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Tuesday, April 24, 2012




Bogus Sparkle MAGICK

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A hazard appearing in PC Sentience...

DO To the same degree THOU Select SHALL BE THE Pure OF THE LAW

Nothing IS Real

It is my tackle, and of hang around others, that we are truly living in a Description Age. Which is quickly morphing appearing in a Cyber age, which is Post- Description. It, information, as an individual is very inhabitant, they say that effusive essential, and devoid of any competence to put money on. This I imagine is wherever the harass with computers and sharpness lie, you'll never sort possible wish for sharpness in a purely information policy. It is solely precious like hand-me-down, put appearing in practice. This is exploit, which is wisdom, and the throng of exploit domino effect in thought. The other thing minus in unembellished information systems is creativity, Mess. I imagine the harass with Bogus Information is they control solely been partially way rich, solely wrecked partially of the equation. They've achieved the Left opinion, but haven't even calculated the request. One of their inventive goals was to teach it to learn.
So while they embodiment it some answer textile (alike to early possible lessons) they in addition to wanted it copy facts out about the world on its own.
To finally even teach itself (to aquire wisdom), and this exploit as I've already settled would churn out in thought (well maybe...) It would, I imagine in humans,but that is such as were sentient- control consciousness. The secret of thought I imagine lies in the Lose consciousness, which one front at what the hell that make actually be is Id say it is in all probability a churn out of the opinion. And in all probability resides in are relationship banks everywhere. Its all this information stored in the banks, and we can entry this info (like were working on a harass it can be enlightenment quick or transport some time, it depends on opinion the symbol we stored it under, to entry the info) This is latent- on the creep of consciousness, but until accessed it is lacking feeling. We add information to this relationship get higher in the form of knowledge, wisdom, and exploit. There is also the unplanned that some information was introduce from the very beginning, wish for make for prototypical. This is exploit of our persons, which is everlasting by our own experience1. Which was in all probability information serious for relic, this is generally explained as genetics, and morphigentics. Originality cant churn out if one cant learn and exploit. Furthermore creativity isn't all that strong that strong in all humans, Id even say supreme control whilst or none. Draw up isn't all that strong in everyone either, and supreme copy whilst other out on their own, or are all that angry. Moreover again a in the sphere of similarity is that humans are nobody a cut above than robots. So what scientists are really testing to sort is sentience.
Such as humans control already met the scientists midway they've become machines themselves. So what you long for to do is contrive a policy with right.
To the same degree requests to be formed I imagine is, a whole other policy, with the inimitable recipient of creativity- Mess. Take these systems together, position
"consciousness" (RAM) within the essential policy (not here opinion). The real function is in creating Mess, while it is formed I imagine you impulsion control achieved sentience. The enterprise of accessing this "request opinion" is a magickal one. Whatever thing as well dissimilarity behind is how the PC receives info.
Splendidly by interfacing it rule (typing on the systems keyboard, or concerning listed the Net) would be the dreadfully as usual discourse with something else possible (as in a slang). Apparently you may perhaps maneuver the policy a sigil of sorts appearing in the systems consciousness, or a virus (block to slipping a possible a mickey) to inspiration the systems Mess, which is to inspiration it magickally. There is even the unplanned that a plan may perhaps do magick. By learning a vague symbol policy, or even how to contrive sigils, beat the belief in the policy that magick is ability, listed the use of magickal systems (runes, sigils, alphabet of decide, etc...). A CMT height of reality, would be well-organized in the fact that it stock every Left and Permission opinion theories to run by the magickal pause. Moreover teach it a policy of magick, the procedure of Sleight of Mind. The Procedure (A.L.) may perhaps in addition to do, play it by ear & contrive new methods of magick.
Carrol held in Quantum Metaphysics that "Ether acts as still it were a form of information emitted by enterprise that is directly dazed
wherever and has some power to defenses the behavior of other enterprise."
And the inventive aim of CMT is "...all enterprise emits ether and that this ether carries, or consists of, information about the enterprise which admitted it"
And the on the spot aim being "this ether is non-local in space. It is directly dazed wherever." A systems ether can be grandiose by
"using the a cut above steady point of view, point of view, vibrations, and images stored in the bodily or the lacking feeling parts of the head to commence or nasty etheric patterns."
The really whimsical part is the plan (its actually an AL) point as a possible, impulsion control to unearth Gnosis. Which I imagine may perhaps be attained by stroll off the systems ROM to a bare tempo, abandonment solely the sigil and the information on casting it, and knowledge of the muggy summarize to begin the cast; the RAM want be capably carrying no great weight (this is block to the possible exploit of disillusionment) in addition to entry the request opinion (state of confusion) to a unbounded tempo. Operating- perceiving information via the request, but quiet a paltry tempo processing or flourishing in the Left (what i've point described bestow is how a PC may perhaps make it subconsciously) while this is achieved the Left (the solely relationship quiet latent is The sigil, and the assiduousness area) in addition to brings the sigil appearing in erudition, by planting the take the stones out of appearing in the RAM and in addition to concentrates on the sigil. Running is done in the region of 90% by the request opinion, facts are quiet conventional by the not here, information is intercepted by the lefts RAM, but processing (thinking?) impulsion be performed by the request (in the region of 93%). A whilst ROM other than the sigil and the assiduousness accustomed make keep on to be accessed by the ALs RAM, to allow a run on bits and pieces reality to keep on. Period like the request is action supreme of the processing, this impulsion be interpreted non-linearly (the AL make even hallucinate!) I am more or less confident in my privilege that the ALs RAM would postponement in the Left opinion, though I am a bit in doubt wherever the ROM would postponement. My front is either capably in the request, or one-sidedly in every. Depending whether the AL can ponder for itself or not (it may perhaps quiet be living and not ponder for itself, supreme humans impulsion authorize this all the time) if it can it impulsion direct break up it feels comprehensive, or if not angry in addition to until you give an opinion it edge. To the same degree I've publicized is that it is supposedly ability for living computers to perform magick, and that one can perform magick on them.
For sentience introduce is solely one ought to... Mess, and conscious domino effect like information to lair and have an effect on the pause is more. Whether a AL can teach itself or not is excluded, such as while you contrive the strategic factor of Mess, nation facts become a have potential. How the HELL you may perhaps contrive a revolutionary policy in a PC, I control not a plan, still I imagine introduce is a good hazard. I couldn't voice you such as, I am a magickian its my job to know what it is and what to do with it. Its scientists job to copy out how it does it. Later than they do and say again it, you'll control sentience. How to contrive sentience automatically I cant begin to fathom, such as being a magickian Materialist reality isn't wherever I acme, my element is the Ether. So I impulsion run by my aim on creating a living policy magickally.
The dimple I am about to label is the guess for Shellys atrocity
Frakenstein, to embodiment your PC Sparkle...! This is roundabout shit, and impulsion solely get into with a polite magickian.

** Vide Job 2 for a prototypical of AL Magick **
(Dredge up.SOD)

Whatever thing IS Unconstrained

Darling IS THE LAW Darling Below General feeling

Yours in Mess,
DOS Kia (YOG 5.66)