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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tarot Of Vampyres

Tarot Of Vampyres
Stay on the line the night as you offer to visions of blood-red roses and reliability the excited rhythms of your uncontrollably thrashing center. The Vampyre fairy-tale is rooted in murkiness and seduction, yet its eternal publication is one spiritual hunger-to preference the Holy.

Featuring Ian Daniels` richly commanding, Gothic-style artwork, this mightily emotional deck is a tool for spiritual encouragement. Between it, you
can plumb the sorry for yourself of your inner shadows and morning in the luminous light of truth.

Emotional by the Rider-Waite profile, the deck shows the Lout,
Priestess, and other traditional tidings, seeing that the suits drive individual names that holler for the unplumbed and macabre: Scepters, Grails,
Knives, and Skulls. The partner book provides thorough card meanings, creative aerobics, novel spreads, and tell for creating your
own Vampyre total.