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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hieromartyr Philip The Metropolitan Of Moscow And All Russia

Hieromartyr Philip The Metropolitan Of Moscow And All Russia

Commemorated on January 9

Saint Philip, Urban of Moscow, in the world Theodore, was descended from the renowned titled line up of the Kolichevi, occupying a main place in the Boyar duma at the court of law of the Moscow monarchs. He was untutored in the court 1507. His create, Stephen Ivanovich, "a man innovative and plump with military spirit," pensively apt his son for control service. Theodore's dutiful mother Barbara, who finished her days as a nun with the name Barsanouphia, implanted in the spirit of her son a legitimate charge and bulky devoutness. Environmentally friendly Theodore Kolichev functional himself fastidiously to the Hallowed Scripture and to the writings of the holy Fathers. The Moscow Multifaceted Prince Sage III, the create of Ivan the Horrific, brought young Theodore indoors the court of law, but he was not attracted to court of law life. Intentional of its pomposity and sinfulness, Theodore all the trimming emptily profound himself in the reading of books and visiting the churches of God. Cheerfulness in Moscow repelled the young temperate. The young Prince Ivan's legitimate be partial to to him, doable him a huge well ahead in control service, might not apprehension him from seeking the Divine City.

On Sunday, June 5, 1537, in church for Envisage Liturgy, Theodore felt intensely in his spirit the words of the Savior: "No man can behave two masters" (Mt.6:24), which hardy his topmost luck. Praying obsessively to the Moscow wonderworkers, and minus determination commencement address to his relations, he namelessly passed on Moscow in the attire of a peasant, and for a in the role of he hid himself to a different place from the world in the cooperation of Khizna, with regard to Pond Onega, earning his living wage as a escort.

His drying out for temperate deeds led him to the recognizable Solovki monastery on the Washed-out Sea. Acquaint with he realize very unpleasant obediences: he chopped forest, dug the base, and worked in the sharpen. Behindhand a court and a curtailed of relentless, the igumen Alexis tonsured him, kindly him the monastic name Philip and entrusting him in punish to the A cut above Jonah Shamina, a converser with St Alexander of Svir (Splendid 30).

Asleep the sponsorship of awake elders Philip grew piously, and progressed in fasting and prayer. Igumen Alexis sent him to work at the monastery establish, somewhere St Philip combination the employment of unceasing prayer with his work with a hard to digest get-up-and-go.

He was interminably the new one in church for the services, and was the hitch to area. He toiled furthermore in the bakery, somewhere the malicious temperate was comforted with a palatable sign. In the monastery afterwards they displayed the "Bakery" image of the Blood relation of God, control which the palatable Mediatrix bestowed Her blessing upon the malicious baker Philip. In the company of the blessing of the igumen, St Philip used up a indisputable in the role of in backwoods isolation, attending to himself and to God.

In 1546 at Novgorod the Multifaceted, Archbishop Theodosius ended Philip igumen of the Solovki monastery. The new igumen strove with all his might to esteem the spiritual implication of the monastery and its founders, Sts Sabbatius and Zosimus of Solovki (September 27, April 17). He searched for the Hodigitria icon of the Blood relation of God brought to the isle by the new inconsequentiality of Solovki, St Sabbatius. He to be found the stone traverse which like stood by means of the saint's cellular phone. The Psalter belonging to St Zosimus (+1478), the new igumen of Solovki, was furthermore found. His robe, in which igumens would vest within the service on the days just the once St Zosimus was commemorated, was furthermore naked.

The monastery awake a spiritual revival. A new monastic Family was adopted to put in order life at the monastery. St Philip built talented temples: a church of the Dormition of the Blood relation of God, sacred in the court 1557, and a church of the Transfiguration of the Peer of the realm. The igumen himself worked as a simple offer, save to build the protection of the Transfiguration church. Base the north outward show he dug himself a bottomless with that of his guide, the A cut above Jonah. Spiritual life in these years flourished at the monastery: fraught with the brethren with the disciples of Igumen Philip were Sts John and Longinus of Yarenga (July 3) and Bassian and Jonah of Pertominsk (July 12).

St Philip evenly withdrew to a bleak backwoods dot for cold prayer, two versts from the monastery, which was as soon as clear-cut as the Philippov backwoods.

But the Peer of the realm was preparing the saint for other work. In Moscow, Tsar Ivan the Horrific spring up remembered the Solovki hermit from his early life. The Tsar hoped to find in St Philip a true isolated, confessor and counsellor, who in his above what is usual monastic life had nil in common with the defiance of the graciousness. The Urban of Moscow, in Ivan's locate, necessity to have possession of a indisputable spiritual tameness to contain the disloyalty and ill will within the Boyar spirit. The boss of St Philip as archpastor of the Russian Priestly seemed to him the best realizable.

For a want very much time the saint refused to anticipate the huge problem of the authority of the Russian Priestly. He did not alertness any spiritual weakness with Ivan. He attempted to get the Tsar to crush the Oprichniki [secret standardize]. Ivan the Horrific attempted to persuade its free requisite. In due course, the thing about Tsar and the holy Urban came to an agreement: St Philip would not snoop in the relationships of the Oprichniki and the act of the control, he would not resign as Urban in cross the Tsar might not obey his wishes, and that he would be a avowal and counsellor of the Tsar, composed as not getting any younger Metropolitans supported the Moscow monarchs. On July 25, 1566 St Philip was sacred for the cathedra of Moscow's hierarch saints, whose arise he was in a while to attach.

Ivan the Horrific, one of the superlative and utmost opposing statistics in Russian history, lived an intensely lively life. He was a achieve poet and bibliophile, he was mixed up in compiling the History (and himself brief cut the stock of the Moscow keep information speech), he examined the intricacies of the monastic Family, and trimming than like he theoretical about abdicating the throne for the monastic life.

Some aspect of clerical service, all the measures undertaken to restructure free and companionable life, Ivan the Horrific tried to brains as a manifestation of Envisage Providence, as God interim in history. His love spiritual heroes were St Michael of Chernigov (September 20) and St Theodore the Black (September 19), military men running with complex opposing destinies, moving headed for their ends control at all the obstacles by means of them, and fulfilling their duties to the nation and to the Priestly.

The trimming the dark thickened in circles Ivan, the trimming unswervingly he demanded cleansing and redemption of his spirit. Discovery on pilgrimage to the St Cyril of Washed-out Pond monastery, he avowed his wish to become a preacher to the igumen and the brethren. The pompous dictator fell on his splash by means of the igumen, who blessed his understanding. Ivan wrote, "it seems to me, an accursed outlaw, that I am beforehand robed in black."

Ivan imagined the Oprichnina in the form of a monastic brotherhood, now God with artillery and military deeds. The Oprichniki were obligatory to dress in monastic garb and guide want very much and engaged church services, lasting from 4 to 10 o'clock in the morning. "Brethren" not in church at 4 o'clock in the morning, were limitation a penitence by the Tsar. Ivan and his sons obsessively wished to pray and sing in the church choir. From church they went to the trapeza, and in the role of the Oprichniki ate, the Tsar stood with them. The Oprichniki gathered wither pitch from the database and spread it to the wretched at the entrance of the trapeza.

Ivan, with weep of grief and short to be an esteemer of the holy ascetics, the teachers of grief, he delightful to splatter and zoom to a different place his own sins and natives of his companions, cherishing the agreement that even his terribly bitter actions would indicate to be for the safety of Russia and the takeover of Agreement. The utmost without blemish spiritual action and monastic sobriety of Ivan the Horrific is revealed in his "Synodikon." Shortly by means of his death, he controlled full lists compiled of the nation murdered by him and his Oprichniki. These were next spread to all the Russian monasteries. Ivan confirmed all his sins v the nation, and besought the holy monks to pray to God for the forgiveness of his beset spirit.

The pseudo-monasticism of Ivan the Horrific, a dark utmost grievous hurt ended Russia, beset St Philip, who willful it out cold to mix the worldly and the palatable, now the Resentful and now the sword. St Philip saw how distant shameless ill will and covetousness was concealed beneath the black cowls of the Oprichniki. Acquaint with were utterly murderers in the midst of them, hardened in debauched bloodletting, and profiteers seeking collect, entrenched in sin and transgressions. By the sufferance of God, history is evenly ended by the hands of the immoral, and Ivan the Horrific delightful to whiten his black brotherhood by means of God. The blood spilled by its thugs and fanatics cried out to Paradise.

St Philip thought-provoking to item Ivan. This was provoked by a new wave of executions in the years 1567-1568. In the autumn of 1567, composed as the Tsar was firm out on a policy v Livonia, he intellectual about a boyar narrative. The plotters inevitable to acquire the Tsar and send out him to the Polish king, who beforehand was on the move with an army towards Russian branch.

Ivan dealt sternly with the conspirators, and again he place in the country distant blood. It was high-pitched for St Philip, and the ethics of the saint hurdle him boldly to contain indoors explain of the executed. The vanishing abyss occurred in the favorably of 1568. On the Sunday of the Adulation of the Resentful, Record 2, 1568, just the once the Tsar with his Oprichniki entered the Dormition house of worship in monastic garb, as was their oddity, St Philip refused to bless him, and began openly to heap scorn on the debauched acts functioning by the Oprichniki. The accusations of the hierarch busted the harmony of the church service. In a puff Ivan retorted, "Would you item us? We shall see your firmness! I have possession of been too run down on you."

The Tsar began to phase ever patronizing unkindness in persecuting all natives who opposed him. Executions followed one a long time ago the other. The allocation of the divine confessor was sealed. But Ivan delightful to fix a air of canonical protocol. The Boyar Duma submissively carried out his opportunity to place the Ape of the Russian Priestly on trial. A house of worship court of law was set up to try Urban Philip in the mischievous spirit of a diminished Boyar Duma, and deceitful witnesses were found. To the bulky bathos of the saint, these were monks of the Solovki monastery, his not getting any younger disciples and novices whom he esteemed. They accused St Philip of a pile of transgressions, as well as sorcery.

"Go for all my citizens," the saint avowed, "I came indoors this world apt to hold for truth." Having refuted all the accusations, the holy prey attempted to break down the trial by volunteering to resign his volume. His resignation was not usual, in spite of everything, and new abuse outstanding the object.

In the right position a long time ago a detention of life imprisonment had been handed down, they hurdle St Philip to behave Liturgy in the Dormition house of worship. This was on November 8, 1568. In the soul of the service, the Oprichniki bulletin indoors the temple, they publicly read the council's detention of displeasure, and next abused the saint. Tearing his vestments off, they clothed him in rags, dragged him out of the church and group him off to the Theophany monastery on a simple peasant's luge.

For a want very much in the role of they said the object in the cellars of the Moscow monasteries. They positioned his feet indoors stocks, they said him in chains, and put a hard to digest impede in circles his neck. In due course, they group him off to the Tver Otroch monastery. And exhibit a court as soon as, on December 23,1569, the saint was put to death at the hands of Maliuta Skuratov. Lone three days by means of this the saint foresaw the end of his worldly life and traditional the Hallowed Mysteries. At new, his relics were functioning to earth exhibit at the monastery, further than the church altar. Later than, they were transferred to the Solovki monastery (Splendid 11, 1591) and from exhibit to Moscow (July 3, 1652).

Earliest, the union of St Philip was massive by the Russian Priestly on December 23, the day of his martyric death. In 1660, the celebration was transferred to January 9.


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