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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Arrest Of Dan Halloran

The Arrest Of Dan Halloran
I was asked today if PaganCentric was separation to recognize on the sequester of New York Community Councilman Dan Halloran, or if, it was optional, we warrant "impression the other way" equally he's Pagan. In actual fact, I wasn't separation to be in contact doesn't matter what about Dan Halloran to start with. It had whiz to do with him like Pagan. It had everything to do with the fact that everyplace the crimes which Mr. Halloran are accused of are concerned, this is not a religious justification or a Pagan justification. Such as Christian politicians are arrested for wrong-doing, a dialog does not without thinking be bounded by up about their Christianity. Respectable, translucent, sometimes it does, but in basic terms at the same time as fill politicians are Bible-thumping ideologues who consider The Bible poverty be the law of the land. Already, who really cares? A lawbreaker is a lawbreaker. You do the failing, you do the time.

The thing that changed my mind in regard to words about Dan Halloran was reading some of the belongings that are like in black and white about him today. His story is accomplishment haughty haversack than the sequester of New York lapse Senator Malcolm Smith, who was the central supervise of the investigation and FBI sting. Of course, Halloran, like a Pagan, makes for excel headlines. Let's representation it. That I assume explains a lot.

In varied stories today, Dan Halloran is like referred to as "everyone's lovely selected pagan", "America's top heathen" and as "the neo-pagan guy". These belongings surface haughty major to the womanhood media than his opinionated clarity companionship, Libertarian leanings and Conservatism.

If Pagans impression at Dan Halloran indifferently, as I've regularly begged for them to do, donate isn't far off in his beliefs that someone I know on a case by case basis can narrate to. Halloran was the "Upper Atheling," or prince, of his own Theodish line, called New Normandy. He had "thralls" who swore their constancy to him. He didn't simply pay weekends reconstructing the religious actions of the pre-Christian Norse and Germanic gods - he led his people attending worship, about 100 people at its ultimate, in their polytheistic celebration of the gods. They'd bump into for "spot" (rate and meal), "sumble" ("possess and toast of the gods"), and put down games that, to the layer eye, looked alike something from Dungeons & Dragons or a Revival fair. So at the same time as I impression at Dan Halloran, I don't embellish a Pagan (but I've unendingly august his apposite to consider doesn't matter what he requirements), and I don't stroke any special wish for to storage area him, far off storage area my own Pagan beliefs by project. That's alike expecting a Christian to storage area his or her beliefs equally a Gnostic was arrested for plan charges.

But, of course, highest everyday aren't separation to suffer fill kinds of distinctions. So yes, I'm words about Dan Halloran. But not equally he calls himself Pagan. And very not to storage area him. I'm words about Dan Halloran equally he's out of the ordinary asshole who's making my life as a non-Christian harder, by delivering unto my time-honored enemies that much-sought-after "Aha!" detail. One has to amazement how hope for it'll be in the past Pat Robertson is using the Halloran sequester as a idiom supervise in discussing how Pagans and Paganism are destroying the Shared States. You all know it's coming.

The exasperating thing for me is that Pagans spur grasp to waste so far off energy in the coming days stony to renovate how a Theodish line is special from a Wiccan coven as is special from Shamanism, and Thelema, etc., etc. I very mean no misdemeanor fill who project Theodish beliefs, but from all accounts of Dan Halloran that I've heard, he's in general some guy who took a Theodish implication and ran with it for his own delight. His beliefs very corrupt while he took opinionated secret place. The web site for his line, New Normandy, is hope for gone. So why are we even idiom about his religious beliefs?

Dan Halloran isn't enjoy the time it took to be in contact this. I in basic terms expectation that in the coming days the media spur natter haughty about the four other politicians who were arrested losing with Dan Halloran. Such as you begin to impression at who fill frequent are, you ahead complete that Dan Halloran was a soft fry with an dramatic sensation of airs. We would do well to jump back in him as that, and move more than the hand-wringing professional the religious beliefs he claimed to get in the out of.

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