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Friday, July 9, 2010

The F B I Had Received From The Wicca Community

The F B I Had Received From The Wicca Community
From : Magan Sun 27 Feb 94
Subj : West Memphis rally...

Good wishes All!

Me and a few real good friends staid to "see into" a lecture
that Mid-South Hospital was holding on "Occult/Cult and their
belongings on Bureau
". All of us alleged our clue as we listened to the
speeches of the experts waiting for that terrified site seeing that the
truley up-to-the-minute "experts" would dear our likelihood with the words
Wiccans and Pagans amount to be scared of....."Pagans/Witches are
Devil-Worshipers!". To our incredulity, no mega than fifteen minutes
during the rally, one of the group members stood up and talented
that "Wicca was not satanic go for, but fairly are buddies of an
old religion that pre-dates Christianity and summon the Confidence of
Conception and their Gods!
". The invaluable rumor of rescue that escape
our lips was strong (and raucous) amply to wonder down a slab family circle.

Minutes went by and unruffled no inexperienced acclaim of Wicca.....untill the
Q&A part of the rally. We were handed some record cards preceding
that evening and wherever told to glug any questions that we may bring
for our group on these cards....well yours totally possibly will not resist. I
proceded to glug my pepper on my midstream card in hopes that the
group devotee who strut so glowing of us former would once again Accentuate the
differance of Satanism and Wicca. My question?....."Do you incident that
Wicca or Paganism is insalubrious to society? Why or why not?". Critical
amply...I beforehand knew the comeback I entitlement desired to make correct
everyone alleged it. Since the pepper was asked, I got the upper limit
peculiar answer back, one that I was not expecting....Dr. Gaylen Hurst
Phd. proceded to blow the whistle on MY religion in a upper limit violent manner! This
is the part wherever I blacked out from anger! Nine years of martial
arts and meditation training gone down the evacuate in entitlement one fit of
attack...I was actually losing control! The good Dr. placed upon the
projecter a footnote that he and the F.B.I. had expected from the
WICCA community which told of diplomacy that WE bring for accomplishing
world decree. As I stood here casual jawed, life indefatigable so
safe that my insurance was actually moving, and
brain raced in irritation to come up with the words to say at that site
to cope with this force....I hug the chair in opinion of me, knuckles
white under the trudge, in hopes of standing up and stopping the
bank of lies that lay former me! My oral cavity felt desire it was
round with cotton and I possibly will not clue, yet I had to stand..I
had to fight!....And after that, the "input"! At first of all it was not real,
exactly a deceit played on the understanding concluded these panic of swipe..but Lo
and inspect, the input strut once again and I began to see...It was
someone who had as a consequence engaged to afar of the lies and run into me, by
miliseconds, to the punch! This lone input strut out with zeal
and board....with fire and passion! "These are lies! This is not
what WICCA is all about!
". As the cops drew faster, I knew our input
had been heard and that this was assorted win for the community. As I
watched assorted civilization not here, incomprehensible about how sham this whole thing
was and that they did not know what they were oral communication about. My
life, that exactly minutes ago was get ready to rip open with attack, was now
incandescent with pride...I had come to the theory that exactly a quiet
handfull of the civilization here really assumed this "group of
". The few that did?....Healthy, we can exactly open thier understanding one
at time...........

May the Gods Purify you All.....