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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Witnesses Mormons Masons And More

Witnesses Mormons Masons And More

The institution of the Combined States went defeat with the formation of heaps new denominations and cults run by the awfully genus. I tendency let somebody have an argue from a fundamentalist type of site that seems to rival Luciferianism with Satanism. This is a grassroots embarrassment. Heliopolitanism or a science of the Vocal of Moist is what the Druids arduous and the Masons are lesser from this sun (light therefrom and the Transit of Venus that tells us a lot about the sun) veneration which too allows genus to stand of it in but of for instance the outcome of God. We are with conviction all part of God as John 10:34 does echo. I let somebody have this extract from the work of Fritz Springmeyer so that my readers tendency see luxury of what I extension in heaps books as I make plain how the unique go through used all practicable tools of outgoing engineering to get their form of management in place. This is not to wretched that I am hideous to a one world management. I just want it to be sorted out.

"Freemasonry subsequently teaches genus about the symbology of the mystery religions. The lodges bring in female Superior slaves for some of their Egyptian magic rituals. If the reader were to get up in the daylight and your mother, sister, and brother were in the kitchen and held that your mother had just drank a cup of bronzed, you would be ingenious to verify from their faces if they were telling the truth, and you would know that your mother had drank a cup of bronzed. This is the way it is for us.

We know these witnesses know the truth, and we know they are not making it up. But if genus don't begin to have that, subsequently they poverty to go make use of up their own witnesses, and attempt their own smokescreen in accomplishment the contacting. The substance we presented participating in is not simple work. As pearls of fullness, we daydream that this survey is not active and unrestricted to become pearls firm to thug. At the same time as Billy Graham is such a key being for the Illuminati and the Satanic stratagem to bring in the Anti-Christ and the One-World-Religion, key parts of Graham's life go through been intentionally indirect, The same as he related the masonic part c. 1948, they intentionally held in reserve his connection luxury secret than others. Why?

They are secret about their connection in indiscriminate, but even luxury so if the being is a key Illuminatus and a big key to their accounting as the crow flies, This is why they go through held in reserve the connection of Charles T. Russell, founder of the Watchtower Business calming. This is why they conform to the memberships of the Mormon prophets secret, It has been a steadfast order by the Masonic Company to conform to these key amateur connection very calming. It would be far-flung easier if we had a connection procedure, but for genus who don't want to begin to have no tab of justification would suffice.

In but of a paper happen next we go through the following: Billy Graham's books habitually downgrade to basically truthful Masons. Billy Graham attributed the Masonic DeMolay prove for minor-league as God's work. This help by Billy Graham is in a Masonic book that is used to order genus about "the craft" (that source Freemasonry). That book is "The Clergy and the Cruiser" and it says that the genus who are quoted in it are Masons. (See Oppressed, Forrest D. Connections Missouri Company of Dip into, Vol. No. 27, The Clergy and the Cruiser, p. 127. where Graham endorses the Masonic minor-league prove.)

In but of witnesses who go through put what they go through witnessed in speech we go through the following: Jim Shaw, ex-33^0 Mason -- the acme repute Freemason to break to Christianity, writes about Billy Graham for instance at his 33^0 initiation territory. Huntington Hut refused to print his book co-authored with Tom McKenney unless they took out Billy Graham's name on pg. 104, and substituted a indiscriminate pigeonholing. (See THE Wearying Falsehood, p. 104-105.) Very soon Freemasons are unrestricted to dole out these initiations. (See The New Age, the precise part of The Unsurpassed Senate 33^0. Scrub., D.C., October 1961, p. 30.) Reliable Christians go through tried every thing in their motivation to get round about Jim Shaw's statement. And the Masonic Company are now claiming that he wasn't a 33^0 Freemason. Represent is no have doubts about that he was a 33^0 Mason.


That have to speak volumes to everyone who has understanding of the Illuminati pyramid power hold up and the most powerful Merovingian blood line of the Splendid Semi-detached.

In the same way as we are seeing is how foremost it is to the Illuminati to conform to Billy Graham's connection secret. Original, Dr. Morey who wrote a book on Freemasonry told me smooth the give a call that Billy Graham was a 33^0 Freemason and that he had reasonable his connection keep a note in his hand in the library of the Hut of the Temple, which is where the Unsurpassed Senate of the 33^0 has their job. Still, now he denies it and says that he truthful was told by the librarians that the keep a note existed, but that he didn't keep an eye on the connection keep a note. He wrote a memorandum to Christian Tidings to the editor which was printed. At lowest, his memorandum to the editor of Christian Tidings says that the Scottish Performance go through a Billy Graham keep a note.

William M. Watson--DIRECTOR OF THE BILLY GRAHAM EVANGELISTIC Business, he is a Freemason, and he is too Have control over of Occidental Petroleum Dealings. Chairman of Occidental was Armand Squash. Watson is too a aficionada of the appearance caucus of the Masonic run Baylor Academic circles. Baylor Academic circles has participated in the mind-control, (See too the have an effect of Baylor Academic circles in Be Smart As Serpents.) He too was a aficionada of the instructive caucus to the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Avail yourself of which had at lowest three Freemasons on its board of trustees, and pure luxury.

David M. McConnell--DIRECTOR OF THE BILLY GRAHAM EVANGELISTIC Business, he is a Freemason, He was too U.S. assign to the Combined Nations (1968-69), organization subordinate with Illuminatus Charles Gambrell, in Belk Supplies of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Arthur Lee Malory--CO-CHAIRMAN of the BILLY GRAHAM Propel Explicatory Expenses for the 1973 St. Louis Propel -- 32^0 Freemason, deacon in the So. Bapt. Place of worship.

Who are some of the best ministers that had worked with 33^0 Freemason Billy Graham smooth the years? Billy Graham has helped set up other 33^0 Masons in ministry. Billy Graham has located his publish of praise on something like every celebrated fugitive Christian out offer. The same as Billy Graham had a wage war in Japan, the Japanese vicar that he had up on the stage was a celebrated vastly generous Christian. A shipshape Japanese was astonished. Billy Graham is too endorsing heaps of the books, and ministries of these apostates. Reliable of the three major ministers in the protestant world, Robert Schuller, Norman Vincent Peale, and Traditional Roberts are all 33^0 Masonic brothers of 33^0 Freemason Billy Graham. (See Roberts, Traditional. Amazing thing of Pit Comfort, p.9.) Billy Graham has helped each of these brothers with their ministries. Robert Schuller educated values of church disease to Lucidity Instructor in Kansas Inner-city. A Christian, who used to be on staff offer, held that Robert Schuller was very well discerning that Luciferian Initiations were leave-taking on at the school and that he didn't thinker. Robert Schuller, 33^0 Freemason, was helped wearing ministry by Billy Graham. Schuller too participates in the Superior prove and is too serviced by Superior slaves.

Norman Vincent Peale's form of Christianity called sympathetic lost in thought is actually truthful white witchcraft with keep pace with names. Peale lately is a "Christian" witch. Norman Vincent Peale, 33^0 Freemason, his church stem the deceased of genus who came forward at the NY Propel. Norman Vincent Peale is a 6^0 Illuminatus (Pilgrim Business), and a 33^0 Freemason. In the magazine Soothsayer Version of San Francisco Peale says of occultist Kreskin, All he's accomplishment is dramatizing what I've been preaching in my speech for years. Norman Vincent Peale tiller the approx. 200 million Presbyterian Minister's Pot. He lofty the 25th local holiday of the Combined Nations. He was the keynote conversationalist at the wedding anniversary of the at the back Mormon interpreter Spencer W. Kimball (a secret Mason).

Peale praised Kimball as a true interpreter of God, and a significant man of God. Peale practices witchcraft, and palms it off on unsuspecting Christians under keep pace with requisites. The imitation unity advance which is so strong today, requirements to partner the flawless Christian with the likes of Norman Vincent Peale. Peale is a good friend of Billy Graham, and Billy Graham referred the prevalent numeral of new converts of the NY Billy Graham Propel to Peale's church. Traditional Roberts, 33^0 Freemason, helped wearing ministry by his masonic brother Billy Graham. Traditional Roberts has been seen by witnesses participating in SRA and Mind-control. Traditional Roberts Academic circles and the pretty advance is dissimilar foremost accounting front. The Charismatic advance has been infiltrated by multiples bearing in mind day-one. The history of the invasion is ample. Traditional Roberts had cherokee blood, According to some stuff that Traditional Roberts has held, some Christians stand that he received his healing powers from an old Indian who healed him and indian shamanism in the function of Traditional was emerald.

At era, Traditional does use the awfully methods that spirit mediums use to heal with. According to slaves who go through been deprogrammed, they were in satanic rituals with Traditional Roberts. Christian ministers, who go through participated in his ministry are saying that they go through seen large deceive in his healing ministry. His the academy is for instance used as a symbols origin. His basketball run at one time had Superior slaves playing on it. We do not know if they drawn do. Numb the prayer enlargement is one of the symbols sites. Billy Graham, a handler himself, helped outset Traditional Roberts Academic circles, and is a friend of Traditional Roberts. From the Illuminati's blunt of view Tulsa is the Custodian Inner-city of Apollo. The Inner-city of Comfort is to be the origin for healing from AEsculapius, a demon parallel to Apollo. celebrate to the Better part Hermeticum and the writing implement of a inform on Moist or Heliopolitanism.} While portraying themselves as Christians, infiltrators within the pretty advance are rapture out satanic rituals to get demonic healing powers. Tulsa is one of, if the strategic origin for the survey to breach Christianity via the Charismatic/Pentecostal advance with set multiples.

G. Bromley Oxnam, 33 ^0 Freemason, was head of the FCC churches, organization friend of Billy Graham, G. Bromley Oxnam has a want history to him of working for the unique, inquisitive readers can fine up his story in Be Smart As Serpents in the chapter that goes wearing the enumeration about how the Christian churches were in order by the FCC and WCC for the Illuminati.

The NWO is acute the churches via the Grub Stewardship Hum. An stab was through at Rio de Janeiro to get an Grub Charter but offer wasn't stacks time, their were plenty of N.O.G. delegates and just in indiscriminate plenty of genus to make plans for (4,000 attended). Substitute Grub Acme was promised, but more accurately they powerful at the end of Sept/Oct of '95 to go through a Put down of the Construction Consultation to be reasonable by/sponsored by the Gorbachev Elementary at the Presidio, CA. The ex-head of the KGB, Gorbachev is now headquartered in the Presideo, a substantial mind-control symbols site. Christian basher Ted Turner was the chairman of the meeting. The deficiency was 5,000 per being and the invitations went out to truthful partition genus. Represent were 100 handpicked politicians who received invitations, defeat with Billy Graham and Blood relation Teresa. This was corresponding with the 50th local holiday of the UN which was for instance lofty all smooth the world." (8)

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