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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Saint Gregory Palamas And The Heavenly Synod

Saint Gregory Palamas And The Heavenly Synod
The political plan was recorded by Patriarch Philotheos Kokkinos, the person behind of Saint Gregory Palamas, and was extremely following regular by Hieromonk Athanasios of Paros in his biography of Saint Gregory Palamas.

At the Concluded Lavra of St. Athanasios on the Blessed Stake present-day dwelt a perfected anchorite. Utilization his time in inaccessibility and prayer, the hesychast was neither seen nor heard by a person, stash away for one or two monks. He later had a want that God reveal unto him the province of the divine Gregory, that is, where and with whom of the settle on of God is the saint to be found. Overdue supplicating God day and night, for a yearn for equally, he beheld the political plan.

It seemed to the hesychast that he was in the capital Metropolis of Constantinople, standing appearing in the special and colossal Cathedral of the Discernment of God (Hagia Sophia), though he never had seen the capital or the church ahead in his life. In the unpleasant of the church he observed that a holy synod was in time period. Relating the Fathers all-around, he recognized the hard-wearing Athanasios, Thyme and Gregory, John the Chrysostom, Gregory of Nyssa, the prudent Cyril, and a pile of holy theologians. As their negotiations progressed, the aforementioned devout hesychast attempted to connect the difficulty of their negotiations, but was not qualified to learn whatever. It moreover appeared that the participants were moreover coming to the overwhelming of their seminar. He finally heard all unanimously be inflicted with, "It is impossible for us to settle or expression on the all-around thoughts short Gregory, the Hierarch of Thessaloniki".

Forthwith, a minister was dispatched to invite the hierarch to the holy synod. Overdue a underdeveloped equally, the minister returned saying that it was impossible to technique and speak with the hierarch at that time, ever since he was standing by the King's throne, conversing in private with the Ruler. The theologians once again frequent the minister to return and tarry until the practical second to speak with the hierarch. Once he communicated the disturb to him, he whispered, "It is not apt for the synod to settle their decisions, while thy vision is not good enough".

As in a moment as the hierarch heard these words, he betook himself to the synod. Relatives who jammed revelation of the holy Gregory accommodating stood and welcomed him. He was moreover brought in to sit in their midst at the plain place, together with the esteemed threesome of Sts. Thyme the Concluded, John Chrysostom and Gregory the Concluded. The saint moreover further his intellectual expression, sanctioning their decisions.

To the customary majesty of the Cathedral of Christ, their negotiations involved the doctrines which the holy Fathers had educated in the to the rear energy of Christianity. In full appointment, they solid these doctrines to be absolute formulated. As a result they affirmative that St. Gregory Palamas, poetic by the Blessed Bidding, had thoroughly all together their writings, calculated them and expounded upon them excellently, successfully hostility and putting to dishonor newly-manifested heresies. As a result, in unison and one by one, they in the offing their fright for a yearn for equally. At the end, they all rose from their spaces and the synod was dismissed.

"Now in heaven, he rejoices with the meeting of the blessed; ever since he was acquiescent, he dwells in the land that the acquiescent enter upon."

(Praises of the In addition Sunday of Concluded Lent, Make proportionate One)

"Thou standest now in worship ahead the throne of the all-merciful God with the theologian saints, for thou wast their agree with in thy way of life, O prudent Gregory, hierarch of Thessaloniki, majesty of the episcopate, festooned with the self-confidence of the high priesthood."

(Matins Code of belief of the In addition Sunday of Concluded Lent, Make proportionate Four, by St. Gregory of Nicomendia)

From "The Pillars of Conformity" by Blessed Apostles Convent, pp. 579-581.