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Friday, January 11, 2008

The Characteristics Of A Pious Woman

The Characteristics Of A Pious Woman
A devout woman's rank is to taste the zest of Allah. She tries acquiring the anyone of a good companion by last the examples of the Soothsayer (Sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) and obeying what is commanded in the Story of Allah. Unreserved chastise and commitment to the Sunnah of the Soothsayer (Sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) and Quran is the best of a woman's anyone.Examples:A female is wedded for four reasons: for her wealth, for her glare of publicity, for her beauty and for her religion. So bring together one for her religion and you will win. [Bukhari consequently she will be told (on the Day of Belief): connect Nirvana from any of its (eight) doors."Glisten on:If a female harms (in any way) her other half, consequently his companion in Nirvana tells her: "Do not harm him, May Allah write off you, he is thoroughly staying temporarily with you. Soon he will come to us." [Ahmad & At-Tirmithi]If a man calls his companion to bed and she refuses infertile he slept to the same extent burning, consequently the Angels will curse her infertile the begin. [Muslim]Allah does not aspect to the female who does not take pleasure in her other half to the same extent she cannot stand his quick her. [An-Nasaii].A female does not fast to the same extent her other half is set free lacking his permission, other than in Ramadan. [Al-Bukhari & Muslim]Any female who asks her other half for division for no feature will not stench the lace of Nirvana. [Sahih Al-Jamii]The Soothsayer (Sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam) theoretical, "If I were to order anyone to bow down to other than Allah, I would order the companion to do so for her other half. By the One who owns the mettle of Muhammad,if a companion does not persist in her obligations towards her other half, consequently she will not take on all-embracing her obligations towards Allah." [Ahmad]