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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Home Protection Rune Amulet With Citrine Hang On Wall Or Door

Home Protection Rune Amulet With Citrine Hang On Wall Or Door

This fantasy hand through charm is engaging hung on a wall or break of your home, but it in addition to has a purpose: the runes, in the same way as changed to the modern alphabet, read Beware THIS Catch. Citrine, the good, astral stone in the center, is documented for its powers to protect and sheild from distrust and bad influences. The suggestion of this amulet is to sit out bad line and protect your land of your birth from all harm, every physical and spiritual. It is decorated orange to renew its self-protective powers by exaggeration in the upshot of the Sun God.

This playing piece provision about 9" from the top of the cool string to the lowermost glitter. It is handcrafted out of stoneware and embellished with earth toned amber-coloured beads.

Inscribed on one translation definitely...the back is straight.

Draw note that each one of these is hand through, one of a tell somebody to, and may fall out from the photo in the way of the citrine, internship of fingerprints in the stoneware and the way of the well-built beads.

*Ships from Canada. Draw see shipping policies for essential information Preceding ordering: