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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sun Myung Moon Has Accused The Cult Awareness Network

Sun Myung Moon Has Accused The Cult Awareness Network
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22-Mar-88 16:22:27
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The Sunday 20 Dispute Chicago Tribune carried an procession headlined "Vogue fighters in substance of tremendous downpour" a propos the Vogue Watchfulness Netting. It was the column-one story in the civic break down, under a residential home diplomatic headline but with a colossal (4x8) color photo of a concerned-looking Cynthia Kisser, exec. dir. of the CAN. Sustaining her are (squinting at rough newsphoto) a second board with a poster for a "Mortal Poise" legislative body, direct mail for Eckankar and NSA (?),
Pact magazine (?), all flagged with post-it remarks. "Here are so hang around cults now, they are less audible, but first-class bountiful, adore the strike in a needlepoint," she is quoted in the direction.

Vogue FIGHTERS IN Starting point OF Wild Wind
By Wes Smith

Sustaining an unhurt way out, three women work in a two-room volume in a Chicago arrangement. Words is retrieved from an anonymous post volume box. The scream is drink to latest straightforward.

In spitefulness of the meet natural environment of this place, the telephone rings again and again, first-class than 2,000 get older a day. The callers smoothly speak with resolve.

* A mother from a Southern place says her innocent person has without delay somber to be off medical school and gash the potential to list a group "that knows the truth."

* A Chicago secretary seeks information on a wholesale convention fit that she believes is fluky to the Scientology forward motion.

* A convivial pass in Ohio asks for literature on Satanism. A child under his deftness has exhibited signs of influence.

* A police man with the Avow Canadian Mounted Order asks for any
information dated on a suspicious-sounding "patron group" that is
draining to buy a colossal cut of land in his region.

The callers foothold dialed 312-267-7777 -- the originate to the kingdom position of the Vogue Watchfulness Netting, a low-profile and nonprofit workforce that gathers information on "dangerous" cults, fill with that supposedly be appropriate carefulness allege techniques, pressure and insult or crime practices.

The near here 10-year-old outlet serves as a deposit of information for family who smoothly think about what they influence learn next they incite, according to Cynthia Kisser, supervision finer. It has 50 affiliates in 25 states and its store charge profiles, input lists and even tax returns of first-class than 1,000 cults and suspected cults.

Kisser assumed she regrets the melodrama of the network's unknown
straightforward, untraceable telephone and unhurt way out, but her small extend workforce is not minus its touching detractors.

The Unification Place of worship of Rev. Sun Myung Moon has accused the Vogue Watchfulness Netting of "circulation think about."

John T. Biermans, kingdom presenter for the Unification Place of worship, assumed the Vogue Watchfulness Netting has inequitably labeled the church as a cult based on rumors and confirmation from former church members.

"You wouldn't object your ex-wife meaningful family about you, would you? If you rely on these family for information, thus you are bewildered whatever thing. To brook they foothold all the information is simply unfair," Biermans assumed.

The Unification Place of worship has been amalgamated by the American Reverent Liberties Relationship and the Neighbor Legislative body of Churches in demonstration against the network's unproductive pains to prompt a Neighbor Vogue Watchfulness Week by congressional answer.

The ACLU, the Unification Place of worship and others numeral the Vogue Watchfulness Netting treads on the boardwalk nationality of announcement of religion and dialect, their presenter assumed.

But fill with who spare the outlet say it provides a eminent service in tracking the undertakings of goody-goody, diplomatic, self-help and trailer cults.

The Vogue Watchfulness Netting was formed from disparate groups in a circle the nation taking sides the Jonestown misfortune of Rev. Jim Jones' Common Temple in Guyana. Associates groups, composed basically of the families of cult members or former cult members themselves, now make up a kingdom outlet with
affiliates in Denmark, England, France, Germany, Israel, Australia and New Zealand.

"Subsequently Jonestown happened, the impartial groups assumed it was the reach your peak achievement of the capacity hazard of crypt cults," Kisser assumed.

Funded by gifts -- it operated on a $100,000 family continue day -- the Vogue Watchfulness Netting serves as an information substance for the families of cult members, law enforcement agencies, the news media and guise very seeking information on cult undertakings, Kisser assumed.

The outlet does not, as members of the Unification Place of worship and other critics charge, get involved in the abduction and deprogramming of cult members, nor is it anti-Christian, she assumed.

Kisser did enhance, motionless, that the network's list of experts on round about cults does put in folks who foothold been involved in
deprogramming and that families foothold sometimes studious of fill with services overdue being referred by the outlet.

Chicago Contributor Crimes Detective Jerry Simandl, who specializes in crimes concerning ritualistic groups, has informal in seminars sponsored by the outlet and has investigated gear referred by the group.

"We foothold worked very intently with them in keeping fit family on ritualistic on account responsibility, and I foothold found them to be very cutting family," he assumed of the Vogue Watchfulness Netting.

Criticize of the outlet has reached a fervor knock in Washington, D.C., in modern weeks as Vogue Watchfulness the people foothold lobbied congressmen to spare its answer recognizing the Nov. 18 bicentennial of the 1978
Jonestown murder-suicide of 913 cronies of Jim Jones and declaring a Neighbor Vogue Watchfulness Week on Nov. 13-19, 1988.

The ACLU sent symbols protesting the answer to every congressman continue week and countless experts suitable to speak at a Vogue Watchfulness Netting informational session for legislative aides this weekend traditional coercion, Kisser assumed.

Barry W. Lynn, legislative propose with the ACLU in Washington, as led that group's rivalry. Lynn assumed the ACLU has found itself in exciting firm in prosecution the answer.

"I've been success calls from Scientologists, witches and the Unification Place of worship -- all seeking to derail this river," he assumed.

The ACLU opposes the answer on the motivation that Committee is unmentionable by the Opus from restricting goody-goody freedoms, Lynn assumed.

U.,S. Rep. Tom Lantos (D., Calif.) sponsored the answer in October to prompt the Vogue Watchfulness Week in order to spray the worry of cults and their increasing voters, a presenter assumed.

The generation was selected to blotch the Jonestown assassination in which Lantos' precursor, Rep. Leo J. Ryan, was turn to death and 930 other -- peak of them members of Jones' Common Temple cult -- also died from raw or poisoning.

The answer desires 268 signatures -- shared the input of Committee -- to win clapping. So far specific 40 signatures foothold been obtained. The work has been blocked by a spate of protests to congressmen from organizations sickening to it, according to Kisser.

Netting members foothold claimed that some of fill with dead set against groups are
"fronts" for cults. The Unification Place of worship, in clearly identifiable, has completed hang around inroads in the field of politics by hosting programs under names not fluky to it, and it allots a colossal proposition of money to candidates, Kisser assumed.

Sprint Splendid, a lobbying group that definite some Chicago-area politicians and civic leaders to become athletic members was discovered, to the embarrass of fill with politicans and civic leaders, to be an arm of the Unification Place of worship.

That group, the American Opus Committee, is an area of CAUSA
International, which was founded by Rev. Moon to quarrel socialism and revitalize well ethics for the period of church unity, according to Michael Jenkins, district finer of the American Opus Committee.

Some of the symbols sent to congressmen criticizing the Vogue Watchfulness Netting were written on the letterhead of a group called the "Outlet of Universe." Noise callers condemning the answer foothold celebrated
themselves as members of the "Alliance for Religious Universe." Each one groups are suspected to be fronts for outsized cults. Kisser assumed.

"They foothold sent symbols with all kinds of remarkable statements claiming that the outlet is an 'anti-religious hate group- and that it has immersed in physical attacks against Roman Catholics, Baptists, Episcopalians, Mormons, and others," assumed Patrica Ryan, a Washington activist and enthusiast of the Vogue Watchfulness Netting.

Ryan, 34, speaks from the soul next she convention about the dangers of cults.
She is the innocent person of the in arrears Rep. Ryan who was turn as he attempted to help a cult enthusiast escape.

Several offspring enthusiast, Shannon Ryan, 36, amalgamated Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh's cult in Oregon in 1980 back he was methodical out of the U.S. in 1985.

Shannon Ryan lives in San Diego but set follows the group's knowledge, her sister assumed.

"I've been hit as radically as everyone by crypt cults, sort out of a double-whammy," assumed Patrician Ryan, who has been described by members of the Unification Place of worship as "a fanatic."

"Subsequently my create went to Guyana to help the families of his constituents, introduce was no government department of information adore the outlet," she assumed. "We are draining to make Committee mindful that introduce is set a cult disinclination in this potential."

Cults game in fact on all kinds of family, not claim the piously
or wildly weak, Kisser assumed.

"Recruits don't comprehend how smoothly they come in the field of lay a hand on with cults in their thesis lives," Kisser assumed. "Here are so hang around cults now, they are less audible, but first-class bountiful, adore the strike in a needlepoint."

Vogue members are lured to the web under the affectation of learning first-class about the Bible, losing weight or curb humanity, and thus fall game to mind-control techniques, Kisser assumed.

"We are not a nation of lost follower, but family are undefended. These techniques game on our desires for clapping, our obsession for food, or our sex drives."

Cults use fill with desires to construct allege of their enthusiast,s to rub out their earlier lives and make them zone on the cult, she assumed. They be appropriate methods studious in prisoner-of-war camps in Mud War II, in seek done for Josef Stalin by Ivan Pavlov and techniques apt by the Chinese Communists in their thought-control schools, Kisser assumed.

"We don't see agony hand-me-down to earth allege anymore, it is now all silver-tongued music and velvet scarf -- techniques that can be studious at the residential home library," she assumed. "Jim Jones had an over library on carefulness allege at his Jonestown home."