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Monday, January 14, 2008

Anniversary Of The Abramelin Lunar Ordeal

Anniversary Of The Abramelin Lunar Ordeal
On November 16, 2009, arrived the entrance of the New Moon, I began a seven week suffering to see if the calculated Abramelin Solar Tribulation would actually work. It seemed realistic, and the structures of the suffering were allegedly equitably benevolently, but it had not yet been hardened. It was, at the commemorate of conception, an inspired but nonexistent method. On the weekend of November 21, I began the method of invoking all four Seraphim and Cherubim (eight Super-archangels in scrupulous), and that concentrated method lasted four weekends in a row, human being buffed on the weekend of December 13. Then complete the Frosty Solstice, Christmas weekend and complete the days leading up to the lavish fact, on the sundown of December 30, I efficiently buffed the steps unavoidable to set the suffering okay in pledge. Considerably has happened to me arrived the engagement that followed. I keep on to be astonished by every bend of fact that seems to gift and gift me, all emanating from the very hard-working Cutting edge Heart, or HGA, which is now very widely part of the magickal and spiritual revelations that I keep on to make out.

As a communication arrived this festive holiday of Thanksgiving (November 25), I inclination to declare that I am extremely positive for the occult deliberate that has been inspiring me all of the go of my life. It has been continuously and inventively supporting me to come up with new ways to work with old magickal systems, and to devise pleasantly new ones. I am very lucky, fine and blessed that I can reserve be as creative as I was the same as I first began this path in the offspring seventies. As a focal point depressing man who is looking at old age, disrepair and immanent diminish, I weigh up frothy about my lot in life. The spiritual and magickal method that I began so longing ago balance seems to be getting your strength back with the blow of every engagement, to conclude leading, (I assign), to point soft.

I carry been dealing out the Abramelin Solar Tribulation all this engagement, and at mature the method seems pleasant of dormant, other mature it has been hugely indicative. As I lead happening the centennial of the original produce an effect, I impression that at hand attitude be some familiar, as some of the pure pieces are put happening place. I attitude then be smart to flow of air up the full suffering and hand it over to members of the Want, who may find it agreeable and instrumental in their own self revelations.

I attitude as well pay mum thinking to the coming Frosty Solstice, the same as not specific the To the top Moon attitude come about, but so attitude a point lunar switch off, visible here in the northern Midwest. I attitude repute that date to be benevolently unlucky, as well as the days of the Christmas and New Year's holidays. On this coming December 30, I attitude give it a go to reconnect with the past year's Bornless One charm rite, perhaps seeking to perform it at some commemorate arrived that time. I attitude carry from December 16 complete the New Rendezvous weekend off from work, so at hand attitude be time to reconnect and to point what was started a engagement ago.

As insights and inspirations come about to me, I attitude taste them with you. Of course, I capture to be unscrupulous about what I can say arrived this unlucky time, to the same degree not everything attitude be either of interest or even efficient of human being communicated. Drawn, I can at smallest say that I am seeking to know the pure parts of this blessed suffering, and for the mystery of the HGA to entirely become okay overt. Conceivably that blessed fact of wealth attitude come about arrived the coming holidays, or by chance it attitude require promote time to pleasantly method. I don't know the answers yet, but the clues are all at hand.

For my readers, and population who carry found a huge party in what I carry in black and white, I send a blessing to you arrived this abbreviated podium of the engagement, as we lead happening the time for holidays, feasting and central harmony. May you realize all that you are seeking to know. May the powers that you are related to bless you and bolster you with the joy of the Spirit and affair carrying out. May all your happenings be well-off and realize, and may you realize your sophisticated self amidst your trials, ordeals and blessed discoveries.

Frater Barrabbas