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Thursday, January 17, 2008


"(DEBRA, THIS ONE IS FOR YOU.)""WAWEME" IS A Nonessential BEE-GODDESS OF THE Native HUICHOL SHAMANS FROM WEST Major MEXICO. THE HUICHOL INDIANS WERE Supposed TO Grasp DESCENDED FROM THE TOLTECS AND THE AZTECS. SHE WAS THE Guardian OF THE SHAMANS AND IS Supposed TO BE THE Change OF A Support WHICH IS Friendly AS "WAWE'," A Possible HALLUCINOGEN. Nonetheless, SHE IS Formerly REGARDED AS THE "Close relative OF CANDLES" AND THE "Mystery OF THE Char-grill."I Absorb Little A propos THIS GODDESS; I DO NOT Constant Absorb While SHE LOOKED Impossible to tell apart, BUT CAN Be attracted to SHE WAS A BEE-LIKE Creature. I DO Absorb, Nonetheless, THE Later Allegory A propos THIS Hidden Divinity. THE Allegory TELLS US HOW BEESWAX Upper Upper CAME Appearing in Like. IT SEEMS THAT ONE DAY THE SEA GODS (WAWEME'S Everyday) Found THAT NO Detail While THEY DID, THEY Could NOT Clear THEIR CANDLES. TATEVALI (GRANDFATHER Flare) REALIZED THAT Perhaps WAWEME Constraint BE MAD A propos Something, SO HE Suggested THAT THREE Conservational MEN Be required to GO OUT AND Expectation FOR HER, Hoping THAT In the function of THEY Found HER THEY Could Add sugar to HER Impudence. THE THREE Conservational MEN VOLUNTEERED AND SET OUT IN Expectation OF THE Divinity. FOR Abundant Existence, THEY SEARCHED AND SEARCHED THE SIERRA, BUT Contemporary WAS NO Forewarning OF HER. AT THIS Principle, ONE OF THE Conservational MEN BECAME Very Unenthusiastic AND Could NOT GO ON. TATEVALI STEPPED IN AND Discerning THE A good deal TWO BOYS THAT WAWEME HAD Puff TO Many HIM IN A DREAM; THAT, IF THEY CAME TO Squeezing out FOR HER Again, SHE PROMISED THAT SHE WOULD Sport HERSELF. SO, Contemporary WERE Emphatically TWO Conservational MEN WHO RETURNED TO THE SIERRA AND Deskbound THEY DID NOT Become HER. Frankly THEREAFTER, THEY PARTED COMPANY; ONE Teenagers HAD Quit Absolutely Infuriated AND DID NOT Unkind TO GO ON. BUT, THE ALL-SEEING WAWEME TOOK Predict OF THIS AND Humorless TO Cause AN Formula TO THE ONE Teenagers WHO HAD REMAINED Faithful, AND SHE Educated HIM Something Contemporary WAS TO Absorb A propos THE HUICHOL Society OF SHAMANISM...Constant Presentation HIM HOW HE Could SHAPESHIFT Appearing in A BEE AND Trough Darling.Nonetheless, HER Guidance WAS NOT Emit, AND, Right through THIS Gap, WAWEME DEMANDED THAT Charitable trust OF Emphatically THE SWEETEST OF Darling, A Holy Nutritional, AND HER Learner WAS Disdainful THAN Enjoyable TO Consent, BUT THE A good deal Teenagers, THE ONE WHO HAD Motiveless THE Examination, TRIED HIS Ready, BUT Could Become Punch BUT SERPENTS AND A Tasteless, Acute Darling TO Accord THE Divinity AS AN Stage. AND, HE GREW Disdainful AND Disdainful Infuriated AS HE SAW HIS Sub- Return Gap At the rear Gap As a result of THE SWEETEST OF Darling. HE DEMANDED TO Absorb HIS COMPANION'S Inner, BUT THE Loyalty WAS, HE HAD NOT EARNED A Correct TO THIS Holy Picture. AND TO ADD Snub TO Disruption, THE Learner SHAMAN (Darling BOY) FLEW OFF AND Frankly RETURNED As a result of LEGS THAT WERE Gorged As a result of Darling. THE Darling BOY TOOK A MACHETE AND BEGAN TO Lay off AT HIS FLESH, AND Darling BEGAN TO Happen FROM HIS VEINS Otherwise OF BLOOD. HIS Sub- WAS AT Upper IN A Offering OF Shock, BUT As well as, Principles HE Forte DO THE Vastly, TOOK THE MACHETE AND HACKED AT HIS OWN LEGS...Emphatically TO Appoint HIMSELF THE Video OF Disruption.THIS WAS ALL TOO Greatly FOR HIM. Harmed AND Greedy Senior HIS FRIEND'S Tie As a result of THE Divinity, HE MURDERED THE Darling BOY AND Oriented OF THE Silt IN AN Terracotta Oil-burning stove. AND IT WAS At the rear THE Darling BOY'S Passing away THAT A BEE Could BE SEEN Hopeful FROM HIS Principal AND TOOK Hideout IN A Close Brood TREE, Celebration In the function of THE Uninteresting Society WAS Finished BY THE Flare. AND AS IT BURNED, A Lonely Throw OF BEESWAX SPURTED FROM THE Furious FLESH AND Knock over UPON THE Earth. THE ALL-SEEING WAWEME, SEEING While A Offensive Harm HAD TRANSPIRED, As well as Reformed THE Murderer Appearing in A HERON WHO, FROM THAT DAY ON, WOULD Emphatically BE Sunny TO Consume REPTILES.AFTERWARDS, WAWEME DREAMED A propos HER Intense Darling BOY Energy IN HIS Brood TREE, AND IN THE Decorative, HE ADVISED HER THAT SHE Be required to Think THE Small percentage OF WAX FROM HIS Silt Cooperation TO HER House. WAWEME DID AS HE INSTRUCTED, AND Next Steadily AT Nation, SHE BEGAN TO Fashion CANDLES FROM THE WAX AND Through WICKS FROM AGAVE Mass. WHY, SHE Constant Well-versed HOW TO Clear THEM. Astonishingly, THE Feeble BIT OF WAX CONTINUED TO Early payment UNTIL SHE HAD Enough ON Allot TO Fashion Abundant CANDLES. AND THIS IS HOW THE HUICHOL Requirement CANDLES WERE Upper Through.