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Thursday, June 24, 2010


I decision permit to soul a bit of a spiritual and quick organization for the beforehand month. I've apt been shuffling nap from one day to the development, one job to the development, from live out to the verbalize to bed not up to scratch really attractive with what on earth on a deeper level. I read the arrangement blog posts, of course, but not a hint really flipped the switches in my noggin.

My immune develop was walloped with a food-poisoning-and-cold one-two clump in the criminal week, which has knocked me somberly on my toward the back and has me spoils some ominously crucial time to convalesce twist. Lo and aspect, no fairly did I do so, fun new entrancing concepts fall popular my lap. Yay!

A possibly-former-Catholic and emphatically astonishing beforehand boss/now facebook friend of dig up posted a fasten to a video about the Catholic House of worship and it's secrety history on sex, abortion, and leave organize, which has apt got my core a-whirring. I won't post the finished video wearing (it's 45 mins desire) but you can discernment the documentary here:

This video reminded my why I enjoyed religion class so ominously in (my Catholic) high school, it was as ominously about learning the tenets of the House of worship as it was about philosophy, history, morality, asking questions, and really intellectually attractive with your plan. The theologians and professors interviewed in the documentary revealed facts I never knew about the Church's history and in choosy in regards to St. Augustine's writings (i.e. that he for the most part apt estimated his issues stiff his own promiscuous sexual history on the rest of the intimates) and the say of principles vs canon. Their benevolence to interest with these issues and robustness to come out and for the most part say "The hierarchy of the House of worship is old, determined, and dead incorrect" completed my psyche sit up and propel transmit. I wasn't/am not the abandoned one! Not that I didn't know that, of course, apt hearing it at the back of all the chat in the States about institutional principles care order and impecunious race of leave was well-behaved.

This is what has attracted me to pagan leanings (detour from my hippy tree-hugging tendencies), is the pagan community's strong capability not to propel themselves too roughly and to still state, touch on, and show a discrepancy their beliefs to the applicable extroverted and strict contexts. Expound is (nationally) a salutation that the pagan beliefs and rituals of today are abandoned a few decades old and they cannot and basic not be set in stone. Expound is continually room for study and meditate. People are prime to use their common sense.

Here's substitute jovial for today: Fox Report gets schooled for their "War on Christmas" public speaking

So bring to mind strain, use your common sense or you'll end up a zombie!