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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Beltane Is Coming

Beltane Is Coming
My favourite performance (and that of other Pagans too, so it would arrive) - the encapsulation in one performance of the exhilarated Pagan confront of love and sexuality in all its forms - jubilant life packed from every tree, flower, animal and bird.

Bo and Justine tolerate been a-Maying in the woods, in one of the top figure fine-looking descriptions of a ritual that I tolerate ever read:

It began to get dark as Justine and I pushed on at home the orchard, a squishy dusk-mist greying the clean of bluebells. Hazel and sweet-chestnut costume were very black under a crown of green. A firm tit swung his inflexible two remarks out throughout the nightfall, as at the same time as skimming stones on the close of a lake. (Way in on...)

Narbled Gonsense offers a meditation for Beltane based on a Waterboys song:

Then you begin to glimpse that something is into. You sip marked, something higher brusque than ahead. This precision is sweeter, it emanates from wearing of you, from wearing your primary. You can get trapped in your primary tapping. It's gratify an organization scorching in your dresser. It feels huge, an deep-sea of fire. Then sensitivity runs in the company of you, gratify a hurrying. Its gratify all the loves of your life rolled at home one. You sip splendidly and really vivacious.Hecate suggests that we be required to let go of our belief of the 'perfect' ritual and get Dionysian, let our hair down:

As you progress to this week for Beltane, for the fire performance on the high hills, for our religion's top figure excel celebration of acts of love and lenience, I inclination that you sip free to let go. God knows, I mean to.She also offers a Mary Oliver poem for Beltane:

Did you get trapped in it, fluting and whistling

A pointed dark music - gratify the rain pelting the plants - gratify a torrent

Knifing down the black ledges?