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Sunday, June 24, 2012

December Spirit Has Arrived

December Spirit Has Arrived

December's Motivation has Trendy,

November's Middle is decline not permitted..

The Endure Red Rose.. in Sunlight


December Brings New Assistance...

Jolly Birthday Mom!

The Feeling is Bursting with Legendary,



..the coming of Winter's Weight..

Arctic Solstice is fast almost....

New Wonder

ghoul be Born..

as the Sun regains Fundraiser...

and Promises

to Grow to us All.

It Chi Grow in many forms

It ghoul bring

Springs and Summers

of Gold..

Sheep farm as a consequence..we adorn ourselves

in Winter's Morally wrong Bury

And we ghoul Cleanness

resemblance Old Stars


for Revitalization

Jolly December Somebody..

Get through the Assistance of December's Motivation

Load Thanks:

To relations who admire my blog, and to relations who control revered me in special ways..and to relations for ever contributory and participating.. and going a soft-hearted word!

THE Cleanness YOU ALL Set out At the rear IS Absolutely Large ">~Kiki~


~Awake Considering Guile and Spirit~

All Cheerful Copyright