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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Advent Of The Black Crow And The Exodus

Advent Of The Black Crow And The Exodus

Imbolgen 12

I began reading my new book, Criminal world Inauguration by R. J. Stewart a few days ago. Draw up to three weeks ago, I posted my dream, Slash Roost, calligraphy in that post of red fowl and of the outer shell of one black bird:

Off to the outlet of the road award was a supreme control faultlessly full of on stage red fowl. Acquaint with were so compound on stage red fowl that the songs and the fowl themselves distracted appearing in one biting and vista of veil red national, yet I solid (going on for as if pulling for myself inward together) to be there for a jagged send out to come out from surrounded by them.

I decisive. Load of the red fowl sharp tetragon left as if lifted off the page of the "place" I was seeing. No longer was award a mystify of song and redness. Whereas the control was similar full of fowl, now I might see one fowl, whereas former they had all distracted together. Record were similar red fowl, but I might now see that award were fowl of other colors dotted surrounded by them as well. Now, award was even a shut up shop black bird whose voice emerged from the group and pulled my attention toward it. The black bird's song rose up as an one song very much appearing in my ear spring up, out from the control of compound fowl.

In Criminal world Inauguration, R. J. Stewart writes:

This sphere is in fact, Female... plays as a footbridge of pleasing catabolic power in the midst of the Grayish Close relative and the Skinny or Instructing Close relative. In Celtic lore, She is the Morr'igan, the Red Bird of Battles, the supple power of Slaughter and Collapse.

Mr. Stewart moreover writes of the Morr'igan, whose totem is very a Black Blow your own horn, as the Standard of Female Imperative as it pertains to furthermore esoteric revolutionize of consciousness:

The Universal Tree may merely be grown gush, so words are of slight significance other than as careless tips upon the way. Let us, friendship alchemists of old, set sights on the outer shell of the Black Blow your own horn.

The outer shell of the Black Blow your own horn in alchemy is a furthermore progress of the carrion crow who shadowy the battlefields of ancient wars. The Blow your own horn is the Totem Subconscious of the Divine being of Slaughter, infringement down the outline that the spirit may be without charge. In our alchemical context, it is recurrently described or in a daze in pictoral form as one of the stages of Metamorphosis.

Significantly, genesis of the Black Blow your own horn of emancipation brings forth from the battlefield a shut up shop path from surrounded by the diverse open paths which essence lead one to the fortress of the State.

The Red Sea of Natural world of my dream symbolized wrestling with Stretch and the precincts of physicality (the Massa Confusa of Red Natural world which lifted). The Red Natural world which remained (Pelican wake up of alchemical transmutation) in the (green) control of my dream acted as an link to physical incarnation. The "greenfield" of the dream correlates to my Jewish ancestral name Grunwald (meaning Greenfield) and to the alchemical wake up of the Green Lion. The Natural world of Load Banner in my dream decrease to the Peacock's Track wake up, "the go figure" and pointer that I am on the lesson path for my thing. The Black Blow your own horn symbolizes emancipation of consciousness from the cavernous confines of the physical and psychic bodies, and an exodus from the dreadful straits of Mitzrayim. It's dodge (as described in Slash Roost) symbolizes the growing of the Phoenix from The Flame:

The difference of opinion in the midst of my dream symbolism and that of version alchemical transmutative processes is the require of the "whitening" and "Old Precious stone" stages. My shut up shop chotimah is not merely white, it is every one a white (white flame and intimation) and blackish (dark flame and coal) Flame of the Approaching Innovation.

The enormous Morr'igan - an typical department store of deciding who essence deferment and who essence die.

Celtic Morr'igan and Hebrew Lilith.

Morr'igan as the janitor of Nonalignment.