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Friday, June 29, 2012

The Ancient Secret Of Power

The Ancient Secret Of Power
ANCIENT MYSTERIES - The ancient Greek Titan Prometheus is known for stealing fire from the Gods. With this act he challenged or threatened the power of the established Gods and he was most cruelly punished for doing so. Prometheus was nailed to the Caucasus Mountains. An eagle or vulture came by every day to eat his liver. This ordeal ever ended, because his liver grew back every night.

The oldest written version of the Greek legend of Prometheus dates from the eighth century BC, but the actual story must be much older. In fact, parallel stories of some bold man or creature stealing fire from the ruling powers are found in many ancient cultures. Often this is followed by some form of punishment for either the perpetrator or for mankind.

Surely, ancient peoples realized that fire was a powerful and mysterious element, to be used for good or evil. Man still cannot always be trusted to put it to good use. But is that what the ancient Gods were so afraid of? Apparently, if ordinary humans - in most cultures considered to be made from clay - got their hands on this 'fire', they could threaten the power of the Gods on earth! Could it be that fire was a symbol for some other power or technology, something so sophisticated that it could only or should only be used by wise and powerful Gods?

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