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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Black Masonry Devoted To The Knowledge Of Evil

Black Masonry Devoted To The Knowledge Of Evil Cover In this chapter we are documenting the doctrine of Black Masonry as it was taught by 33? Mason, C.W. Leadbeater. Not only was Leadbeater a prominent Mason, he also was an influential Theosophist and worked closely on many projects with the head of Theosophy, Annie Bessant. Leadbeater, according to some sources was a homosexual pedophile. According to Leadbeater, Black Masonry is degrees 19 through 30 in the Scottish Rite and are known as the Council of KADOSH. In the following quotes, "Knight K. H." is the Masonic abbreviation for Knight Kadosh. In the following quote from Leadbeater's book, Ancient Mystic Rites, he defines the scope of Black Masonry and talks about its relationship to evil, suffering and vengeance.

Few indeed of our Egyptian brethren appear to have passed beyond the Rose-Croix, for only the few needed anything further than the splendid revelation of the indwelling Love of God which they received in what we call the Eighteenth Degree. But for those few who felt that there was yet more to learn of the nature of God, and who eagerly wished to understand the meaning of evil and suffering and its relation to the divine plan, the prototype of our Black Masonry existed, the teaching and progress comprised in our degrees from the nineteenth to the thirtieth. This section of the Mysteries was especially concerned with the working out o f Karma in its different aspects, studied as a low of retribution, from one point of view dark and terrible. This is the inner kernel of truth lying behind the vengeance-elements in the degree of Knight K.H.

Albert Mackey in his Encyclopedia of Freemasonry gives the doctrine of the Masonic Kadosh system. Kadosh doctrine centers around the story of the execution of Jacques de Molay by the Pope and the King of France for satanic crimes. Jacques de Molay was the last head of the Knights Templar and Mackey contends that the Templars continue on in Freemasonry.

The doctrines of the Kadosh system is that the persecutions of the Knights Templar by Philip the Fair of France and Pope Clement V, however cruel and sanguinary in its results, did not extinguish the Order, but it continued to exist under the forms of Freemasonry. That the ancient Templars are the modern Kadoshes and that the Builder at the Temple of Solomon is now replaced by Jacques de Molay, the martyred Grand Master of the Templars, the assassins being represented by the King of France, the Pope, and Naffodei, the informer against the Order.

In his book, The Occult Conspiracy, Michael Howard lists the charges against the Knights templar that stemmed from the October raid on their headquarters in Paris in the year, 1307 A.D.

Specifically the Templars were accused of denying the tenets of the Christian faith, spitting or urinating on the crucifix during secret rites of initiation, worshipping a skull or head called Baphomet in a dark cave, anointing it with blood or fat of unbaptized babies, worshipping the Devil in the shape of a black cat and committing acts of sodomy and bestiality..

Candidates entering the Order also had to kiss their initiator on the mouth, the navel, the penis, and at "the base of the spine." These kisses were regarded by critics of the Order as proof of their perverted sexual activities, but in the occult tradition, the navel, sexual organs and the perineum are the physical locations of the psychic centres of the human body, known in the East as chakras.

Freemasons today will argue that de Molay was not a Satanist and will rigorously defend his character, mainly because the Masonic organization for young boys is named after de Molay. This Masonic argument contradicts the facts and de Molay stand in history as a man executed for satanic crimes. British historian Nesta H. Webster talks about the convincing evidence against the Knights Templar:

Moreover, do the confessions of the Knights appear to be the outcome of pure imagination such as men under the influence of torture might devise? It is certainly difficult to believe that the accounts of the ceremony of initiation given in detail by men in different countries, all closely resembling each other, yet related in different phraseology, could be pure inventions. Had the victims been driven to invent they would surely have contradicted each other, have cried out in their agony that all kinds of wild and fantastic rites had taken place in order to satisfy the demands of their interlocutors. But no, each appears to be describing the same ceremony more or less completely, with characteristic touches that indicate the personality of the speaker, and in the main all the stories tally.

The Masonic defense that the confessions of the Knights Templar were extracted under torture is false. While it is true that torture was used in France, torture was not used in Italy and England and the confessions were identical. Leadbeater explains how the Templars went to Scotland and mingled their doctrine with other occult sources and the Egyptian mysteries to create the Black Masonry of the Scottish Rite.

Certain of the French Knights Templar took refuge with their brethren of the Temple in Scotland, and in that country their traditions became mingled to some extend with the ancient Celtic rites of Heredom, thus forming one of the sources from which the Scottish Rite was later to be evolved. Traditions of vengeance upon the execrable King and Pope and the Traitor passed down throughout the ages, and were interwoven with the Egyptian tradition corresponding to our Black Masonry, culminating in what we now call the 30?.

This is confirmed by Masonic authority, Albert Pike, who honors Jacques de Molay as the founder of the Scottish Rite.

The end of the drama is well known, and how Jacques de Molai and his fellows perished in the flames. But before his execution, the Chief of the doomed Order organized and instituted what afterward came to be called the Occult, Hermetic, or Scottish Masonry." In the gloom of his prison, the Grand Master created four Metropolitan Lodges, at Naples for the East, at Edinburgh for the West, at Stockholm for the North, and at Paris for the South. (The initials of his name, J.B.M., found in the same order in the first three degrees are but one of the many internal and cogent proofs that such was the origin of modern Free Masonry.") The legend of Osiris was revised and adopted as the central theme of the third degree ritual, to symbolize the destruction of the Order, and the resurrection of Khurum, slain in the body of the Temple.

Once again Leadbeater stresses that Karma or revenge is the main element of Black Masonry.

The whole of what we now call Black Masonry led up to an explanation of karma as divine justice, this having been preserved for us in shadow in what is now called the 31?, that of the Grand Inspector Inquisitor commander, whose symbol is a pair of scales. In Egypt this pair of scales was taken as an emblem of the perfect balance of d divine justice, the aspirant learnt that all the evil and horror associated with the working out of karma was indeed based on perfect justice, although it had appeared as evil to the lesser vision of the profane.

What was the revenge that was taken in the death of convicted Satanist Jacques Molay? According to former Grand Commander Albert Pike, it was the death of the Pope, the King and the informer against the Order.

Thus the first stage of the higher instruction, that of the Rose-Croix or Red Masonry, was devoted to the knowledge of good, while the second stage, that of K.H. or Black Masonry, was devoted to the knowledge of evil.

The frightening thing about Freemasonry is that any interpretation can be given to Masonic ritual and symbols that does not violate basic Masonic landmarks. As the Mason is encouraged to seek the deeper understanding of the Masonic symbols, this leaves a huge door open to plunge deeper into the occult. This has been used for hundreds of years to develop their own system of satanic teaching.

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