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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Siddha Lord Vishnu Pujan

Siddha Lord Vishnu Pujan

Siddha Vishnu Puja

God Vishnu is considered as the show the way god in Hindu religion and Indian mythology. Vishnu, the preserver, forms the part of the trinity for instance the other two what Brahma and Shiva, each, as the originator and destroyer of the nature. It is alleged that Vishnu is an eternal and macro spirit joined with the primitive waters that pervaded in advance the fantasy of the nature.God Vishnu is recognizable by patronize names and a thousand names are liable in the book ' Vishnu Sahasranama'. The name Vishnu has its roots in a Sanskrit word 'Vish ', which station to inculcate. God Vishnu is all pervading but recognizable better by the avatars (quintessence) he took on the earth. As per the Puranas, God Vishnu is not permissible to meddle in the situations instantly. So, he takes deviating avatar and act in courtesy that general feeling recover in keeping deportment between good and evil. According to patronize Purana, God Vishnu is the permanent omnipotent truth. Static, he is depicted as a four-armed male-form dramatic his enormous and all-pervasive type. The skin color is new-cloud-like-blue which indicates his all-pervasive type, minimal what the color of the infinite sky as well as the infinite ocean on which he resides. God Vishnu has the name of learned Bhrigu's feet and the srivatsa name, symbolizing his be idle Lakshmi, on his upper body. A crown decorates his lather symbolizing his superlative prepare. He rests on Ananta, the immortal and infinite pirouette.