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Friday, July 2, 2010

4 Powerful Elements And Their Components

4 Powerful Elements And Their Components

Direction: North

Colours: Adolescent, Deep-fry, Black

Deities: Gaia, Demeter, Eriu

Symbol: Pentacle

Clue of: Set of scales, Contain, Sumptuousness, Sully, Rocks, Crystals, Fruits, Plants, the Choose

Represents: Our Bodies, Something we do, make and use

Malign Aspect: Avariciousness


Direction: South

Colours: Red, Yellow, Earn Golden-haired Yellow

Deities: Brigit, Pele, Hestia, Lugh, Set

Symbol: Workers

Clue of: Fervor, Worldly Strength, the Sun, Pomposity, Medicinal, Energy

Represents: Candles, Summer, Noon, the Lion, the Dragon

Malign Aspect: Wind up, Loathing, Self-centeredness, the conduct of Rock


Direction: East

Colours: Yellow, Rose-colored, Pale

Deities: Iris, Hermes, Nut

Symbol: Sword

Clue of: Communication, Belief, Breach, Invisibility

Represents: Parts of Ourselves that we cannot see: the Anxiety, Vista, Thoughts, Thoughts; Itinerary of Dawn, the Daybreak, element of Jump, Birds, Dragonflies, Butterflies, Hack off, Downhearted, the Athame.

Malign Aspect: Partiality, Too much Mind (I.e. Existence out of all proportion familiar, self-pity, etc.)

Dampen Direction: West

Colours: Blue, Sea Adolescent, Blue-Green, Hooligan

Deities: Aphrodite, Poseidon

Symbol: Prize

Clue of: Our Emotions and Standpoint, Thoughts and Intuitions

Represents: Moon, Autumn, Mountain, Rivers, Exhaust, Pelt down, Storms, the Hooligan Sunset, Dampen Natural world, Seashells, Water-smoothed Clench

Malign Aspect: Rut, Habit


Colours: Purplish-blue, Pale, Grey