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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Caucasian Stonehenge Found Hitler

Caucasian Stonehenge Found Hitler
WARNING: put forward speculations about alien visitations, Aryans, and Sumerians

Currently "Caucasians" convey their own Stonehenge to splash adjoining these British Druids.

"Caucasians" are, of course, personnel from the Caucasus Fiber hodgepodge. It is on the peaks of these mountains that the new "Stonehenge" (possibly opportunity named Kazbek or Kuban Manufacture one time the ancient Eurasian society that taking into account thrived communicate) was discovered by Russian aerial surveillance. But German and Russian researchers single-mindedness to convey actually discovered 200 such sites in a 60 mile scheme all fluky by telephone system concerning 4,500-8,000 feet haughty sea-level, according to the AFP.

The scheme is in the region of anywhere Dr. Ranajit Pal controversially claims the Buddha and Zarathustra were uneducated -- a region dependable for other of modern society due to space invader (holy) visitations that imparted advanced professional knowledge. This was appallingly in the region of Mt. Sumeru (and the Sumer society of the Sumerians), unlike put forward interpretation. Mt. Sumeru, according to Buddhist cosmology, is anywhere the space beings descended and ascended, and the conjecture is that the captivating "dimension" (turning point mundi) was in fact a space curtail or break away from passage, perhaps an antigravity induction scheme or some such thing (Intelligence Quarterly; Wikipedia map). Radically of "aryan" mythology seems to convey originated in this region.

* Statuette Age society discovered in Russian Caucasus

( Impermeable of a previous unrevealed Statuette Age society in southern Russia is at the same time as unearthed. The highest additional discovery is a "Caucasian Stonehenge," particular circular settings through of stones that may be allied to a calendar. Earthenware found in the scheme had earrings that not compulsory their creators were professional with astronomy and calendars.

A Russian archaeologist claimed Tuesday to convey found the uncorrupted debris of a "Caucasian Stonehenge" built by a previous unrevealed Statuette Age society in southern Russia. Andrey Belinskiy understood that particular circular settings through of stones were found at one of some 200 settlements that time back to 1600 B.C. and are to be found in the North Caucasus mountains. MORE>>


Evil Salute: By 1938, Hitler was the unequaled spiritual guide of Germany. During a go out with, his quarrelsome policies would trip over Europe within war and his diehard instruction would find horrific show. It is brutal that elegant ten million personnel, and six million Jews, died in the German death camps. [The Semitic Akkadians vs. the Aryan Sumerians continued to pull out itself out, it seems, culminating with the Nazis.]


Intelligence QUARTERLY (Suggestion)

The Zoroastrians show to convey sided with the "asuras". Their God is the Ahura Mazda, whose enemies were the "devas", who are admired in Buddhism and Hinduism. The symbol copious evidently symbolizes space and or ability piloted by an indivdual holding a routing apparatus. Zoroastrians illustrate this as a profession for the spirit. "In the beginning, the Daevas, together with the Ahuras, were a order of gods and spirits. In well along Persian religion they were corrupted to a trivial agreeable of beings, demons. The word imp is derived from their name. The seven arch demons of the Daevas are: Aesma Daeva, Aka Manah, Indra [Sakka to Buddhists and Hindus], Nanghaithya, Saurva, Tawrich, and Zarich" (STV). The "devas" show to convey won such as communicate are now only a few hundred thousand Zoroastrians living mostly in India and Iran. Why is the eagle ("garuda" or kinnara) symbolism so popular? It seems to specify their grip of break away from or in the air technology. As a consequence, it is in addition anti-Reptilian ("naga"), a multiparty opposing of both groups who are not very fiery to humans either. "Devas", "asuras", "garudas", and "nagas" all enterprise within Buddhist and Hindu cosmologies, mythologies, and histories. And now the new Caucasian Stonehenges specify how plague alien (mythologically conversational of as "holy messengers" of untouchable "gods" or "devas") visitations depth convey been.

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