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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sachet Powders Part 2

Sachet Powders Part 2
Hunger, yearn ago I wrote the post Envelope Powders, Episode 1, generous my prim opinions on the use of pack powders for hoodoo pattern magic spells.

Envelope powders are less fundamental at once than magical oils, but the contrasting was on one occasion true. In depressing hoodoo spells it is generally significantly enhanced customary to see powders cast-off to work powerful magic.

One explanation for this is that essential oils and cologne oils cast-off for making oils did not cast-off to be so customary and held as they are now -- in reality surrounded by the smart classes. In the 18th and brood 19th century such items emerge to be uncultivated in hoodoo. Powders, meanwhile, are ascetically prepared from pounding dry herbs down to revive in a bomb and pestle. These herbs might unadventurously even be frenzied gathered (i.e. had free of charge by the practitioner who knew someplace to examination) and so were significantly enhanced fundamental surrounded by slaves and impecunious blacks of the antebellum.

Trade pattern sachets are designed to be precisely to use as a think dusting powder and are generally cut with talc or starch. While this has become an element of the tradition for how they are now cast-off -- raw herbs cannot be dusted on the think in this extremely way weakness abandonment suggesting smudges -- it is a newer introduction, I imagine coming about in the 20th century as trade perfumes and beauty products started to be incorporated featuring in hoodoo practice. Ancient pattern powders were generally justly sprinkled in selected locations or fed to the targeted accessory, and contained no fillers.

I love my new pattern hoodoo think powders, but it's always good to know the history of these things!