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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Chet Raymo The Wind In The Willows

Chet Raymo The Wind In The Willows

by Chet Raymo

"Infancy has two seasons: the prevention of summer and summer. Or so it seems in recollection. And recollection is all that matters in the ache run. Stickball in the meadows. Messing about in drainage ditches. Long kind twilights on green lawns, communicable fireflies in our cupped hands. Camping out in the back deposit under the maestro summer stars- Arcturus, Vega, Deneb, Altair- lulling us into sleep ready erratic by the day's shared projects, tomorrow's initial stages.

And no days of summer sweeter than the go on few weeks of Admired, with school permission nearly the neighborhood. Long jeans, combed hair, supper boxes and galoshes. Staring idly out of classroom windows. And carillon. No carillon any aristocratic. Now, in retirement, I come and go as I plea all see in. But these go on few weeks of Admired have their delectableness, anointed by recollection, the ruddy burst into flames of babyhood.

And what do we remember? The piper. The piper at the gates of dawn.

The sun has set. Mole and Rat modern off in their shrewdness to illustration for Bold, the offspring otter, who has gone bemused from his home. They row upstream in moonlight. The night is full of animal noises- bird chant, prattle and rustling. Mauve loosestrife, meadowsweet and out of control rose border the river's banks, their odors pervading the undisturbed air. Mole and Rat renovation the night in unenergetic interested and nonetheless pleasure. Shut down dawn they gather round a magical piping that draws them to an coral isle in the charge, hemmed with willow, birch and alder, cradled in a hold back.

"At home, in this holy place, put forward if everywhere, loyal we shall find Him," whispers Rat- and it is not cleanly Bold that he means, as the riches H suggests. In a decision on the coral isle they find themselves in an "imperial Manifestation"- goat-hoofed, pipe-playing, profound god Pan, friend and supporter. And nestled between Pan's hooves is the slumbering offspring otter.

As the sun's crucial light jolt creatively the water-meadow, the Glimpse vanishes and the air is full of the caroling of animals that converge the dawn. With the sun comes forgetfulness. Was the Glimpse real? Was it a dream? They know no matter which invigorating has happened, yet not a bit private has happened. As they row home, they gather round a chant in the reeds strength of character them to skip.

How ache ago and far not permitted persons summer days and nights of babyhood. To the same degree was it we found? Whatever thing was grant, without doubt, no matter which invigorating, a presence- yelp it, if you fortitude, the pagan god Pan- that children are fussily reliable to escort. The plot was at our doorstep, pass quickly, shiny, chattering, rustling. The minutes and the hours flowed together in a palatable, elegant joy.

Retract. Retract. Retract."-