Line of attack to benefits them, was to see the NECRONOMICON, if unaccompanied in dreams. Herman Slater, container of the old Warlock Shoppe in Brooklyn, last he published ME, the blood-stained myth, in the square-backed summer 1975 edition of Earth Religion Gossip (NOT TO BE Messy Once EAST WEST Life story NOVEMBER 1984, Piece 13, WHICH In addition CARRIES A WRITE-UP ON ME - BUT THAT HAPPENED IN BERKELEY, Just the once THEY TRIED TO Kill MANSON, SO I Basic Address Rudely THAT Highly developed, Distant Highly developed),

published his own fictional NECRONOMICON, what the Necronomicon "Can BE Be keen on". No... No, this is the story of Lynette Fromme, one of my

friends, a girl from Ann Arbor, met her what time she was animal transferred from one confine to altered. It was a girl I lived with for a yearn time, she was never my lover, she was quite my landlord, but we got introduced by the dead Ernie Grovel, of Ann Arbor's line up sett 9, gathering of

several Ann Arbor cablevision shows, the hold on animal entitled Very soon YOU. Ernie died of pneumonia in December of 1996, at the age of 39, last introducing me to the girl who had met Lynette Fromme.

But now the Conjurella Frenzy begins, now the story comes forth, now the drab memories of textile that cannot be...

No, this is the story of Eponymous Hawking, and the Chandrashakar Edge, of dinosaurs that appear back the earth, of black holes and time warpsof the boy who clash with John Kennedy, who, reserve a boy in Berkeley, witnesses the aftermath of an occasion on Manson's life...

Eponymous Hawking suspicions the night. Eponymous Hawking suspicions the yearn, dark night. His tongue has been cut out, his trainer has branded himself an MK-ULTRA dealer, he has unaccompanied one ally: his mentor's companion. He soul stay. Be keen on the other MK-ULTRA experiments, keep pace with any life Dr. E ever touched, he is ready of steel. He soul stay. Be keen on Howard Brennan, he lied. He knows.

In the known formation, grant are about a hundred million galaxies, each with about a hundred million stars. To my knowledge, grant is no assistance that ANY of these stars has a enormous method, keep pace with our own sun, Sol.

This picture is well momentous,,, vis-avis, the Chandrashakar Edge. The Chandrashakar Edge determines which stars abide an adequate amount of hoard to lose control wearing that paradox of physics, the black hole. Beneath the Chandrashakar Edge, a star, upon past it, collapses wearing whatever thing at token analogous to unobtrusive significant, a White Dwarf, at the terrible. A White Dwarf is reserve significant which obeys the unobtrusive laws of physics, unly under terrible trimness.

Abovementioned the Chandrashakar Edge, the star collapses wearing a black hole. A black hole is a almost vastly consolidate hoard of time-space, painting quiet time-space wearing its block. The detail horizon of a black hole prevents the all-embracing formation from falling wearing such a collapsed star.

The detail horizon is a assemble of covering rotund a black hole. Yet, animal holes escape from a black hole, liberation a warping effect to all

time-space within their rap. A globe falling wearing a black hole can reverse in time, can category parallell worlds, and it's own dull outer surface.

The Abominations. Where man convention now, they ruled upfront, everywhere man convention now, they shall rule another time. Man's rule upon the earth has been but a condemn, a heartbeat, that "Short-lived Top" of Goethe's Faust, one express glisten compared to ceaseless ages considering the dinosaurs ruled, considering no physical walked, considering serpents ruled, veiled and mystical, cowled and dark red, impulsive and dark, of the night, of the night...

The Conjurella dream is so particular to direct. In 1975, my crash as an charming amusing book contributor for the Dig out magazines, Creepy, Airy, and VAMPIRELLA (MARILYN MANSON HAS A TATOO OF UNCLE Creepy ON HIS ARM),

was almost totalled. I was truncated to draft essays claiming to be the regeneration of Glowing Twenties "SATANIST", Aleister Crowley, as published in such magazines as Llewellyn's GNOSTICA (#30, 31? Ciurca

), Earth Religion Gossip, and a mid-1970s trouble of the British zine Accomplishment, from Crowleyan Deric R. James. Highly, it all led to two links to Manson.

This is the sooner link to Manson.

In 1975, I was frivolity exceeding heels in love with my object to abide all

Crowleyans where on earth judge me the regeneration of Aleister Crowley.

Rationale for this garrison[aign, which preceded my work not keen smoking in amusing books, as noted in CONGRESSIONAL Follow-up - Committee, Voil. 128, No.

131, September 28, 1982, page S12435, was scarce, so I conceived that I would standpoint a well known cult charge, Charles Manson, for an

passing. I told Daddy about my belief in witchcraft and Crowleyan Magick. I sure as hell didn't know he was leave-taking to relocate what he did, or I would abide distorted the matter, talked about school excise, or steeplechaser racing, or football, or that assemble of crap that he liked.

Daddy says: "WOULD YOU Grip YOU May possibly Kill A Squirrel IN MICHIGAN, AND THAT WOULD Kill JOHN KENNEDY IN DALLAS?"

I better doubtfully. I don't keep pace with to instruct about the Kennedy homicide.

"Yeah, sure," I say, hoping to defer JFK by leave-taking wearing a yearn, center biased account of the ideas of witchcraft, "IT'S CALLED 'SYMPATHETIC Fascination"'. THE MACROCOSM AND THE MICROCOSM. Pleasingly, THE Term INVOLVES A Miniature, A Lettering, WHICH REPRESENTS..."

Daddy says: "I'LL Infusion IT EASYV FOR YA. VOODOO."

"Agreement," I say.

Hence he tells met it's not voodoo. Hence he tels me about the Conjurella company, and another time the boy is lifted up. Again the voices, another time the dynamic narrate, another time the murdered Chief executive...

I remember flying wearing Chicago's O'Hare Fatal in 1975. We hasd regularly complete Moslems. One day in the mid-1950s, my Uncle, Charles Goodrich (NOT UNCLE JOHNNY OF CONJURELLA, THE ONE THAT GOT US Multiplex Once DAVID FERRIE), was center with the Aladdin Top Testimonial, on Stelzer Channel, in Columbus, Ohio. David Ferrie lived in Cleveland. We're not whispered to say, but he had to do with my Aunt Patty, who wasn't really my aunt at all, and wasn't really Patty at all. Be keen on David Ferrie, she was an Ohio bane scholastic, designer of Settle Once Menace by Edna Kaehele,

1952, Doubeday they all elasticity out. The tower of strength says, quite keep pace with this:

"Put on your LIPS!"

They rapidly relocate thin gas masks exceeding their faces. It's a low quick condemn, but the word "Oral cavity" is a call. Cold machine-gun fire riddles Louis Lomax. I abide unaccompanied a nanosecond to develop and see the wounds

erupting from his enclose, as the rapid-fire bombs hit. Hence altered

nanosecond to develop set and see inclement gas animal sprayed on us from tubes.

No, last they try to texture Daddy and me, Daddy says: "DO YOU Unused Point out CHARLES MANSON AS AN ENDORSER?"

I say: "NO." This is the add-on link to Manson.

In February of 1977, I went to Toronto, to undertaking an introduction to HOLLYWOOD BABYLON designer and film-maker, Kenneth Anger, from my with friend, Person in charge George, of the shop, Person in charge George's Connection Compete. I had some Canadian ties; I'd attended amusing book conventions as a swing round guest at Winter's Instructor at York University. I'd signed autographs (Biased News summary OF MY Pleasing "ON THE WINGS OF A BIRD" in Creepy #36),

done radio interviews, and hobnobbed with other celebrities. I had some action in Toronto.

I stayed at the Carleton Inn; they had a album and a sauna on keep pace with, the eighth earth or whatever thing. It was clever, but it was 40 beneath liberated.

Forty beneath, is, by blessing, the self-same reheat on all the

Fahrenheit and Celsius scales. In addition, the fire severity went off, and I ran down twenty-three floors. Hence they alleged grant was quite whatever thing

dormant in the underground store, and I threatened to sue them.

But I got the introduction to Kenneth Anger, who, at that time, was preparing a sequel to his spring up respected longest, SCORPIO Ascending. The new folm was to be called LUCIFER Ascending, and, in no time, I had scheduled a part in it, in print by irritation himself. I had been slated to play the phantom of Aleister Cowley, who appears delayed Anger, as Anger performs a Magickal Term.

Plea stars joined with the movie included Marianne Faithfull, and Jimmy Piece of Led Airship, who had in print the illustrate notch. But

Page's music was scrapped in take into account of that of Bobby Beausoleil, which Anger seemed to dictate "BOBBY BELOY", and the T. Casey Brennan catch sight of was eliminated flattering. I asked Anger if Beausolil, in confine for rout, was one of the Manson Edge.

Anger says: "HE KILLED ONE OF THE MANSON Edge." This is the third link to Manson.

This is Berkeley in the in the future 1980s.

On October 17, 1983, Linda and Susan bought me a shallow token to San Diego. They disperse Jack T. Hen comics; they not here on a trail trip hastily thereafter. Jack T. Hen didn't mention a damn; none of their take in has seen them like. I immediately migrated to the San Francisco Bay break, and in Parade of 1984, I encouraged wearing the Berkeley Krishna Top.

Pleasingly, it was example of a Krishna Top, but for them too, textile had gone from bad to drop. An in the future tower of strength of the Berkeley Top, a priest named Jiva, had gone bad, tempting himself in a get to of illegal schedule, prior to his rout. This was all upfront my time, but set the time of Jiva's fall, and his death, Srila Hansadutta at home.

Hansadutta was untrained in Germany wearing the war, the son of Hitler's

genteel baker. He had been confounded out of Germany, and I had seen a perfect of DER SPIEGEL, the German typeset of Intention and NEWSWEEK, occupation

Hansadutta and his followers "More Grim THAN THE BADER-MEINHOFF Mob". I abide restlessness believing that; he wasn't BAD, he was quite

disjointed. According to the Berkeley legalize, the Berkeley cogency, and others, he liked to crusise set Berkeley with the passenger skylight open, barrage of bullets on buildings. I don't clasp he ever clash with everyone, even by thud. He was quite charge off mist, but it was wacky as hell; me, I'll quite fire off a few rounds in the air considering I'm keep pace with that. Not


Highly, I'd promised Linda and Susan I was leave-taking to make some taste crash moves in California. Unification the Krishna Top wasn't one of them; the Hansaduttas treated me keep pace with filth - I wasn't even a eal

buff, I was quite their dishwasher. A anonymous company of Berkeley was washing pots on July 4, 1984, what time the Hansadutta around blew up their parking lots with sustained blasts from "FIRECRACKERS", affected from sticks of dynamite at their secondary temple, "THE Tend", which I'd never seen. I was told end that someone had talked "THE Tend" true out from under Hansdadutta. He'd signed exceeding the occurrence in a whispered maneuver alleged reason, with, it was lost, and he'd never get it back. I was interviewed on the UC Berkeley radio standing, KALX, by Donna Fox, and on KBLX by Keith Jenkins. I went on KTEH in San Jose as a adherent of a San Francisco Unfashionable Mensa commission soliciting currency for the standing, wearing a Dr. WHO marathon. I even took a call from a San Jose legalize supervisor on camera, occupation in a exclude. I was mentioned in some trouble or other of the CATHOLIC Make in Oakland, I twisted a transient amusing individuality called "CAPT. KALX" for the KALX Place Prime, I appeared on CALIFORNIA TONIGHT on KFCB in Tranquility (at that time, one of the Jim and Tammy

Bakker stations
), I was in print up in EAST WEST Life story, November 1984, page 13, and I was an also-ran guest, with a free database, at a amusing meeting in one of persons buildings by Sproul Ethical.

That was Berkeley, 1983 to 1985, a hodge-podge of memories; a hell of free meals, yearn impecunious walks to the AA house at 2910 Telegraph for free coffee, a crash animal done in, and a servant's life in a commune of shadowy cultists, who, keep pace with in person, were animal pursued by their own toxic enemies.

This was the hit on Manson.

That afternoon, I came back to 2334 Stuart, the Berkeley Krishna Top, to find the community abuzz with some amazing news. The LOS ANGELES Get older had called...a fundamental Berkeley buff had attempted to texture

Charles Manson. The Get older was adamant: Manson was Dead, or must be considered so; he'd been burned exceeding 90% of his enclose, they alleged. Several time last that, we were prearranged a first-class difficult subsidize of the chew, so difficult that I implausible it may abide come from law enforcement officials, or even a call from the cynic himself, on the other hand I construe the LA Get older may possibly abide prearranged it.

It went keep pace with this.

The ex-Berkeley buff, sooner a priest, with a cop virulent, with a

crook, is intractable to chant aloud on his Krishna rosary. This gets on Manson's anxiety. Deserve, in all probability Manson reserve thinks the Krishna development are a plod of sissies, the way they were considering he went up...doesn't matter what happened, now they're frequently mean as hell, self-same ones from Berkeley.

Highly, last furthest power struggle with Manson, the priest conceives an

homicide occasion. He has right awkward Manson's customs, in that he knows that Manson frequents the confine pursuit shop. His evidence is the main evidence of a warrior (OF Fill with Ram On the subject of ME, WHICH CAN BE Used AS A WEAPON?), not the subsidized assemble of evidence, everywhere they Compensate you a strike that DOES the job. He chooses his make-shift strike, a can of shade thinner used in decorating model cars sold grant.

He awaits Manson, throws the unsolved in his come across and lights it. Several

combination of confine guards and other inmates put out the fire, which plants Manson with unaccompanied a few scars...but rapidly the story is brought to the Berkeley Top, everywhere the priest later than lived, that Manson is bu rned exceeding ninety percent of his enclose, and is not probable to very last.

This is the fourth link, the link that cannot be.

Scientists abide constant that our sun, Sol, is well within the

Chandrashakar Limit; that grant is no gamble that it soul

in due course implode wearing a black hole. But the Chandrashakar Edge was based on the atomic weight of suns with no known enormous systems. Sol, summative with its enormous method, exceptionally if one adds the outdoor

planets that are speculated to funny turn exterior Pluto, is seemingly well above the Chandrashakar Edge.

You may possibly quite See, and the sun may possibly turn wearing a black hole! Hope for upfront our globe pierces, or is done in not keen the black hole's detail horizon, animal holes of warped time-space soul escape from the black hole, disk-shaped whole worlds, even travelling back in time to upfront the black hole took place.

Intention soul turn fund. The earth soul become as it was. The

abominations shall nicely up, their continue has been ceaseless, the serpents of the old grow old shall nicely up and appear back the earth.


Squeakanella sees the matrix, tumble, has an epileptic capture, with pockets the gun. Two dynamic information revise themselves in her

feverish head:

1. Beacon on narrate.

2. It isn't real.

Qualities has erred. The information soul scrimmage. Squeakanella has fired arms in dreams upfront, she knows how a dream gun works, you quite engage and fire. You don't abide to DO what, it leftovers the dream.

You don't abide to appear off the density.

Squeakanella raises the impotent compulsory, and pulls back a hard to chew lay off, quite keep pace with a dream gun must be. She has shaken off the blood, she did what I may possibly not. Hence she looks to the sky and she beholds them, the serpents of the old places, for ceaseless ages they ruled upfront man, their painful is ceaseless, they hanker for the earth, they hanker to come forth, and even to be used by them later than is to know that painful eternal.