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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Freemasonry Has Apparently Thrived On Obfuscation And Obscurantism

Freemasonry Has Apparently Thrived On Obfuscation And Obscurantism Cover Writing with the use of the term “supreme being” does invite some interesting intervention, varying from version to version, from Microsoft’s spelling and grammar check. It seems to be happy with “a supreme being” but with “the supreme being” it requires upper case “S” and “B”. Indeed, what does an affirmative answer to the question; “Do you believe in a supreme being” or “Do you believe in a Supreme Being” objectively convey? If the question is not, “Do you believe in that there is a Supreme Being” or “Do you believe in the existence of aSupreme Being” then what on earth is being asked? Dare it be suggested that Freemasonry has, apparently, thrived on obfuscation and obscurantism?

Perhaps it is time for freemasonry to come out of the cloisters. It does not require a belief in the super-natural to accept that Old Testament narratives can be a basis for moral and ethical lessons. What more is required? If a person wants to please a supernatural entity then perhaps a worshiping priest would be more appropriate than a worshipful master. Freemasonry provides a moral compass, derived from the workplace and applied to the rest of life on this earth; it was never intended for the acquisition of favours beyond space and time.

The ritual is fine as long as it is understood as secular ritual and not religious liturgy. For Freemasonry to have contemporary and future relevance it must explicitly and demonstrably cut the apron strings that bind it to religion, grow up and stand on its own secular feet. In so doing it can be open and visible for the cause of humanity; in modern definition, transparency is honesty.

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