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Saturday, July 24, 2010

European Masonic Groups

European Masonic Groups Image
[This is reposted with permission from my personal correspondence. I had asked Biep about whether he knew of overt government persecution of Masonic, Wiccan, and other "occult" groups in Europe. I had heard that there were several countries in which such groups were forbidden. -- Tim]

Here in the Neth., no such groups are forbidden, as long as they don't abuse laws (there was a group, the "satans church", actually being a sex club, exploiting thai girls, and a group that wanted to kill babies to the honor of God, and those groups are forbidden). Here in Amsterdam, there are miriads of groups and sects, all trying to convert people.

I don't know whether with "masonic" you mean what is called here "vrij- metselaars", in french "franc-ma,cons", those people always talking in analogies from the world of architecture, but supposing you mean them:

Here they are considered a respectable, however eccentric group. We have never had things like the infamous loge P2 in Italy, and here they still have the image of people setting forth the traditions of the old medieval Cathedral builders. Of course, there are many people saying they are stupid, or childish, but except the communists, and some radical socialists, nobody wants to forbid them. During WWII, they have formed a considerable part of the internal resistance: since they were secret already, they didn't have to set up an organisation. They have never talked about it afterwards, however, preferring their secrecy over public honor. They get radio time, as being a religious/philosophical group.

(N.B.: I have nothing to do with them or with any of them (as far as I know... they are secret))

by Biep.

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