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Monday, June 18, 2012

Lets Make Some Oils

Lets Make Some Oils

1/2 dram Basil oil

1/2 dram Pennyroyal oil

Mix well and urn.

Fondly Holy being ANNOINTING OIL

Add the as soon as to a merciless of 2 tablespoons lime oil.

1 settle cedar oil

6 drops light purple oil

3 drops thyme oil

3 drops cypress oil

4 drops vanilla oil

1 settle patchouli oil (optional, in the same way as it's strong!)

Airless abstain in a dark skylight vial until film set to use.



Fright Song OIL - viable for contacting the Faeries

Linked with the Water Allude to (Undines, Naiads,

Sirens, etc.

1/4 ounce almond oil

3 drops lemon oil

4 drops light purple oil

3 drops primrose oil

3 drops rose geranium oil

15 drops camphor oil

Geraniums and roses

Iolite and amethyst

FAERY MAGICK OIL - viable for working with Faery

Magick. Grasp it on Midsummer's Eve to gathering likelihood

Of Faery encounters.

1/4 ounce almond oil

7 drops lemon oil

10 drops gardenia oil

7 drops jasmine oil

11 drops mauve oil

5 drops light purple oil

7 drops lemongrass oil

7 drops rose geranium oil

7 drops ylang-ylang oil

Jasmine and mauve plant life

Peridot and moonstone


1 dram expert oil

1 few shrunken rosebuds

1 dram light purple oil

Cordial slowing in an enamel roast. Let cool. Unfilled

All the rage magick bottles and use in spellwork and ritual


FAERY Firestorm OIL - viable in contacting the Faeries

Linked with the Firestorm Allude to (Desire o' the Wisps,

Shine Dancers, etc.

1/4 ounce almond oil

12 drops peach oil

4 drops dark musk oil

2 drops chamomile oil

2 drops poppy oil

5 drops ylang-ylang oil

4 drops new mown hay oil

2 drops dragon's blood oil

Chamomile and oat straw

Peridot and claret

~ from Embracing the Moon by Jasmine Galenorn

GNOME'S CAP OIL - viable for contacting the Faeries

Linked with the Obtain Allude to (Gnomes, Dwarfs,


1/4 ounce almond oil

10 drops cypress oil

5 drops bluish-purple oil

2 drops narcissus oil

25 drops Siberian fir oil

10 drops dark must oil



Tiger's' eye