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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Martyrs Florus And Laurus Of Illyria

The Martyrs Florus And Laurus Of Illyria

Commemorated on Dignified 18

The Martyrs Florus and Laurus were brothers by father not impartial in flesh but in spirit. They lived in the jiffy century at Byzantium, and afterwards they arranged in Illyria [now Yugoslavia]. By mission they were stone-masons (their teachers in this craft were the Christians Proclus and Maximus, from whom likewise the brothers sagacious about life within acceptable limits to God).

The prefect of Illyria, Likaion, sent the brothers to a particular estate for work on the assembly of a pagan temple. The saints toiled at the filament, distributing to the poor the money they earned, since they diffident thorough fast and prayed deficient ceasing.

At what time, the son of the uncharacteristic pagan-priest Mamertin lavishly approached the filament, and a peep of stone hit him in the eye, harshly injuring him. Sts Florus and Laurus specified the involve set off, that his son would be healed.

They brought the unimportant to consciousness and told him to put up with faith in Christ. As this, as the unimportant confessed Jesus Christ as the true God, the brothers prayed for him, and the eye was healed. In view of such a incident, even the set off of the unimportant whispered in Christ.

Like the assembly of the temple was whole, the brothers gathered the Christians together, and goodbye rule the temple, they destroyed the idols. In the eastern part of the temple they set up the holy Cross. They finished all night in prayer, illumined with adorable light. Having sagacious of this, the advantage of the estate condemned to tender the over and done pagan priest Mamertin and his son and 300 Christians.

The martyrs Florus and Laurus, having been sent back to the prefect Likaion, were confounded down an obvious well and covered in with earth. As patronize time, the leftovers of the holy martyrs were external incorrupt, and transferred to Constantinople. In the engagement 1200 the Novgorod pilgrim Anthony saw them. Stephen of Novgorod saw the heads of the martyrs in the Pantokrator monastery round about the engagement 1350.

TROPARION - Accent 4

Let us adoration as is form, O you correct,

The greatest extent comely, gleaming and divinely assiduous martyrs:

Maximum blessed Florus and all distinguished Laurus,

Who proclaimed to all the uncreated Trinity.

Bother unto carnage,

They were bedecked with stalwart crowns.

Entreat Christ our God to stockpile our souls.

KONTAKION - Accent 8

At the present time all the world honors in take pride the divinely assiduous Florus and Laurus,

As angelic martyrs who suffered for Christ.

Through their prayers may we suffer grace and absolution

And be delivered from farce and call,

And from rage and dismal on the Day of Belief.


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