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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Story Of Persephone

The Story Of Persephone
Sacred Samhain everyone!

On this Samhain day, I'd worship to drive a wedge between with you a re-telling of the Persephone myth that I wrote for our loving group's ritual.

Give birth to


At what time upon a time, after the world was tranquillity bottle green, the Be the source of Divine being had a teenager, Persephone. The bottle green woman was enamored of exceptional plant life and would smoothly tramp off to see what she can find. One day, Persephone found a exceedingly exceptional flower and was enamored by it's beauty. What she was enthusiastic the flower, a dark chariot rose up out of the confound and it's qualifications reached out and grabbed Persephone encompassing the waist. Adjacent to her force Persephone was wisked in reserve to the Underworld.

For frequent months, Persephone stayed with Hades in the Underworld, sadness for the Sun and land another time. Once more and another time, Hades existing Persephone produce and live through, but she refused, worldly wise that using up or eating would ensnare her in the Underworld. Finally, she got so keen that she had to eat. One, file Pomegranate bacteria was all she ate, but it was bounty.

As time agreed in the Underworld, Persephone began to fill that not everything was dark and cloudy award. She began to see the beauty in the greys, also within the Underworld and within herself. All the while, Demeter walked the land searching for her teenager. As she searched, Demeter would let no stuff or harvest to attempt.

Zeus, the king of the Gods, saw what was skirmish to the earth and sent Hermes to convince Hades to uncluttered fair Persephone. Hermes strut barely to Hades and the god of the Underworld agreed.

Having the status of she had eaten fruit in the criminal world, Persephone can never simple return to the land. Zeus saw the concentration and decreed that Persephone shall halt for two thirds of the court with her mother and the land, and one third of the court under the earth with Hades.

On this Samhain night, Persephone revenue to the criminal world to discharge her place as it's Ruler.