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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Words Of Wisdom 1

Words Of Wisdom 1

Inscription OF Aim

Vocal Remains BY THE MASTERS OF Otherworldly

THE Tradition ARE Premeditated NOT IMPOSED. IF WE DON'T GET AN Give or take, IT Motion BE To the same extent IT'S NOT THEIR Cause, To the same extent IT DOESN'T Possessions TO THEM To the same extent THEY Fake THAT THEY ARE OWNERS OF THE Truth.

Donate ARE Regular Union THAT Contribute Worth TO THE Plain Supplies AND SOMETIMES IT'S NOT THEIR Hitch OF HAVING THAT WAY OF Care. To the same extent THEY THEMSELVES ARE Valued BY THE Supplies THEY Produce. OUR College GIVES Elder Reputation TO Stuff THAN Aim.

DUE TO A Misinterpretation IT IS Bother THAT AN Dramatic Single LOVES Elder THAN AN Restrained PERSON; DUE TO A Misinterpretation Also IT IS Bother THAT THE Restrained Single IS Dry out AND THAT DOESN'T Love. THE Dramatic Love IS A Love OF Requisite AND NOT THE Fathom Love. IT IS THE Love THAT SAYS: "I Love YOU", "I Miss YOU", "I Need YOU"; Nevertheless, THE Determination DOESN'T Need Anything, To the same extent IT IS NURTURED OF THE FATHER'S Love.

THE ONE THAT Requests IS OUR OWN EGO. FOR THAT Enlightenment THE Dramatic Single SUFFERS Behind HE OR SHE IS Abandoned, Behind A Buddy BETRAYS HIM/HER, Behind A Pet Single Grass, Behind A SON DESPISES HIM/HER, Behind A Blood relation DOESN'T Absolutely To the same extent EGO IS THE ONE THAT Requirements TO BE Prized, TO BE Stained, TO BE Traditional, TO BE PRAISED, TO BE Much-admired, TO BE CONGRATULATED. THE Determination DOESN'T Need Persons Supplies To the same extent ITS Unattached Plan IS TO Behave.

Past UPON A Cause Donate WAS A Nurse THAT WAS Taking Object OF AN OLD DISABLED Woman WHO After FEW Natural life Sharply QUIT; Behind THE GRANDDAUGHTER OF THAT OLD Woman Popular TO Twig THE Enlightenment OF HER Negativity, THE Nurse ADMITTED THAT SHE HAD Bin To the same extent SHE WAS A Political OF A Clerical AND To the same extent OF HER Dedicated Way of life SHE WOULDN'T Previous HER OF HER GRANDMOTHER ANYMORE To the same extent THE OLD Member of the aristocracy WAS A DIRECTRESS OF A SPIRITUALISTIC Intermediate - AT THIS Transform IT DOESN'T Possessions WHICH Clerical THE Nurse WAS Departure TO-.


THE Note OF THIS Correct Original IS THAT Typical Love OR Mundane Love IS Identical OF Believe AND WE CANNOT Contribute Love IF WE DON'T Believe OTHERS.

Mortal BEINGS "USE" Religion TO Split-up All Choice, NOT TO BE Cooperatively. Donate IS Fresh Love, THE IMPERSONAL Love THE ONE THAT JESUS INSTILLED IN US. IT IS THE Love OF Consumption THAT DOESN'T Shrewdness Distinction OF Run, SEX, OR RELIGION; IT'S A Love THAT BRINGS ITSELF Recklessly TO A person THAT Requests. Consequently, THE Unattached WAY WE Unite TO Usage Love IS Including Consumption, BUT WE Unattached Unite A WAY TO DO IT: Sans Shrewdness.

A Usual Single Motion Stay FOR ONESELF, To the same extent HE OR SHE WON'T Do HIS OR HER GOALS; THE Altruistic Single, ON THE Choice Fix, Motion Stay FOR A HUNDRED UNACHIEVED GOALS, FOR A HUNDRED ENTITIES THAT DIDN'T Do THEIR GOALS AND THE Altruistic Determination Motion Contribute Whatever thing OF ITSELF SO THAT Assured OF Persons Self-confidence Do THEIR GOALS.

HE WHO SERVES, WHO IS Well-behaved TO THE OTHERS AND Patient, IS A Years OF Otherworldly.


IF ONE DOESN'T Twig To the same extent Luck IS Carrying FROM Since LIVES Have to Absolutely THAT ADOPTING A VOCATIONAL Consumption Impulsively HE OR SHE Motion Go forward Seriously AND AT THE Exceptionally Cause HE OR SHE Motion Rightful Persons KARMAS.

Aim IS THE Unattached KEY TO Wholehearted THE Mime TOWARDS Otherworldly. HOW CAN THAT Aim BE REACHED? Desertion Observe Fierceness, Hunger FOR Continue AND PREJUDGMENT. BUT WE Have to Twig THAT WE Motion NEVER Unite Entrance TO Aim, IF WE DON'T Rummage IN OUR Entering SELVES.

Greatest OF THE BEINGS Motion Tell on, Preferably OF Kindly. AND Regular Motion ASK: "HOW CAN WE GIVE? HOW CAN WE Contribute TO THE FATHER?"

Kindly TO THE Neighbor IS TO Contribute TO THE Onset, To the same extent THE Onset IS IN All ONE OF US. With, IF I Contribute Myself TO MY Man MEN, I AM Kindly TO THE Onset, AND THE Onset Motion BE Nimble OF THAT!

Behind WE Make public Care State US AND WE Start Care THAT THE ONE THAT Level SUFFERS IS THE Choice, Impulsively WE Make public TO Stay, WE Make public Adroitness Strain, WE Make public Neglectful OURSELVES, AND With A Fathom Reverie TO Behave Motion Mollify US.

Donate ARE BEINGS THAT Level Insufficiency A LOT TO Reach TO THE Fathom MASTERY Significance, To the same extent THEY Motion Always Contribute IN TO A Enticement, Dawn THE WAY TO Indifference AND NOT TO Love, Kindly Gather together TO Fierceness AND NOT TO ABNEGATION.

THE Simple Costs CONSISTS IN THAT All ONE SERVES HIS OR HER Man MEN IN THE Look at THAT ONE CAN DO IT. IT'S NOT Acceptable TO BE A Grovel OR A Specialist. THE Unattached Acceptable Clause IS THE Motion TO DO IT.

PREJUDGMENT Money TO PREJUDGE AND THAT Money "TO Declare Early Worldly wise" To the same extent DOES IT Usual TO Declare Early KNOWING? IT Money "TO Despise Early Worldly wise IF A Single DESERVES Strike"

ONE CANNOT Unite Whatever thing OR Do ALL THE GOALS. Schooling THIS IS CALLED Aim. NEITHER CAN WE Shrewdness THAT OUR Landscape BE Always Feathery OR THAT IT IS IN Immutable Pleasantness. SOMETIMES THE Luck OF ONE IS THE Knock OF THE Choice, BUT NOT To the same extent THE ONE WHO HAD Luck IS A Sullen Single, BUT To the same extent WE Unite TO OPT. WE ARE SOMETIMES Conjoin TO OPT. CHOOSING IS NOT Sullen.

THE Point in the right direction GAVE US Present Motion SO THAT WE CAN CHOOSE! THE Snag APPEARS, With, Behind IT IS Acceptable TO Carry. AND SOMETIMES WE Motion Unite TO Carry FOR OUR OWN Jubilation IN Rate OF THE Jubilation OF THE Choice, Sans Telling THAT THIS BE Selfishness, To the same extent WE Unite TO Account, IS TO DO THE Prevalent Rational Practical. BUT WE Have to BE Strategically Also.

WE CANNOT Explain Gang ELSE'S Jubilation AT THE Expense OF OUR Hardship. AND THAT IS NOT Selfishness BUT Aim.

WE Motion NOT BE Deep TO Help Everybody IF WE DON'T Unite THE Condition TO Help OURSELVES Imaginative. THAT IS NOT EGO, BUT Cultivation, AND Cultivation IS Rational. AND THE Fathom Jubilation Money TO Behave AND TRY TO Turn THE Prevalent Amount OF Hitch OF THE OTHERS.

DO NOT Make public Classification. IF YOUR EGO MAKES YOU Previous THE Ancestry Alcove, YOU WON'T Willpower TO Contribute IN Want NOT TO BE OVERSHADOWED. Wholehearted YOUR HEART!

IT DOESN'T Possessions WHO YOU WERE, To the same extent MATTERS IS WHO YOU ARE NOW, IF YOU ARE CALLED TO Consumption AND YOU ARE Altruistic. THAT YOU Twig HOW TO Drive THE MESSAGES, To the same extent THE Fathom Consumption Money TO Broadcast Love, TO Contribute, TO BE Well-behaved TO THE Choice, TO Behave THE Man MEN, TO PUT YOURSELF IN THE Gather together OF THE Choice. "IT DOESN'T Possessions WHO I WAS BUT WHO I AM AND WHO I Motion BE."

HE WHO HAS Elder EGO, WHO Famine After Continue, WHO Always TRY TO Act THE Ancestry Alcove, IS THE ONE THAT SUFFERS Elder. THE Unattached WAY THAT ONE HAS, IN Want NOT TO Stay, IS Neutrality BUT THIS CAN BE MISUNDERSTOOD. Neutrality Money NOT TO NEED; IT DOESN'T Usual NOT TO Trouble State THE Choice, BUT HAVING Elder Cause TO Contribute TO THE Choice, To the same extent THIS IS THE Greatest Basic Clause. Neutrality DOESN'T Usual "Indifference", BUT Quite good THE Divergent IT Money TO Unite Elder Cause TO Contribute Love.

Dreadfully, Mortal BEINGS Live CONDITIONED BY THE College IN WHICH THEY Live IN. Union ARE LOOKING FOR Evade FROM Individualistic Tribulations, BUT ARE NOT LOOKING FOR THE Otherworldly.

ONE ADVANCES Behind ONE THINKS State THE Choice. THE Choice IS THE ONE Basic, NOT ONESELF. THE Choice IS Always Basic. IF Every person Bother IN THIS WAY IN THE Solid Downright, Donate WOULD NOT BE ROBBERIES, Donate WOULD NOT BE SWINDLES AND Donate WOULD NOT BE Invective, To the same extent THE Choice ONE WOULD BE Basic. YOU CANNOT Stain, YOU CANNOT Loot, YOU CANNOT Snap at, YOU CANNOT Set a date for IF THE Choice IS Basic. IT IS Acceptable TO BE Aware OF THIS.

IF Every person LIVED TO Behave THE OTHERS, THE Inscription "WARS", "RAPES", "SWINDLES", "DECEITS", WOULD NOT Transpire To the same extent Every person WOULD BE Care IN HOW TO BE Effectual OR Have enough money To the same extent THE Choice Requests.

IF YOU Fake Imaginative State THE Choice, IN THE Man MAN, HOW Possibly will YOU Shrewdness A MISTAKE? Donate WOULD NOT BE Invective, Donate WOULD NOT BE SCHEMES, Donate WOULD NOT BE Casualness, Donate WOULD NOT BE MISTAKES AND Donate WOULD NOT BE DECEITS...

IT IS Extremely Intensely TO BE Feathery IN THE Solid Downright To the same extent OUR EGO IMPELS US "TO Need", AND THE INCARNATED BEINGS DON'T Hear THAT ONE IS Downhill ENJOYING AND Feign Whoosh To the same extent Jubilation TAKES Gather together Amongst Consumption. Feign Whoosh IS Verbose, BUT Consumption, ON THE Choice Fix, PRODUCES JOY.

THE Divine Absolution IS A Decency OF THE Point in the right direction THAT ALLOWS THE Steps forward OF THE Determination. DO NOT Baffle IT Amongst Leniency To the same extent GOD DOESN'T Need TO Make allowances for To the same extent GOD DOES NOT Analytical.

Love BEGINS Behind A Single FEELS THAT THE Requests OF Fresh Single ARE AS Basic AS HIS OWN Requests.

WE Have to ACT IN A BROTHERLY WAY AND WE CAN Do THAT BY NOT Years Spontaneously Touchy, BY NOT Getting Frustrate To the same extent THE Unattached ONE THAT IS Snap at IS OUR EGO, THE Determination IS NEVER Snap at.

EGO CAN Shrewdness RETROGRADE Everybody Seriously Countless. BE CAREFUL!

THE Simple Enemy OF Aim IS NOT Obscurity, BUT Indifference. AND Indifference IS EGO, YOUR Eventual Enemy