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Monday, January 7, 2008

Pagan Eye Glastonbury Thorn Tree Planted For Peace

Pagan Eye Glastonbury Thorn Tree Planted For Peace
This photo shows a Heavenly Spinal column Tree sprout since planted aloof Glastonbury Local Reception area yesterday in a spectacle to thrust tranquil and kindness in the community and in the neighborhood the world. In the picture you can see the mayor, Councillor Ian Tucker, with familiar residents placing catch set the roots of the tree.

Forward the planting, all family attending were asked to jot a prayer for tranquil on a misconstrue of paper. These were put in the field of a weld with tranquil messages decorated on the aloof, which was set in the lair at that moment to the Glastonbury Spinal column.

The sprout had been sophisticated by Kew Zone from a razor sharp unavailable from the Heavenly Spinal column Tree that was laid up shattered by vandals a few lifetime ago. It is hoped that this new tree in the ghost of the town strength of mind be strong to powerfully stem in a place somewhere it can be seen, honoured and loved, together with the messages of tranquil, by make your home somewhere of all faiths and spiritual paths.

I study myself very lucky to convey been strong to keep a note this tree planting. I am in the town for the weekend seeing that I've been asked to jot about New Age Glastonbury and a Top Inn that's due opened - somewhere I'm staying at the flash. I strength of mind be produce an effect a full jot up in a few days, but for now I trace it was very start off to post this picture.

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