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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Invokation To The Goddess

Invokation To The Goddess
Pet is the mistress of the velvet night

The velvet night is bejewelled with stars

The stars are the pearls of the oceanic low

The oceanic low is thy sphinx-like realm

Thy sphinx-like realm is full of the bounties of mystery and spirit

Fundamental is called by the tides

The tides are the silvered light of thy high-ranking look onto

Turn your stomach unclearness popular light

By the developing of the silvered moon

We call to thee Noble of the rivers and streams

We call to thee from unending lot and sacred pools

Noble of the tides, of the cycles of life

Close relative, Emperor and follower of the lord of the sun

We call to thee

Silvered one, loose-fitting one

We Perform tricks thee!

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