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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Card Games Open Question Can Anybody Improve My Deck

Card Games Open Question Can Anybody Improve My Deck
Hi I run gladiator beast and a torny is coming up
Decent wondering can someone achieve my deck?
Prayer any information force help

GB laquari x2
GB equeste x2
GB darius x2
GB hoplomus x1
GB murmullo x1
GB bestiari x1
Noise tiger x2
Ehero stratos x1
Ehero Prisma x1
Penguin competitor x1
Cyber dragon x1

Gladiator proving induce x2
Launch formation Tenki x2
Smashing induce x1
Regard of moon x1
Foggy hole x1
Monster reborn x1
MST x2
My scaffold as a lag x1
Inviolable run through x1
Mixed mail x1
Heavy pump up x1

Turn of anubis x1
Starlight side of the road x1
Gladiator beast war chariot x2
Mysterious problem hole x1
Affected judgement x1
Affected signal x1
Weighty foundation publicity stunt x2
Overcast tribute x1
Exhibit combine x1
Wabakou x1

Toting up deck
GB Gyzarus x2
GB heraklinos
Chimera teck supporter dragon
Ice beast Zerofyne
Lightning chidori
No 10 illuminight
Steels damp roach
Photon Papilloperative