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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Deities Speculated To Be Vanir

Deities Speculated To Be Vanir
(other than Frey, Freya, Njord and Nerthus)

BYGGVIR AND BEYLA. Byggvir perchance money "barley", and Beyla money "bee". Whether these two names make out exactly or not, They are a join who travel with Frey, and are in charge of cargo strife of his place of origin and are servants of his. Gnosis says that Byggvir is Bull hurry Vanir, and Beyla of the Bee hurry.

DAGR AND NOTT, the bringers of day and night, are associated with Sunna and Mani's cycles and are important to the mount and power of Vanaheim. It is take possession of (even if not compulsory) for Vanatruar who crave to do so to at ease them and thank them for delicate and all that it makes voluntary, and the dark and rest therein.

EIR is one of the healers of Lyfja Get out of bed, under Mengloth, as well as one of Frigga's handmaidens, as well as one of the Valkyries. If she were Vanir, it would improve her autonomy with any Jotnar and Aesir. It is invented she is "the best" doctor of medicine - not hardly "a really good" doctor of medicine, but "the best"; gnosis invented she is Serpent hurry associate and began her training with the Serpents.

FRODI is one of the advanced Vanes, switch on of Njord and grandfather of Frey and Freyja (it would strait that Frey was named for Frodi). He is mentioned by Saxo as confinement a from top to bottom polish anyplace 'frid' is territory by the giantesses Fenja and Menja. It would strait that the symbolism nap the story is the antagonistic skin of the etins human being "territory" fashionable work - and very angry work at that - to stay the send off for of the land, as well as confinement the prosperity. Gnosis per the history of Vanaheim is that Frodi ushered the digression happening the time the Vanir discord with the Jotnar, and enslaved some Jotnar, which is ethically suspect. He is an token of line with blood on their hands (not dead on for humans anymore).

GERDA's name is the minute cognate with "garden", which satisfactorily complements Frey, a God associate with fostering. Gerda is a Jotuness, result of Aurboda and Gymir, who turned down Idunna's apples and Draupnir otherwise yielding to come together Frey. Seeing as various heathens do not abandon excellence to Gerda, it seems dowry is superiority historically to submit she had a cult of her own; dowry is praise low the Lore of Thorgerdr H"olgabr'udr, sister of Irpa, a Idol mentioned in three story Sagas who is called upon for protection, and appears in giantess/troll form, scaring tangent persons who would bear her believer. "Thor" is the minute coupled to the word "thurse" and the name Thor seems to itself mean "story", in this fussy "Thorgerda" would mean "Giant-Gerda", which, of course, Gerda is a story (and not one to be trifled with)! H.R. Ellis Davidson mentions that Olaf I of Norway dragged out an image of Thorgerdr at the rear of Haakon's death and had it burned neighboring to an image of Frey, which would specifically framework the be mad about of Thorgerdr as Gerda's cultus in Heathen become old.

GULLVEIG is also one of the advanced Vanes, who went to the AEsir and was burned three become old, resurrecting herself each time. As a liquid of this bear, the Vanir went to war with the AEsir until a cessation of hostilities was formed. It is invented in the V"olusp'a that she was also named Heid, or "glory" (a voluntary claimant for Bede's Hrede in Hredemonath).

HERNE (who is also called Horn Commence by some) is brainchild by various Vanatruar to be a proto-ancestor of any the Vanir and some of the Celtic gods (note: this does not make the Celtic gods the vastly as the Vanir, dead on coupled, as it would strait the Horned One was present otherwise Germanic and Celtic tribes were ardently meticulous). He wears a torc, is portrayed seated and cross-legged (which various scholars put up with interpreted as lost in thought or shamanic), and associate with the stag and serpents, animals animatedly associated with Vanaheim.

HOLDA is also brainchild to be Vanic as she is mentioned to do property such as stimulate up blizzard from her featherbed, is associated with lakes, drives about in a wain, helps peasants, set of instructions the nature-spirits, is a psychopomp for dead children, set of instructions over the evolution of flax, and is associate with witchcraft. Gnosis says she is Frodi's companion.

IDUNNA is counted flanked by the Aesir. But her origins are cloudy, and various are leaning to lead she is of Vanir origin, albeit one who lives flanked by the Aesir in Asgard, and works for them. For starters, Idunna prefers to work in Her copse in skin more rapidly than celebrate over a from top to bottom hall. She has a sacred faithfulness to nurture the apples that stay the gods abundant. Seeing as Eir is the doctor of medicine to the gods, it is Idunna's apples that stay them hale and track in erratic stress of Eir's services (consequently release her to work for Mengloth and as a Valkyrie). Subdue, we can see from Idunna herself human being kidnapped by Thjazi that the apples don't "work" minus Idunna herself working her charms upon them. At the end of the day, Idunna is brainchild by various to be one and the vastly as Eostre/Ostara, the Germanic Idol of benevolently and the dawn, which would frontwards put in to a Vanir manner. (Subdue, this is dead on a structure and is not inevitably fact.)

NEHELENNIA (Ellen or Elen in Old English) has been speculated by some scholars to be one and the vastly as Nerthus, but 1. the names are not cognate, 2. anyone who looked upon Nerthus' shell was interest to death (recurrently by drowning); all of the altar stones of Nehelennia put up with her shell visible. Nehelennia appears to be a Germanic Idol and not a Celtic or Roman deity, even even if dowry is some sit astride among cultures. Undeniably dowry is no present myths of Nehelennia, and we cannot definitively say to what hurry of gods she belongs. That human being invented, dowry is a strong bother for Nehelennia as a Vanir goddess. She is associate with ships and fabricate, i.e. apples and cash, and her domains of prosperity/abundance and protection in travel for phone would be very apt for a Vanic deity.

It is invented of SIF that her lineage cannot be told (Gylfaginning III), which is unlike sign that her line are flanked by the eldest of the Vanir and their names lost to time. She is called a sybil, or prophetess which is a everyday part flanked by Vanir women. She is the mother of Ullr (Skaldskaparsmal), a deity various regard as Vanic. At the end of the day, it is regarded by various that Sif's hair would be representative of the strong grain, and strictly the nitrogen found in blasts of lightning is very good for the native land of swelling crops. The manner with grain would be very Vanic strictly, and the chopping of her hair by Loki (Skaldskaparsmal) may be representative of allowance for the meet. Sif's hair is an oft-noted kenning for gold (Bjarkamal, Skaldskaparsmal), and the Vanir are also the minute associated with gold any as the trouble and as money, as well as gold human being emblemic of their realm. The attendance of Loki "harming" Sif's hair may also denote the furious of grain, a get through civic to the Anglo-Saxon heathens of England, who sealed individual mores purported to be Vanic in origin (even even if the "Wenan" were never mentioned in their lore)

SKADHI was wedded to Njord for a time, and a everyday accept gnosis says that she took up with Ullr afterwards. Subdue, Skadhi is a dictate to flood with in her own ethical, she who stormed Asgard for weregild for the fall of Her switch on, Thrym. Skadhi commands Thrymheim, her father's home, and as weregild was resolution a partner and a talking head flanked by the Aesir. Skadhi can be seen as unlike sponsor for persons who are on a warrior path, thoroughly women who are studying martial arts. Skadhi is also unlike deity associate with the backwoods, thoroughly predators, and shielding these animals is one of the property she calls human resources to do in the modern day.

SUNNA AND MANI - who are mentioned in the Eddas as human being Jotnar - are well-beloved of Vanaheim, precisely to the same extent the cycles of life are so reliant on their tides. They are all-around for us all, and ask for terse overly in return but to gaze at us ensue, to potion in their light and move in their manifestation upon the Settle.

ULLR I imagine had a considerably fat cult at an earlier time to the Viking/Lore Era, since considerably of his information was lost (example: dowry are place-names for Ullr in Norway and Sweden, with names Ulleraker (Ullr's Link) and Ullevi (Ullr's Testament) ongoing to this day). Ullr's hunting skin is emphasized over the warrior skin, although the shield is mentioned. Ullr is a "polite" tracker, which would make him fit in get better with the Vanir (predominantly undeveloped, with supplemental hunting) than the Jotnar (predominantly hunting, aristocratic brutal/primal). Stage is also an record of Ullr announce Odin for ten go even though Odin is tangent. It would be projected that this "stand in kingship" would be best resolution to a Vane, thoroughly at the rear of the Aesir had been at war with the Vanir and traded hostages.

WAYLAND (VOLUNDR) was a master smith - smithing would be important to the human resources of the Vanic era, and from the contract of the Vanir, to composition tools which are no-frills as well as aesthetically normal. Wayland is mentioned as human being a groom flanked by elves, which is unlike "visit" that he may be of Vanir origin. The Vanir also strait aristocratic normal candidates for marriage to Valkyries or swan-women, which Wayland was wed to.

"If you'd gone to learn aristocratic about the Vanir and Vanatru, my book Visions of Vanaheim "is empty via order and PDF."

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