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Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Kitchen Witch Autumn Equinox Ritual

The Kitchen Witch Autumn Equinox Ritual
The weather was cute, striking light purple sky and ample of shaft.

The picture was ample, a green sphere on the edge of a countless forest...with a cafe and toilet services too ;-)

The Kitchen Witch kit out set up the altar and sat Arthur cheer on in self-importance of place, put on our priestess circlets and our cloaks...and waited..

Best part of the day? Waiting and in suspense that people turned up...

And the people all the rage, bags and bags of people - and we thank each and every one of you from the nitty-gritty of our hearts, some were close by some had travelled a good put to one side we you all.

Excellent part of the day? All the magnificent people that linked us.

Let the ritual present...

Everything went to arrange...well nearing everything:

Funniest part of the day? Not realising that some time ago handing out voucher shriveled apple slices that people would eat them...

We cast a circle, called accommodation, we invoked deity, we raised healing energy, we reflected on the fertility in our lives, we ate cake and drank apple soda and subsequently we thanked deity and the accommodation and shower up the circle.

All in all a very magnificent day moved out with astonishing people.

With bountiful, bountiful appreciation to you all

The Kitchen Witch Tinkle