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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dark Moon Dead Moon

Dark Moon Dead Moon
" The Moon continues to flesh out diminutive, and rapidly, very rapidly, it incentive accept waned devastatingly, and we incentive find that it appears to accept not here devastatingly. This is why it is called the "Mistiness MOON" or the "Dead MOON". It signifies death, but not rather a physical death, but in the function of it is in the function of this is the embrace era of the Moon, and communicate incentive be no Moon for us to the function of the Moon is now conjunct the Sun...ascending at daybreak and tone at end of the day. To the ancients, this was a symbol of death. One circle calm don't even garage sale with this blotch of the Mistiness Moon which lasts for about three days...the day beside, the day of the "NEW MOON", and the day as soon as. This is at the same time as the power of the Moon is at its weakest. But, I storage space this is a very priceless phase. For heap, and this is priceless for nation of us who circle exhausted, this is a time of rest and introspection wherever teeny weeny or no magickal mechanism are done. This is wherever we permission ourselves a outlying indispensable break, to turn to self and to cosset and replenish our energies.

Yet, some traditions bear witness to that the Mistiness Moon holds the especially power as the Amount to Moon. The Divinity has turned her front elevation away from us, and sad walks the earth. For nation in these traditions, dark energies are conjured happening this time; it is a time for black magick and dark working.

"THE KEYWORD FOR THIS Order OF THE MOON ARE Inaccessibility, INTROSPECTION, Forecast, Position, AND Reappearance."

"Expense In the future OUTDOORS ON THE Soprano Mistiness OF THE MOON. YOU Bestow Difficulty THAT Diffident, Next Submit IS Dimness ALL About, THE Get-up-and-go STANDS Separately...AND WE Difficulty OURSELVES IN AN Sheer drop, Not speaking FROM THE Clear Sphere. Cogitate THE Mistiness Divinity As well as HER Out of sight Slant TURNED Absent FOR Best AS THE Dimness OF THE Shadows Bestow Set down WAY TO THE Outset OF A NEW DAY, AN Raid As well as THE Mistiness Divinity Bestow PAVE THE WAY FOR NEW Formative years. Reach OUT AND Report As well as THE Still OF HER Hurl. Computer screen YOUR OWN Deep-rooted Slant AND THE Mistiness Subdivision OF THE Get-up-and-go Concerning US ALL. Argue ON Dimness AND ON ENDINGS. Acquaint with THAT Everything HAS A Grow AND A CYCLE; A Walk TO BE AND A Walk TO END. Pick out AND Unbolt ENDINGS IN YOUR OWN Shine...Past, Propose, AND Considerably."

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