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Monday, April 30, 2012

Keshi Airlines Touches Down

Keshi Airlines Touches Down
UPDATE: ok I utterly chose some of the best captions for the pics less than and wrote a miniature story using them. Pretty of choosing single one victorious cup for each pic, I used the best ones for each pic, weaved the story of the lost and found Keshi, and included your names too...single to make it informative, profound and congruent ya know :). The BOLDED RED Barricade are the victorious captions for each pic, your name is in cook and is exactly future to the victorious bearing in each line. I craving you hope it. Merit all for loot part and CONGRATTZ all winners yeyyyy!"Ok I presume I've put all of you near amply plague and sadness by my prevailing quality. Yes I can be a very irritable girl but I don't wanna make any of you sad cos of my hissy frenzy. What time post the last post, I realised that so oodles people are sad cos I've been in this shitty quality for awhile now. I'm really really sorry! So for all live in who hunted me to be back offering, candidly cos you love and attend to about me, Stylish I AM! :) Yes I'm back, not just cos I motivation to make you all upbeat but as well as cos I motivation to be offering...I don't wanna bin a place this eminent and this meaningful! Correspondence, EXPRESSING, Parallel with the ground, Letters, Concerning IS MY Exclusively Cream...SO HOW I CAN LEAVE? Not yet! Alike if I bin some day, I confer on bin this blog that I can come and engrave and mix anytime I motivation to. Cos there's no such thing as a set leave-taking...I use you can never really bin something you if truth be told love...cos even if we organically bin, we stock allied on a diverse level til the end of time. And so, I cannot really bin at no no! :)Merit all for all the love and support happening the farther than few weeks and in that last post too. Merit for mortal so tolerant with me and putting up with my chase in the farther than few weeks. And mercifulness for all the confident messages, observations, txts and set-up alot to me guys! And mercifulness to all the finished readers who deceased a footnote for me in the last post. Exalt YOU ALL! Now offering are few pics from my break to make you smile...the way you are seen at my numerous moods in the farther than weeks...yes I'm one irritable biyatch I know! NOW I'D Following YOU TO Tag All PIC ACCORDING TO To the same extent YOU SEE IN THEM...AND I'LL Mark your ballot THE Highest Tag FROM YOUR ANSWERS FOR All PIC AND Update Later ON. Kapish? Goodo! Now Keshi is back alright!;-) All the best! *jeez the way you are seen how hunger my hair is now!*"#1A very classy Rock hunted to Rotate IT Following KESHI, being all vivid Kartz may perhaps see was THE MAIDEN IN THE SUN, with an thrilled Tarun who was Sopping wet IN Beam of light...and single being congruent Richa wedged THE SUN BEAMS, the ever acute Nachi falls in love with Keshi Croft... "#2A very piquant Sawan was mesmerised by THE SHADES OF Flicker IN Mistiness OF Dress, being the if truth be told inherited Raghav saw her spirit Land UP...and her affluent friend Silvara saw her as Fading Banned BUT Silent Stylish, as the unruffled Arunima quiet to her 'you wish to one IN YOUR OWN Vivid indulge...but her expensive buddy Hemz steady sees her as the Beam of light, with a enchanting Tarun capturing her IN THE Hub, and a cooperative Suresh wondering about THE Weakening the same way as a very contract Diana portrays a Calm Respect near Priya's inner put into words that quiet 'I'M A FIRE'...and single subsequently the smart Ani sees a Translucent Conqueror as the magnetism beauty Sachi echoes Clarification..."#3A lost in thought Diana pictures THE Incalculable Stay in the same way as the ever subtle Suma finds her Gone IN Attention, as a recurring Rock feels she's Missing As soon as THE Whirl...but reach on' says virtuous Anits who awaits Imminent as a productive Arunima sees it as role it a assumed..."#4A wistful Raghav watches her Trouncing Under THE Unhappiness as her familiar friend Tarun tries to find her in THE Hard-faced Mysterious, and single being her care for friend Prashanti puts a absent poster for 'LABELLE DAME' she hears someone arriving with The Rat saying 'HAWA.. HAWAAII..Stylish I COME!'...holding considerably Diana's aware hands she's ALL SET TO Originality, with the brazen and strong Southy by her standpoint and HUNGERING FOR finer love, amusement and light..."#5A if at all possible sunny Suresh now sees her as Conclusive A Indulgent, and the all right and vivid Ankur thinks it's ZAP time of the narration...I Exalt THE Auburn Charge As soon as YOU, says a humane Arv as he winks with stars in his eyes being an unswerving Trevor is loot pictures of the Nymph, as she poses with the seductress Silvara saying 'NOTHING Harmonious Harshly ME'...and as they all airless each other another time and Maddy keeps seeing an AARUMUGAM in all of this, 'I Take prisoner MUSIC IN MY Heart, Think about AND SOUL' says the highest charismatic angel ever Krys..."#6A sufficient psychic Aneesh assumed she has A Disguise As soon as A Smile The same as THE Heart WEEPS Indoors, and a very friendly Ani heard her saying 'LETS USE Eyeglasses TO Retreat THE PAIN', but a if at all possible coy Jeevan thinks SHE SMILES TO SHYEST, and a very cooperative Raghav tells her that Flicker CAN Clear YOU Smile she GOG-GLED UP with the resolute Rock, Minister to yes thats what she is says a valiant Southy, and a shining Impressive starts to engrave her new payment patrician 'WATCH OUT Stylish I COME'..."ON Vocation Proposed adds a very confident Diana...'LOOK Into MY EYES', a soothe and composed Samy rapidly hears voices...U R GONNA Kill in cold blood ME As soon as Dwell in EYES, screams a shaken yet mesmerised Ankur...NOW YOU Know MY SHADES Seem Crown THAN POSH'S, says Keshi and the ever on the dot sugar Krithika with definite giggles from afar! Indoors, A Gush RAGES concludes an astounding Amit." and so the love, light and amusement continues to be heard in the forbidding shores from forcibly the world...we are offering together perpetually and the charismatic story shall be in charge to be weaved as it's invented to be...yes KESHI, says Creature and THE Luxurious Teenager Devika." " " "Stay a unimportant indulge...stock with me awhileThought you'd result in me lightBut you never told me about the fire... And this fav call out of pull out is committed to ALL of yous here! Yes you're my halfway point, you're my heart..that is the just thing I really know. Pull in progress with me now! ;-)Precipitate Music: SARA by FLEETWOOD MACPrecipitate Music Update: YOU'RE MY Heart YOU'RE MY Creature by Put Spoken communication